Chainlink Fences Ideas: 25+ Unique DIY Ideas to Decorate Your Backyard

It can be quite confusing to choose the right material for your backyard fence. There are various popular options like wood, vinyl, iron, and chain link. Each of the materials has its own plus and minus points which may or may not suit your needs and tastes.

The main function of a backyard fence is to provide security and privacy around your exterior area. It also gives a good border between your home and the surrounding neighborhood.

Since it has to be able to handle those jobs, your backyard fence should be durable and reliable at the same time. That is why you have to know the quality of the materials which build the fence itself. The fence should be able to deal with the harsh weather condition, you can’t end up having a fence that can easily destroy overtimes.

If you want to have a durable and reliable fence that you can purchase without spending extra budget, a chain link fence can be a good option to keep in mind. It’s made of steel wire which is fairly reliable to look at and stays well for years. The chain link fence doesn’t require too much money for its installation and maintenance.

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With a little bit of decoration, the chain link fence can beautify the decor of your backyard. You can just simply decorate it with plantations, flowers, or other decor items.

To inspire you, we have picked some gorgeous chainlink fence ideas that you will love.

Best Chainlink Fences Ideas

Chainlink Fences Ideas: Colorful Fence Decor

chainlink fence ideas 1

This chainlink fence looks so beautiful with some colorful flowers that decorate it. Those flowers are simply attached to the fence which is enough to make it as the main focal point of the area. Some planters are also placed in front of the fence to make it look more attractive.

Chainlink Fences Ideas: Natural Privacy Fence

chainlink fence ideas 2

For you who want to have a chain link fence that provides great privacy, this idea can be a good reference to copy. The fence is covered with greeneries and flowers which fully close the holes of the fence. It blocks the sightseeing from outdoor surroundings very well while also decorating the backyard beautifully.

Chainlink Fences Ideas: Colorful Fence Decor

chainlink fence ideas 3

A very attractive chain link fence which is decorated with some colorful rubbers attached to the panel. The rubbers give a very decorative touch in a very distinctive way. For sure, it can be a good inspiration for you who want to decorate a chain link fence all by yourself.

Chainlink Fences Ideas: Unique Woll Decor

chainlink fence ideas 4

The decor of this chainlink fence is made of wool in a colorful look which is sewn to the chain. It creates some unique figures which make the fence look uniquely catchy. You can make any figures that you love easily either alone by yourself or with your little ones.

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Chainlink Fences Ideas: Sparkling Fence Decor

chainlink fence ideas 5

Some transparent faux rocks decorate this chain link fence which gives a gorgeous sparkling touch to its overall look. The tiny wires wrap each rock which is randomly attached to the fence. It’s definitely a cheap way to beautify a chain link fence.

Chainlink Fences Ideas: Pretty Glamor Fence


Who says that you can’t have an expensive-looking fence when you install a chain link fence? This idea shows an easy way to style up a chain link fence in a glamorous way by simply attaching tons of sparkling beads. For sure, this kind of chain link fence will catch so much attention.

Chainlink Fences Ideas: Colorful Yarn Decor

chainlink fence ideas 7

A strikingly beautiful chain link fence that looks so tempting to beautify your beloved backyard. The colorful yarns decorate the fence in a certain pattern which can be easily tried at home. It will not cost you a lot and can get done in no time.

Chainlink Fences Ideas: Colorful Bottles Decor

chainlink fence ideas 8
Marlee Huber

Prepare some plastic bottles and fill them with colored water to create this kind of chain link fence. You just need to attach those bottles to the fence in a random pattern or arrangement as you wish. Of course, it’s one of the easiest DIY chain link fences which looks so tempting to try.

Chainlink Fences Ideas: Colorful Ribbon Decor

chainlink fence ideas 9

This chain link fence looks so attractive with lots of ribbons in various colors decorating it. You can see that the arrangement of those colorful ribbons creates a gorgeous gradation that will enhance the attractiveness of your outdoor living space.

Chainlink Fences Ideas: Catchy Artful Fence


Some colorful plastic cups decorate this chain link fence which then creates a catchy image that will bring the style of your outdoor living space to a whole new level. This is a clever way to style up chain link fences that you can easily try without costing you a lot.

Chainlink Fences Ideas: Ribbon Painting Decor

chainlink fence ideas 11
rj yeager

To create this outstanding chainlink fence you just need to prepare some colorful ribbons and create a catchy picture by attaching it to the panel. The fence is so admirable to complete the decor of your exterior area and will definitely become the center of attention.

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Just keep scrolling to find more chain link fence ideas that will totally inspire you!

Chainlink Fences Ideas: Unique Target Boss

chainlink fence ideas 12

Making unique decor for an outdoor area can be one of the ways to make your yard looks eye-catching. As shown in this idea, the fence is decorated with ribbons in the shape of an archery boss target. Of course, it’s only for decoration not to use in an actual game.

This kind of decor is quite simple if you want to get something simple instead of a complicated one. Using this decor will make your backyard stands out and be more decorative. It’s also quite affordable because you don’t need something flashy.

Chainlink Fences Ideas: Ey-Catching Pop Art

chainlink fence ideas 13

Are you bored of something simple and want something more jaw-dropping? Then make a pop-art on the fence by using fiber, plastic cups, bottles, or other materials that can give both natural textures and dimensions.

It will surely consume so much time but will surely be worth the process. Of course, not to mention the eye-widening result that will make the backyard become a hot spot to take a picture. Especially if you use bright and vibrant colors so it’s easier to spot.

