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Now, the design of a kitchen has always been a very interesting discussion to discuss. Especially if we talk about the kitchen decoration that would be very fun to do. You will always want to provide updates for your kitchen, whether it’s every week, month or once a year.

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Talking about the kitchen decor, we also certainly can not rule out bench from the room. Today, we can find many kinds of the kitchen bench on the market. The one which is currently being viral and popular is wooden bench for the kitchen table.

Many producents use the selected wood materials because not only has a very beautiful and natural look but also gives a deep traditional impression for our kitchen.

There are many advantages that you can get if using the bench which made of wood as its whole construction. Some bench on the market this time has been using the strongest and greatest wood base material and sold at a wide variety of price. One of the bench product that we will discuss this time is … … , guess what?

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Here it is, Clarissa Wood Bench By Loon Peak, which is one of the best wooden benches for your kitchen table that will help you to update your lovely kitchen and boost your mood. Let’s check the review of this Clarissa Wood Bench below. 

Clarissa Wood Bench Review

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The design of this Clarissa wood bench is really sturdy and look so gorgeous with its hardwood material. It has a solid earthy pattern in a very beautiful brown color. The traditional and natural style of this bench will make you satisfied and fall in love to stay in the kitchen.

Yet, the color of the bench in person is not really that bright as shown in the picture. It’s quite darker, but actually still lovely.

The overall dimensions of this wood bench are 17.75” H x 42.38” W x 14” D, and overall weight is 25.08 lbs with 200 lbs weight capacity.


Now, we are talking about the material on this wood bench. The material is certainly wood which is really sturdy and strong once you try to sit on the bench.

The details material that used in this Clarisa Wood Bench are hardwood solids and select veneers which are quite impressive and strong. For the wood construction type is a solid and manufactured wood that will make you enjoy to seating on this bench.

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Now, we go to the durability of this Clarissa wood bench. The construction tells us that chair will be able to last for years. The hardwood solid and selected veneers can be the reason why this one is really strong. This also supported by the solid and manufactured wood construction type.


In the maintenance process, it seems easy to clean this up and care. You can only use a dry cloth to sweep it up or a damp mob to take care of the bench.

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You can get this beautiful and good wood bench only by spending $57.99. It is so worth to buy and suitable for your kitchen table. It also adds a new traditional sensation to your kitchen area.


Dimensions  17.75” H x 42.38” W x 14” D
Weight  25.08 lbs
Style  Traditional
Materials  Hardwood solids and select veneers

Overall, this kitchen bench is recommended product considering its design and construction. That different finish is not a big deal since you love any shade of wood finishes. Include this pleasing kitchen bench to your shopping list.

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