Simple and Unique Cedar Hot Tub Kit | Product Details, Kits, & Parts

Cedar Hot tub is a hot tub that originates from cedar wood. Of course, every cedar hot tub offers the wood cabinet with a simple design. There no electricity you need, you can just use the armload of firewood. Many people conclude the cedar as their favorite hot tub for cabins.

The Product Details of Cedar Hot Tub

cedar hot tub kit
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Credits: Forest Lumber

The cedar hot tub comes with a choice of shapes and sizes. The wood heater is an easy and economical way to heat the hot tub if you have the sources of firewood. You do not need to pay the gas or electricity because the wood-fired heater is included. The cedar hot tub is made from a sweet smelling material with a beautiful design that adds a perfect hot tub. Developers of cedar hot tub use the premium grade wood or heartwood in making the hot tub. It is designed with unique features and rust free.

The Size and Shape

The cedar wood is provided for 3 sizes diameters: Large (72″), Medium (60″) and Small (48″). The large size matches for five adults, the medium is for 2 – 3 adults while the small size is good for 2 small adults. The hot tub has round and ellipse shape that requires more energy and water heating for the large one. Moreover, the uniquely perfect ellipse tub is a little bit smaller than diameter circle tub because the hot tub is narrower in the middle space. The hot tub with less water also requires the less energy to heat. Make sure your position and amount of water are good to do the therapy.

Cedar Hot Tub Kit

cedar hot tub kit
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Wood Fired Heating Packages

The cedar hot tub is completed by several wooden heating kits that consist of;

  1. Side bench
  2. Drain valve
  3. Stainless steel hoops
  4. Wood stove
  5. Hose attachment
  6. Galvanized rain hat
  7. Long handled ash scoop
  8. Heat shield
  9. Floating thermometer
  10. Galvanized stove pipe
  11. Aluminum/cedar cover

Wood Fired Hot Tub with Filter System

The cedar hot tub has great filter system which is divided into several parts. Those are;

  1. Pump 110 Volts
  2. 50 sq.ft cartridge filter
  3. Built in GFCI wall plug
  4. Skid mounted pre-wire
  5. Motor rated switch box
  6. Plumbed
  7. Hose and fittings

Electric Heated Packages

  1. Full circle benches
  2. Stainless Steel Hoops Tub
  3. Balboa LCD Lite Duplex spa control
  4. VS-501 Balboa 5.5 KW heater
  5. Four jets
  6. Two air controls
  7. Two high volume suctions
  8. 25 sq. ft. cartridge filter
  9. 1 1/2 hp with 2-speed pump
  10. floating thermometer
  11. Hose and plumbing fittings
  12. Installing 4″ vinyl cover/foam available in 9 colors

Gas Heated Packages

  1. 100.000 btu Hayward H-Series electronic and gas heater for natural gas, outdoor and indoor
  2. Spa side speed control
  3. Two high volume suctions
  4. Two air controls
  5. Floating thermometer

The Cedar Hot Tub Warranty

Generally, the cedar hot tub has limited warranty for 2 years in workmanship and material while the cover has limited 4 years warranty. We think that if you are looking for the wood hot tub, the cedar hot tub can you choose to complete your household. The cedar hot tub offers the complete kits that might to change the hot tub if it’s broken.

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