10 Must-Buy Attractive Coastal Kitchen Curtains Under $33

We never get enough to lift up the experience in our lovely kitchen area which is good to keep your mood on. It is because that the kitchen is one of the important rooms in a house where we always want to feel comfortable and enjoy while doing some things around.

Updating your kitchen with some good ornaments or beautiful small items is a good idea to get new nuance and to boost your mood in the kitchen. If you like to put the big objects as an addition of perfection in your kitchen, maybe you should try the coastal curtains.

The coastal kitchen curtain is really great to wake up every inch of your kitchen atmosphere. It is surely recommended to make a shore and coastal situation in your kitchen. Most of them are fresh and have a natural view sensation of the free nature.

Coastal kitchen curtains also perfect for a modern kitchen with a natural and white theme, or it is even good for a traditional kitchen style. Some of them are dominated by blue and white colors to serve you a fresh atmosphere.

Here we have the list of attractive and amazing coastal kitchen curtains for you below. Choose the one that is perfect for you and suitable for your character as a mood booster.

10 Attractive Coastal Kitchen Curtains Under $33.00

Blue Coastal By The Sea Tier Pair (Price: $16.69 )

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Credit: Amazon

This coastal curtain is suitable for a light and modern kitchen. It has a high quality and perfect for some different rooms. The blue patterns on the white fabric are so beautiful, it surely gives you a coastal and shore sensation.

The material of this coastal curtain is 100% Polyester which is machine care. It also has one cute pair of the tiers with 24 L x 60 W that combined with the 60 inches of width.

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Ships and Chambray Kitchen Window Curtain Valance (Price: $18.33)

Make a casual and fresh atmosphere in your kitchen with this ships and chambray kitchen window curtain valance. There are two deep blue lines with sea and ocean accents that complete the perfection of this curtain. The measures of this attractive kitchen curtain are 60″ W x 15″ L. For the measure of the rod pocket is 3″ diameter.

The coastal flair and beautiful chambray stripes that are completed with the nautical icons of this coastal kitchen curtains is surely adorable. It’s a machine dry and wash product for your convenience.  Get this curtain in your kitchen to wake up your mood and to update the atmosphere of your kitchen area.

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Natural Shell Kitchen Tiers (Price: $21.56)

These natural shell kitchen tiers bring a relaxing nuance of the shore and coastal into your lovely kitchen. It has beautiful brownish ocean shell pattern on the amazing blue sky background. You can feel the seashore sensation by hanging them up on your kitchen window.

It also has attractive tiers to complete the perfection of this coastal curtain. But you have to know that for the rod pocket tiers on this curtains are sold in different place. The measure of each panel is 30″ W and for the measure of the rod pocket valance (sold separately) is 15″ L x 60″ W.

The material is 100% cotton and it is easy to clean up. You can bring this home only at $21.56.

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Seascape Lined Window Curtain Tier Pair (Price: $21.56)

This seascape lined window curtain is kind of the unique and awesome coastal curtains type. We recommend you to use it in the laundry room, kitchen, or shower room. There is a seashell array of the curtain that makes it perfect.

The materials of this curtain are 24% cotton and 75% polyester, and 100% polyester for the lining part. The beautiful accents of the seashell pattern are perfect to give a fresh and romantic atmosphere with its red orange colors nuance. You can bring this attractive coastal kitchen curtains only at $21.56.

High Tide Window Curtain Tier Pair (Price: $21.56)

You can see the beautiful ocean view complete with the flying ocean birds on the sky with canoes in this curtain. This one looks so fabulous and attractive for your kitchen. 100% polyester material of this coastal curtain is really perfect and make it easy to clean.

The measures of the rod pocket are 1-1/2″ in diameter, line dry and machine wash. The scenes of this curtain are calming and soft, it can make you enjoy and relax when you working on the kitchen. Moreover, when you have a cup of coffee in the sunset beach house, you will feel the peaceful feeling around you.

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Biscayne Window Curtain Tier Pair (Price: $21.56)

Decorate your lovely kitchen with this wonderful Biscayne coastal curtain tier pair. The product is simply adorable with the seashells, coral with a nautical look, and the embroidered starfish.

With 100% polyester material, this coastal curtain becomes easy to care and clean. The measure of each tier is 28″ w, and the measures of the rod pocket are 1.1″ diameter.

Madison Park Delray Diamond Printed Diamond Kitchen Tier Blue 60×24 (Price: $22.94)


Credit: Amazon

This Madison Park Delray curtain is a suitable one for you if you love to have a fully decorative coastal kitchen theme. The fantastic blue color of this kitchen curtain is perfectly amazing as a coastal decor. It also has a printed diamond detail and motif in a fresh blue color.

The material of this curtain is cotton twill blend, you can feel the soft texture of the tier of this product. This coastal curtain is easy to clean, you can use your machine to wash the surface with a gentle cycle. But do not try to bleach it to keep the look of this coastal curtain.

There is one tier included in this set, and the tier size is 60 x 24 inches. The printed blue pattern of this coastal curtain is great for the kitchen with a fresh and modern nuance, try this on your window, bring this one by spending $22.94.

Seashore Coral Window Curtain Valance in Blue (Price: $26.96)

This seashore coral window curtain has a simple and casual style, you can match it with any of your kitchen’s themes. It is kind of different coastal curtains types. You can use this curtain in your laundry room, garage, and absolutely in the kitchen.

The valance measures are 17″ L x 60″ W. The materials of this coastal curtains are 25% cotton and 75% polyester. It will be more effective if you use it in a great beach house or in the guest bathroom.

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St. Tropez Window Curtain Tier Pairs (Price: $26.96)

This next attractive coastal kitchen curtain has a wonderful look and oceanic style. The beach nuance on this curtain accent is perfect and fresh to the eye. We highly recommended to use it in the kitchen area, but also you can use it in the laundry room or bathroom too.

The material of this St. Tropez window curtain is 100% polyester. It is machine wash and the measure of this tier is 30″ wide. The best thing of this coastal curtain is the vibrantly-colored beach picture in the beautiful ocean view.

Harbor House™ Sailor Window Valance (Price: $32.35)

Next is the harbor house sailor windows valance that will make your kitchen looks like a peaceful area theme. This one is perfect for you who love beach and shore atmosphere. The clear white and deep blue ocean colors of this curtain can make your mood better.

There is no boring feeling again when you working in the kitchen if you decorate your kitchen with this beautiful curtain. There are a sailing rope and a little grommet on this coastal curtain that make its look better. The measure of this valance is 50″ W x 17″ L, and the materials of this curtain are 20% cotton and 80% polyester.

You can easily clean this curtain only with dry clean. Give your room a brand new look and nuance with this coastal curtain.

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These coastal kitchen curtains are perfect for any room, especially in the kitchen to lift it up. Most people love to start an update for their kitchen with a little item, a coastal curtain is a great choice to bring your kitchen to the higher level of style.

With the sea ornaments, accents, and the color nuance, you will find an ocean atmosphere coming into your kitchen area. Naturally, the coastal kitchen curtains give you more fresh feeling and peaceful atmosphere by its rich theme of the sea.

Grab them now, you will never get stuck because this coastal curtain comes with a big variety of types, colors, shape, and styles. However, a variety of price will make you easy to choose which one that you like to add a perfection for your dream kitchen zone.

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