10 Elegant And Warming Cheap Table Lamps For Living Room

We will have no limits when we are talking about beautifying the living room. Of course, the living room is the place where every family member spends the time and have some joyful activities every day. From morning until night you must have time to spend in the living room. The room has its own magical effect to make every people attracted. That’s why you always have to try improving the room to make it feel as comfy as possible.

Even in the night when some of you, or other family members may have a good sleep in the living room. Therefore, need something that can make the room keep living in the night. Something that can illuminate and create such a warm atmosphere. The table lamps are the best choice to create such nuance and illuminate the living room in the night.

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You will find various designs and style of table lamps for the living room. From the expensive one to the cheapest one, all of them are available for you to buy. But, to beautify your living room, actually, you don’t always have to buy the expensive one. Even the cheap product can provide great function and adorable look at the same time.

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If you are interested in beautifying your living room with table lamps in inexpensive prices, here we have some recommendations for you. The 10 elegant cheap table lamps for living room to create an ultimate warm atmosphere. Happy window shopping!

10 Elegant Cheap Table Lamps For Living Room

Leaf Vine Handed Mini Lamp (Price: $99.99)

Cheap Table Lamps For Living Room 2
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With the unique leaf vine handed style, this table lamp will create a fresh sense in your living room. This beautifully designed lamp utilizes an antique golden sand color which makes your living room alive. The metal construction with the bronze finish creates such an elegant earthy appearance which is so irresistible. When it’s turned on, it shows the hand painted art on a silhouette. With the cheap price, this table lamp is truly worth to have. The stylish one to illuminate the room. (More details about: Leaf Vine Mini Lamp Review)

Darda Silver Poly Table Lamp (Price: $99.99)

Cheap Table Lamps For Living Room 3
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The stunning cheap table lamps for living room which is inspired by the modern art sculptures.  The acrylic as the material makes this lamp adorable and durable. Silver color as the finishing increases its wonderful shape, and dazzle the look around. It will illuminate the whole living room beautifully in the night. Make your living room more elegant by having this table lamp. (More detail of: Darda Silver Table Lamp Review)

AM1053TL14 Tiffany Style Mission Design Table Lamp (Price: $94.30)

Cheap Table Lamps For Living Room 4
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This one comes in a classic style with warm tones, of course, it will lighten up your living room up and create such an inviting atmosphere. Handcrafted with the special technique, the lamp reminds you of the beauty of the Mediterranian island. The pull switch enhances the traditionality of this table lamp. The great combination of metal and glass with bronze finishing makes this one is so mesmerizing. (More details about: Tiffany Mission Table Lamp Review)

Trendy Sheer White Shade Table Lamp with Hanging Crystals (Price: $68.39)

Cheap Table Lamps For Living Room 5
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The combination of white and chrome finish of this table lamp creates an attractive sparkling look. This one can beautify your room and lighten up the room stunningly. A little bit shining crystal is given the table lamp more elegant touch. It will create the glamorous atmosphere to your living room. Worth to have, right?

Trinity Golden Metal Polystone Table Lamp (Price: $86.49)

Cheap Table Lamps For Living Room 6
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This golden iron lamp can be one of your best choices. The Victorian table lamp which will give a royalty touch to your interior design. Made of the durable metal and poly stone with the gold finish, this product will be a great complement to your classic living room.

Rectangular Dual Stacked Stone Ceramic Table Lamp with Black Shade (Price: $41.97)

Cheap Table Lamps For Living Room 7
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The black shades of this table lamp look so mesmerizing. The product contains beautiful dual stacks of stones which enhance the style and creates a beautiful natural touch.The lamp instantly spreads a warm atmosphere to the whole room once you switch it on. A black fabric shade and earth tone finish become the complement for the perfect look of this lamp.

Lucerna 13″ TOUCH Bedside Table Lamp (Price: $39.99)

Cheap Table Lamps For Living Room 8
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This one is a perfect feature which will match beautifully with both modern or classic living room. It looks simple with the metal body and huge bright shade. Though the lamp looks so simple, it will complement the other decors very well. It also provides a warm glow, perfect for reading activity in the night. You won’t ignore this one, right?

Ardice Brass Finish Glass Table Lamp (Price: $84.99)

Cheap Table Lamps For Living Room 9
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A combination of clear glass and antique brass finished metal of this one is so fabulous. The classic touch in the modern work, it’s unbelievable. The golden body frame inside the clear glass is a clever idea in creating the glamorous touch to this lamp’s design. The beautiful lamp which is offered at a very reasonable price.

Traditional Lamp, Espresso Finish, 2pk (Price: $63.62)

Cheap Table Lamps For Living Room 10
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The warm glow of this table lamp gives your living room the cozy feeling. Its traditional style will not fail to enhance the look of your house. It has silk gold fabric shade and espresso finish for the body which looks so elegant. Such a good idea to have this one for you who want a great lighting in the living room.

Normande Wood-Look Table Lamp with Fabric Shade (Price: $19.56)

Cheap Table Lamps For Living Room 11
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This one is the most simple table lamp around which looks modern and earthy. The main material of this lamp is polyresin and the natural brown color is great to be used and displayed in your living room. It’s such a great combination of brown color with the white fabric shade. It will give the warm impression for your living room totally, and suitable for any living room styles.

Those are some adorable cheap table lamps for living room that can be your reference. With such reasonable price, they look quite attractive in enhancing the look of your property. Perhaps you feel a bit confused to choose the one which is perfect to put in your living room. Therefore, to ease you picking the right one, below we have some tips that you can consider before deciding to purchase one.

Tips To Choose The Table Lamps For Living Room

The choice of the interior light is the thing that is often overlooked when we are decorating the room. Meanwhile, it actually has the big effect on your rooms. Any of the lamps you put in the living room will be on full display for your guests, it determines what kind of atmospheres you want to set up in your living room, the table lamps will be the thing you should give more attention.

Cheap Table Lamps For Living Room 12
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First, when you want to put a table lamp in your living room, match the table lamps style with the concept of the room that you have. Are you dressing your room with a modern or traditional concept? You can look at the furniture inside the living room, the color of the furniture, floor, wall, and ceiling. Then you can decide what kind of table lamps you need for your living room.


The second is the light. Start by asking yourself, why do you put the table lamps? Do you use the lamp to provide the main lighting for your living room? Or just for reading, or it could even only use as a decorative lamp. Different kinds of lamps have different brightness, color, and functions.


This point depends on a lot of the sort lighting that you need in the living room. A table lamp will become your main source of illumination, to illustrate, you might need a shade which is transparent. If you are intending to use the lamp for reading, on a flip side, a shade with a wider brim in the bottom will illuminate your living room well.


The fourth aspect that you have to do is determine where will you intend on placing the lamp, as you want to ensure that it fits the location. Actually, you are not going to put the short or narrow table lamps on a small table, it will not work well. On the other hand, taller table lamps work best on large surfaces.


Don’t you know that the color or even the material that table lamps are made out a big effect on its dominance? If you want the lamp to stand out as a decorative element, you’d better have a contrasts enough color one that matches the other furniture.

Based on the explanation above, you can ensure that you have to consider the best choice of the cheap table lamps for living room for the concepts of your living room. So before you buy the cheap table lamps for living room you should think about it again. The best one is the one suitable for your living room and any of its style. You can ask for your family opinions too.

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