8 Sweet And Lovely Coffee Clocks Kitchen For Decoration Under $55

As a human, we naturally love something beautiful in life. To find it we can start with our own little castle, home, and the kitchen is the heart of the home which should always look and feel comfortable. Beautifying the room by adding some decorations is always a fun thing to do. You can find some great and lovely accessories to complete the kitchen’s features.

Nowadays, many kinds of accessories that can help your plan to have your dream kitchen come true. To give a decor for your kitchen layout, the first thing you have to do is collect some nice accessories, and decide to make it look modern, simple, casual or unique.

A nice look of your kitchen can refresh your mind. It gives you a relaxing time, for example, when you wake up in the morning and have a cup of coffee. Talking about coffee, have you ever got some coffee accessories in your kitchen? Like a coffee clock kitchen perhaps? It is a good idea to put a coffee clock alongside those or cups or mugs. Sometimes we have to learn how to mix and match some ordinary items to create a better look.

A lot of the works and crafts that inspired by coffee, because it reflects the spirit and enthusiasm. Therefore, coffee is often used as many kinds of craft and an inspiration in making some adorable decor. You will find various coffee clock kitchen, in the different style, color or shape. This beautiful coffee clock kitchen you can buy at cheap price. The model of these clocks is good and suitable to make your wall awesome.

To ease you choosing a perfect coffee clock kitchen for decoration, here we have some good options for you. The designs of these clocks are so unique and attractive. They are offered at quite reasonable prices for you to buy. Let’s chek them out!

8 Sweet And Lovely Coffee Clocks Kitchen For Decoration under $55

La Crosse Technology Coffee MDF Wall Clock (Price: 18.27)

This cheap and awesome coffee clock is perfect for your living room, kitchen, or office. This round coffee clock will make your coffee time become more joyful. When you have a coffee in the morning or night, hang this coffee clock on the wall near the coffee bar. Give a special taste and new atmosphere to your kitchen to boost your mood every day.

Product Specifications

DesignSimple coffee cup
Dimension12″ L x 12″ W x .25″ D
Frame MaterialMDF
Power1 AA battery

Colorful Cup Of Coffee CopyWall Clock (Price: $27.85)

coffee clocks kitchen 8

credit: Cafepress

The look of this amazing coffee clocks kitchen is very energetic. This one has a durable plastic case in black solid color with a clear lens. With the 9.5″ in diameter and the accurate quartz movement, it will keep you always on time. The gorgeous printed face looks so great with an abstract color on the white background. Not only great to hang in your kitchen but in office or bar too. It is also a good option for a special gift for housewarming, Christmas, retirement, father’s day, mother’s day or birthday.

JustNile Coffee Inspired Clock by Coffeesphere (Price: $27.99)

coffee clocks kitchen 5

Credit: Coffeesphere

JustNile inspired clock is the elegant coffee clocks kitchen that really worth to buy. There are four different cute coffee signs to replace 12, 3, 6 and 9 number, and others are changed into the sweet dots on that clock. Made of plastic and acrylic, the black background in this 12-inch wall clock is really like a shadow under the sun rise. Different types of nice coffee cups look so contrasting with the super black background. This is the actual coffee clock that you should have for your kitchen as a coffee lover.

Product Specifications

DesignCoffee and Beverage
Dimension11.8″ x 11.8″ x 1.2″
Power1 AA battery

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Creative Motions Wall Coffee Clock with Pendulum (Price: $29.99)

coffee clocks kitchen 2

Credit: Target

This is a unique coffee clocks kitchen that will be one of the focal points around your kitchen. Not only about the style and the gorgeous look and shape of this coffee clocks kitchen, but it also has great features. With the pendulum and the rustic style, it is a nice decor for a vintage style kitchen. Powered by 1 AAA battery,  this clock comes with mounting hardware for easy hanging.

