Christmas Door Decoration Idea

How to get the most suitable Christmas door decorations?

Christmas is just around the corner and even though you may believe that focusing on decorating the tree is one of the most important aspects of your home decor, but you are mistaken. Equally important is to use the Christmas door decorations to attain the best results especially in terms of the outdoor decoration ideas.

Therefore, outdoor decoration is important as the front door sets the tone of the festival, outdoors and even the indoors as well.

Christmas Door Decoration Idea

Why do you need outdoor decorations for your home?

As Christmas gifts are important to define your festivities and celebrations, using the right decor for the front door will help you to boost your curb appeal. Once you achieve the best festive entrance, it will help you to achieve the desired results.

Tapping into the landscaping trends, Instagram worthy presence, spruce up the front door entrance along with the best Christmas door decorations to help you to achieve the best results.

How do you achieve the best results in terms of Christmas door decorations?

When you are planning for the Christmas door decorations then focus on the festival season decorations. For instance – repainting the door in red shade is a good idea yet it cannot be used for getting the best results for your needs as it is expensive and the same can be not ideal for all around the year use.

Still if you are adamant about getting a makeover for the home then use high gloss finish paint job to attain the best results. You can opt for the contrasting colours like foliage, greens, grass, etc.

  1. Design the best Christmas ornaments

You can opt for choosing the right Christmas ornaments and wreath for the purpose. Creating the perfect look using the same is quite easy and affordable. You can easily attain the best results for your needs.

Alternatively, you can create the best wreaths and decor using the following items –

  • Florist wire
  • Old wire hanger
  • Ivy
  • Holly
  • Mistletoe
  • Ribbons


  • Healthy Lollipops

High-end holiday lollipops are both easy and fun to make. Grab a small bouncy rubber ball, colored burlap, twine, and a PVC pipe. Attach the bouncy rubber ball to the top of the PVC pipe with a piping cord and then tie the ball with a colored burlap sack and tie it firmly at the bottom of the ball with twine. Next, place the PVC on the ground with your free hand or simply insert after digging a small hole with a trowel.

  • Carved Christmas tree

Make a statement this holiday season with a carved Christmas tree. Make yours from a thermocol, cut in different lengths and attach it to a 10-foot wooden piece using screws.

  1. Entering Early Night

Instead of spending heavily on the Christmas gifts, you need to ensure that when the sun goes down, the immediate attention comes to the door.

It becomes extremely intimate thanks to the use of candles, Christmas ornaments, wine candles and lamps inside and outside the house.

  • Wine Bottle

Bring a soft glow to any outdoor decoration with candles and an old wine bottle decorated with matte black spray paint. To ensure complete visibility, choose white pillar candles to get a contrast. The play of colors like white and black is unique and easy to view from far away.

  • Outdoor Sled Vignette

Sometimes the best holiday decorations would go beyond decorating with the standard versions of the Christmas ornaments.

Create a vignette near your door with a collection of winter items and your visitors are greeted with a ski skate or a bucket full of fake snowballs, cotton and mistletoe.

  • Harbor holiday

Give your guests a nice getaway this holiday season with an entryway made of wooden pieces. You can make a chic boat by painting three stairs with black matte paint and then using glow lamps and achieving the perfect look with a ribbon or pom-pom garland.

  •  Pinecones and Christmas gifts

Consider hanging mistletoe, fake Christmas gifts or pinecones in the center of the door. Create your own collection by adding pinecones, white paint and then hanging them outside of the door with twine

  1. Outdoor holiday decorations

To create a visual appeal outside your home, consider breaking down the front yard into a variety of areas – each with its own holiday feature. Use Christmas gifts to break up the front yard into three sections:

  • left,
  • center,
  • and entrance.

Use the Christmas tree with reclaimed layers, then the center of the yard is lined with an arbor plus the door is decorated with a variety of recycled materials including – wine bottle candelabras and string.

  • Moss flowers

Add a sleek punch and a natural style to your outdoor decoration with the use of the moss.

To create this decor ideas, you will need to have moss, silk, ribbon, etc. All this needs three hour of preparation time.

In addition to its texture and color, the square shape of the wreath offers a fresh take even on the classic holiday.