Chainlink Fences Ideas: Stunning Yarn Decor

chainlink fence ideas 14

If you love knitting or crocheting and want something more challenging, try to do it on the fence. Just like the paint, you can make your own story even with something simple. As you can see in this idea, the fence is decorated with yarn in flower shapes.

If you use this inspiration in the backyard, you can make your own mini garden with yarn flowers. You can also add something else like bees and butterflies. Using some colors to make the flowers look more dimensional is a great way to bring more beauty.

Chainlink Fences Ideas: Bold Garment Decor

chainlink fence ideas 15

Instead of piling up old clothes on the shelf, use them to decorate your fence to become more stunning. You can do this fun activity with your little or loved ones so it becomes more memorable. The more color you use the more attractive it looks.

You can also add some patterns from clothes or anything to complement the whole decor. This decor will give you a 3D result that will make everyone stunned. Again, no matter how affordable or expensive the material is, it depends on how you style it.

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Chainlink Fences Ideas: Creative Plastic Cups

chainlink fence ideas 16
OWA – Love.ability

Making a DIY craft with used plastic cups or bottles can minimize your plastic waste and become more useful by using it to decorate the fence. This idea is also quite easy and affordable because you just need to cut the cups into a flower shape.

After getting the shape that you want, you can use paint or spraying paint to colorize the cups and you are ready to stick them to the fence. You can either arrange it by color and make it looks like something or just simply use them as your liking.

Chainlink Fences Ideas: Beautiful Butterflies Decor

chainlink fence ideas 17

Do you have decor items that you don’t use anymore? Then you can use them for your outdoors. Whether the decor item is old enough or doesn’t suit the indoor’s concept anymore, you can it for the fence just like this butterfly garland.

Hang the garland along the fence and make a wave shape instead of just a straight arrangement to make it looks more attractive. Especially if the garland is colorful, it can look more stand out but you can also mix it with other decor items.

Chainlink Fences Ideas: Simple Mini Garden

chainlink fence ideas 18
Qanda Soler

This idea is probably the simplest and easiest inspiration that everyone can follow because you can just use your favorite flowers and hang them along the fence’s rail. Creating a simple garden to give your fence a beautiful touch will also increase its value.

You can either hang the pot or make your own long pot to fit the number of flowers that you have. Since a chainlink fence already has holes, you can simply hang some things on there. With this idea, you can get an instant result of a decorative fence.

Chainlink Fences Ideas: Double Protection Fence

chainlink fence ideas 19

When it comes to an outdoor fence, you want it to be able to protect your yard, and making it safe double is the right way. In this idea, the outdoor fence has double protection that uses both wood planks and chainlink fences.

The double security will give extra protection especially if you have a swimming pool or outdoor hot tub in your backyard. The wood fence protects you from outside while the chainlink give extra protection that can also be used to hang your favorite plants.

Chainlink Fences Ideas: Painted Outdoor Fence


If you want to match the theme of the fence with your house, you can paint it easily. Since chainlink fence is made of steel wire, you can paint easily either with standard or spraying paint. Of course, you will still have to maintain it to last longer.

Just like the previous idea, the outer side is covered by a wood plank fence and the inner side is using a chainlink. Both fence are painted in black and give a striking look that also matches the gate made of the same material.

Chainlink Fences Ideas: Wood-framed Fence

chainlink fence ideas 21

When it comes to an outdoor fence, you can easily use wood to frame the chainlink and this will make the fence gives a rustic look. Using a rustic concept in an outdoor area is a great choice because it matches the atmosphere perfectly.

Even without any more decoration, the wood frame is stunning enough to bring natural decoration to your yard. If you have some plants around the fence then you don’t have to worry about other items because it will look prettier this way.

Chainlink Fences Ideas: Simple Outdoor Fence

chainlink fence ideas 22

If your purpose to build a fence is just to protect the yard, you can have a simple fence like this. Just make a simple chainlink fence with a wood frame then install it along the yard and you are done with the work. Even if it’s quite simple, you can still get its main purpose.

It’s a perfect choice if you don’t want to make something complicated because as long as it can protect your property, an aesthetic point means nothing. Also, it definitely saves your budget and time instead of making something flashy.

Chainlink Fences Ideas: Minimalist White Fence

chainlink fence ideas 23

The minimalist concept will be everyone’s favorite because again, it doesn’t need many details just simply install it and it works as its main purpose. The homeowner will only need to match the color of the fence with the concept of the house in general.

Chainlink Fences Ideas: Outdoor Aquarium Decor

chainlink fence ideas 24

When it comes to decorating, the imagination will never end and this idea is one of the examples. Just like the butterfly garland on the previous idea, you can use fish decoration for the fence and create your own outdoor aquarium with it.

chainlink fence ideas 25


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Well, that is the list of inspiring chain link fences that you can use as a reference to decorate your very own backyard. Those ideas show you the simple way to make chain link fences look way more attractive.

Decorating your outdoor area is just as important as indoors because the outdoors is something that people can see right away. Of course, you don’t have to use something expensive or flashy to make a stunning result because it depends on how you style the material.

The chainlink fence is quite easy to decorate since it already has holes that you can use to hang or insert something. It means that you don’t have to ‘break’ any part of the existing fence. So, have you found the perfect idea that suits your style and taste?

Just pick the best chain link fence that you love and start decorating your backyard now!

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