Coffee Themed Kitchen Curtains | Coffee Complete 36 Tier & Swag Set Review

Remembering that coffee is a drink of millions of people and always be the main choice to be served. No wonder if many people make coffee as the theme for many kinds of products.

One of them is the product made for home, they make it for kitchen, living room and bed room. If we talk about the kitchen, then this will be a very interesting thing to discuss, starting from things as decoration and various ornaments that also complete the perfection in your lovely kitchen.

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Have you ever made a specific theme to renew your kitchen atmosphere? Let’s start by thinking of the best theme for our kitchen. Are you a kind of person who likes coffee so much? If yes, here we have an information and review about one of the best coffee themed kitchen curtain with an affordable price to decorate your kitchen.

Apparently, you should try one of the kitchen curtain products that have a coffee theme that is perfect for your kitchen decoration. The curtain is one of the most important big objects that always be seen in the kitchen. So we must think of the best to choose which curtain is right for our kitchen.

Here we have a review about coffee themed kitchen curtains for you. This is it, the Coffee Complete 36 Tier & Swag Set by The Curtain Shop Review.

Coffee Complete 36 Tier & Swag Set Review

Coffee complete 36 Tier & Swag Set
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The design is always number one indicator in our eyes to buy a product, especially about the kitchen decoration. The look of this Coffee Complete 36 Tier & Swag Set is super attractive and creative. You can see the great antique touch of this curtains that is really suitable for a warm-colored room.

The pictures of cups of coffee and a dark espresso accent on it curtains are gorgeous and so eye-catching.The dimension of this Coffee Complete 36 Tier & Swag Set is 8 x 7.5 x 1.3 inches, and the weight is about 6.4 ounces.

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Now, we go to the style of this Coffee Complete 36 Tier & Swag Set. The great styling and powerful color nuance of a real coffee make this coffee themed kitchen curtain looks so adorable. The classic effect of the coffee this coffee curtain surely adds a new traditional atmosphere into your kitchen zone.

The elegant style of this product comes from its dark brown color that is adorably precise at the bottom and the decoration on it. You can also add other nuances of coffee items such as coffee lights or coffee cups close to this Coffee complete 36 Tier & Swag Set. It will be better and look so eye-catching, so you will be more relax when you have to work in your kitchen.


The materials of this beautiful Coffee Complete 36 Tier & Swag Set is 100% polyester. This is kind of usual material that used for the kitchen curtain.

The best things of this materials are it is high tenacity, wrinkle resistant, it has a good durability. You can joyfully use this kitchen curtain for years without worrying of its construction.


As we know that 100% polyester of this Coffee Complete 36 Tier & Swag Set, makes it easy to care and clean on a regular basis. In cleaning process of the polyester material is not too hard to do. You can easily clean it, wash it, but it is better if you not bleach it to keep the color dazzling.


The price also is really good and balance to the features that it served. Only with $12.17, you can bring this Coffee Complete 36 Tier & Swag Set Home by The Curtain Shop home. This is such an affordable one for you and a good one too if you want a coffee themed kitchen curtain with more features and a quite cheap cost. 

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Dimension8 x 7.5 x 1.3 inches
Weight 6.4 ounces
StyleClassic and Transitional
ColorCreamy white and dark brown of espresso color from the bottom
Material100% polyester
Recommended room Kitchen

Overall, if you are looking one recommended product to remodel your kitchen into a coffee-themed one, this curtain is surely worth to include to your shopping list. The adorable design with its good quality material will not disappoint you at all.

One thing to consider, though the material is soft enough, the thickness is not really that good which then makes this curtain too ‘see-through’. It’s reasonable though, considering its cheap price tag.

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