Chemical Free Hot Tub Benefits : How to Use Chemical Free for Hot Tub

Being a super mom, actually, you have to do the household work clean and immediately. How if you do not much time at home or you are career women? Certainly, it becomes a little bit difficult to do. As others busy women, the minutes or hour is very valuable time. Many women that do the household work by maid is the largest selection among women. From cleaning the showers, toilets, laundry, dishes, etc. are the main activities to do. As well as for cleaning the hot tub, many people especially women do not want something too troublesome. They need simple and easy to clean the hot tub. One of recommended substance is for a chemical free cleaner for your hot.

Choosing the best chemical free products for a hot tub with complete substance is really difficult. Moreover, the natural safe and healthy alternative chemical for the traditional spa is a rare product. Actually, you have to clean the hot tub routinely.  The hot tub must be clean to avoid the chemical that influences for your family health. For that reason, the chemical free hot tub is really needed.

Generally, many people use hot tub 1-2 times in a week but there are also more. Actually, the hot tub is full filled, heated and maintained for years around. They use to add 1/2 oz. of granulated chlorine and always check the water using the test strips. The Alkalinity and PH usually stay in the right range while the chemical added weekly.


The Chemical Free Steps

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In general, lots of people use the chemical free hot tub routinely in a week. There are some steps that you can do in using the chemical free hot tub.

  1. Firstly, Replace the 1/2 oz. of granulated spa chlorine about 7-8 ml of chemical free products such as Thieves Household Cleaner about 1 capful.
  2. Secondly, if there are lots of people in the tub. Add another 5-6 ml of chemical free or 1/2 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner immediately after they go out.
  3. After adding the chemical free cleaner, let the jets to run about 10 minutes with the chlorine.
  4. Next, wait for a few minutes because there are much minor foaming but it quickly vanished immediately
  5. Finally, check the water chemistry every week and make sure the chlorine estimated.


Benefits of Chemical Free Hot Tub

Certainly, the chemical free has some benefits that very useful for some people in keeping the hot tub. Normally, the chemical free prevent the skin residue, chlorine smell, for getting the great water clarity. With chemical free, you must not feel worried because it works well. Of course, the chemicals will be totally abolished on a daily basis. Using the chemical free, automatically, the spa water result in the healthy, clear, pure and fresh spa water for your hot tub. You can be ease to find the products because some chemical products are now available at the store or market nearby. The chemicals offer the selected ingredients such as minerals, natural enzymes, and plant extracts without using the harsh chemicals.

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