Lay Z Spa Inflatable Coleman Hot Tub Review | Price & Performance


The Coleman hot tub comes with the green color that has the great and sophisticated feature. Many people fall in love with this hot tub. Here is the Coleman hot tub review that might be the reference for you before you decide to buy.

The Coleman Hot Tub Review

coleman hot tub review
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The Coleman is well-known as a brand that uses the green color to introduce their products. As well as the Coleman hot tub Lay Z spa, it comes with the bright green color. It is included as the portable hot tub that has the different and unique design from the others. You can see the Coleman hot tub is simple and elegant hot tub.


Need to know that the Coleman has about 8.3 ln. per gallon with 80 % fill height, so the hot tub will be height 2110 by not including people in it. So, you do not put the Coleman hot tub on the outdoor deck because the most outdoor have about 50 lb. For that reason, you need the 100 lb. to put this on it. There are the crucial 4 modes in operating the Coleman hot tub. They are circulation ON with heater OFF, the circulating pump ON with the heater ON, air pump ON and everything OFF. The circulating pump refers to the pump that distributes the water through the filters and the heater. If the heater and the pump are ON, it needs about 1250 W (1.25 KW). The hot tub has a heater that can pull between 700 watts and 1200 watts. The hot tub pulls about 650 Watt if the air pump produces the bubbles. Moreover, you can run all with the heater on, if the temperature set max 104 degrees.

Use of the Hot Tub

The Coleman Lay Z spa needs the easy and simple way setup about 30 minutes to obtain the complete setup. Based on the specifications, the hot tub handles about 254 gallons at 80% filled. It has the two lines that describe the max and min water fill. About, the 80% line is a min line. The hot tub can take more or less 4 hours with an average 1 gallon/minute if you fill the water from the kitchen sink. While the hot tub is not filled with warm water, certainly, you have to wait for the water until getting the high temperature. Generally, the hot tub will reach the hot water about 2 degrees/hour. Well, you have to wait about 25 hours if you use 50 degrees the water from an outdoor faucet to get 100 degrees.


The Coleman hot tub price can be mentioned as the cheap and affordable for a kind of hot tub. Certainly, there is about 90-day warranty if you find for the small air leak. With the easy using and the simple setup enable the Coleman hot tub is a great hot tub for the save money. The range of price that offers is about $349.97 that you can check it out on Amazon.

The Shortage of the Hot Tub

There is also the annoying feature where the pump and the heater shut off after 75 hours automatically. When you forget to rest it, certainly, everything can shut off and you will find about 70 degrees. It is so super annoying when you want to enjoy the warm water spa but the hot tub does not support.

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