Chain Link Fence Slats Pros, Cons, and Recommended Products

Chain link is the most popular fence, mainly used around the United States. The fence is made of steel poles and chain link fabric which is commonly galvanized. It is used by many homeowners to protect their backyard, industrial facilities, sports fields, etc.

Other reasons why this fence type is adored are about its affordability, durability, easy to install, and very easy to maintain.  Comparing to other fences, chain link is the most affordable one which can be installed by DIY steps, doesn’t require special maintenance due to its galvanized material. Nowadays, you can also choose various attractive designs of chain link fence in the market.


However, the fence also comes with some cons which should also be considered when you are about to purchase one, those include:

  • Lack of Security  It means the fence is climbable. Kids, pets or even adults can climb chain link fence easily. Sure, you can add the barbed wire to the fence, but it is not really applicable especially for home use, and more usable for industrial security.
  • Aesthetics Point  For some people, the appearance of chain link is not really visually appealing. It can really match with the beautiful natural backyard’s surrounding.
  • See-through – As you know that the regular chain link doesn’t provide a great privacy, people can easily watch what is happening behind the fence.

With those disadvantages of chain link fence, you may think twice to use them as to secure your backyard. But, don’t worry, all of those ugly truths can be handled by the chain link fence slats. They come to make the chain link fence more usable for every homeowner.


Chain Link Fence Slats


chain link fence slats

credit: Pexco

Chain link fence slats can be made from various types of materials like plastic, metal, and wood. They are commonly installed vertically to the chain link fence to create a private boundary. Below are the advantages of chain link fence slats:

  • Adding privacy to your backyard.
  • Improving the appearance of the chain link fence.
  • Easy to install and maintenance.
  • Provides better security.
  • Durable to use in all weather conditions.
  • Available in various designs to match with any backyard’s style.

Below are some recommended chain link fence slats products which are perfect to match with your backyard’s environment. You can choose the best one based on your needs and budgets:


NatraHedge 6 Feet Slats from FenceScreen Inc. (Price: $64.99)

Chain Link Fence Slats 1

credit: Amazon

The beautiful hedge slats for your backyard’s fence. The box contains 82 slats which cover approximately 10 linear feet. It is made from durable 3-mil PVC and very easy to install.


Redwood Ridged Slats from Slat Warehouse (Price: $46.00)

Chain Link Fence Slats 2

credit: Amazon

The lovely redwood fence slats for 5′ 11/9 gauge chain link with 2″ to 3.75″ diamond pattern. The box contains 82 slats which can cover 10 linear feet fence.


Fence Weave from Pexco (Price: $34.49)

Chain Link Fence Slats 3

credit: Amazon

This is the affordable fence slates which made of flexible polyethylene. You will get a 250′ roll which can cover 40 square feet.


Fenpro Chocolate Brown Chain Link Wave (Price: $30.00)

Chain Link Fence Slats 4

credit: lowes

The affordable and durable fence which not only provides better privacy but also looks good to style your backyard. Each box can cover about 40 square feet.


Chain Link Fence Weave Desert Sand (Price: $27.99)

Chain Link Fence Slats 5

credit: Amazon

This is one of the most affordable and attractive slats for your backyard’s fence. Each box will cover about 40 square feet area.

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