  • Lantern Garlands

In addition to adding a distinctive touch, made with a Christmas door decoration on a farmhouse theme along with lined wires.

To attach the Garlands to the doors, use the twisted the C hooks directly into the outer area whereby each section of light string is placed easily and efficiently.

  • Chalkboard Buck Head

Create a fun Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year greetings with a chalkboard buck-head silhouette. To do this, draw the reindeer shape on a 24 x 24 piece of wood, cut with a jigsaw, and apply two coats of board paint.

  •  Bucket Plants

Although the grass often dries out during the winter months, you can still add green thumb to your holiday appeal with potted evergreens – especially the likes of both juniper and cypress bushes.

Dress them in a natural style by planting them in metal buckets and decorate them with a stylish burlap belt.

  1. Outdoor decoration ideas using Snowflake 

Add the holiday splendor to the outdoor decoration ideas by using the base of any old metal buckets with perforated silhouettes.

To create the silhouettes, use a black marker to make a frame directly on the surface of the bucket, and then drill the holes with a screwdriver instead of using a hammer. To get an added advantage for the decorations, add a piece of outer fabric with holiday colors inside the holes.

  1. Decorating the mailbox

To turn this basic mailbox into a focal point for the Christmas celebrations, use large wooden candy sticks, burlap or even lollipops made of PVC, small balls, colored burlap sack, and some twine.

Add a panache to your mailbox by using Christmas door decorations ideas with garlands. To do this without blocking the handling and delivery, keep a wreath of flowers around the back of the mailbox and add other elements as faux berries, and complete the look with a green flower crown.

  •   Detailing with Burlap sack

To place the candy sticks on the mailbox, consider wrapping them with burlap in natural tones. Once done, hit the perfect look using a colored thread.

Insert candy decorations into the base of your mailbox with a red string. Not only will the difference between the ribbon and the post be clear, but also choosing a ribbon in the same color will also help to create a cohesive decor palette.

  • Holiday Window Box

Like your interior decor style, your Christmas decoration is like an extension of your personality. Are you a young at heart or a Christmas traditionalist? Do you like all the eyes on your front door entrance decorated with bright quirky Christmas ornaments? So, whatever may be your choice, you can get great Christmas flowers for your front door entrance, no matter what choice of decor you have for the festivities and budget.

  1. Wreaths Christmas door decorations
  • Natural wreaths

Natural flowers are a great investment if you plan to use the same wreath for the next few days. The fir wreath helps you to make a statement when you combine it with firs, holly, and berries to accentuate your door. You can also opt decor ideas like a simple wreath converted into gold using spray paint.

  • Faux wreaths

Use a faux wreath and then complete it with decorative stars or a ribbon. To make sure that Santa knows he is in the right house opt for adding your family name to a wreath like the above.

  • Floral baskets 

Here is an outdoor decoration idea that can never backfire. These flower door baskets look stunning when placed on the front door with fresh flowers and foliage. These are although quite affordable and practical, yet you need to work well to achieve the perfect look. Even if you decide to use faux flowers, consider using these along with flowering branches and this makes it appear more realistic.

  • Empty picture frame

If you already have any empty picture frame sitting inside the attic, then use the same to decorate the front door. The outdoor decoration idea using empty frames is quite versatile, awe-inspiring and economical.

Empty frames can be embellished using craft supplies that are available all around the house. These can include – scrapbook, faux flowers, fabric flowers or plants. Use the photograph of Santa Claus in his sleigh to complete the look.

  • Clothespin sun

Use a lot of cheap clothespins around the cardboard cutout to create a sun! Use catchy Colors, glitter, popsicles, etc. to complete the look. You may also use spray paint, foliage, etc. to give it a complete look sitting on the front door. For the wooden ones, use a clear coat of varnish to get the best results for your front door decorations even after the festival is over.

  • The cutout

You can also use painted wooden cut out shapes like wieners, flip flops, crab, etc. to give your backdoor a makeover. To make these fun, use quirky colors and styles to enhance your home decor.

To make these door hangers, you need a pattern, piece of hardboard, jigsaw or paint. You can also cut a Santa Claus along with your house number to impress your guests


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