Product Specifications

DesignRustic Oval Coffee Clock with Pendulum
Dimension15.5″ H x 9.4″ W x 10″ D
ColorRustic Off White and Maroon
MaterialWood Composite
Power1 AA battery

Take Life One Cup At A Time Coffee Wall Clock by Coffeesphere (Price: $30)

coffee clocks kitchen 1

Credit: Coffeesphere

Another unique wall decor from wood which is great for you to have and hanging on your kitchen wall. Comes with 12.5 X 1.25 X 13.75 inch dimension, this is an adorable coffee clock to enhance your coffee spirit. The cappuccino color and its classic numeral style are a great combination that makes the look of this clock so mesmerizing.

Product Specifications

DesignVintage Coffee Cup
Dimension13.75″ H x 1.25″ W x 1.25″ D
Weight1.7 pounds
ColorRustic Light and Dark Brown
MaterialWood Composite
Power1 AA battery

Hot Cup Of Coffee Modern Wall Clock (Price: $39.17)

coffee clocks kitchen 3

Credit: Cafepress

If you are looking for a simple coffee clock, this one is the best option. A touch of modern aluminum style that combined with a hot coffee cup style looks so adorable. Set this up and hang it on your kitchen wall, make your morning coffee time more joyful tasty with the coffee atmosphere in the room. It’s such a beautiful modern clock style that so suitable to decor a sophisticated kitchen style.

Product Specifications

DesignBrown Coffee Cup
Dimension14″ D
MaterialAluminum body
Power1 AA battery

Bronze Coffee Cup Wall Clock (Price: $42.49)

coffee clocks kitchen 4

Credit: Target

At the first sight, you absolutely know that this unique and amazing coffee clock reminds you to the tasty espresso. This one is a great choice for the coffee lovers with the inner artistic personality to buy. The fake smokes made which pop up from the cup enhance the style and make it more attractive. The Frame color is sweet brown, which reflects an espresso in the morning or afternoon moment. Get this coffee clocks kitchen in your home and feel a new sensation inside.

Product Specifications

DesignModern Aluminum Coffee Clock
Dimension9″ H x 15″ W x 9″ D
ColorBrown and Beige
Power1 AA battery

Steamin’ Tea and Coffee Pot Clock by Michelle Allen Studio Designs (Price: $55)


Gorgeously vintage are the words to interpret this coffee clocks kitchen at the first sight. This one is not a usual coffee clock with its attractive design. The cute swinging coffee mug underneath the pot frame adds a cuteness touch to the clock appearance. With the touch of modern style and super creative art, this steamin’ tea and coffee pot clock can be the number one hit as a coffee clocks kitchen.

This steaming tea and coffee pot clock comes in 17.6 X 17.1 X 3.4 inches dimension. The one and only coffee clock kitchen that makes you feel like life as a cartoon character. The color and these little attributes on that coffee clock are precious in making the design look better.

Choose one!

Those are some beautiful coffee clocks that can be a nice decoration for your property. It is always a good idea to add a kitchen-themed accessory to enhance the look of your kitchen, and the coffee clock is a smart option to mount in the room Though they are offered at such affordable prices, they look adorable enough to beautify the style of your kitchen.

Choose the one which is right for your kitchen and flows well with the overall look of the room. Keep in mind that the clock can be one of the focal points of the room, so if you already have a lot of decorations scattered around your kitchen, choosing the simple one is the wiser choice. Most of the color of the clocks above are brown, which is easier for them to mix and match with almost all kitchen’s color. Another thing of the brown color is that it can create such a  warming atmosphere to the room, especially with the coffee stuff design.

Those clocks are also some good references for the gift that you can give to your coffee lovers friends. Each of the clock design totally represents the coffee suckers’ persona, and will not disappoint anyone.

We have different choices, but you can choose the one that you love to improve the decor of your kitchen to be more attractive and inviting. Make a quality time with your family and friends everytime with the coffee sensation in your lovely kitchen.  When we are in a big hurry or waiting up for someone come while seeing the clock, maybe it will not be so much boring if you are not watching to the usual clocks in your kitchen. Have a nice coffee time!

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