KOHLER Santa Rosa for Compact Toilets for Small Bathrooms Review

Sometimes, buying the best compact toilets for small bathrooms is difficult for some people. You will need to some online guides to find the perfect one. Thera are dozens of brands that manufacture the product with a good-looking design but the performance is nothing.

For that reason, most of the homeowners do some research to get the reference from other customers. They certainly look for the product reference that hopefully give a great solution. By reading the product review, you can easily get the best guide to choose your desired product.

Compact Toilets for Small Bathrooms Review

Likewise, for compact toilets, people are getting difficult to determine the best product. Normally, they prefer the product that has many positive reviews and good rating from the other customers.

As we will explain below, we give you the compact toilets for small bathroom review from KOHLER. If we talk about KOHLER, there’s no word to mention this brand except ‘fascinating’.

The gorgeous one totally describes the biggest brand name in toilet manufacturer. In this case, we choose KOHLER Santa Rosa One-Piece Toilet review as one of the best seller models. This compact toilets for small bathrooms review also provides some aspects to be explained including the performance, price, design, and appearance.

KOHLER Santa Rosa One-Piece Toilet

compact toilets for small bathrooms review
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The Santa Rosa One-Piece toilet comes with AquaPiston canister that allows the water to flow from all sides. This toilet is equipped with a flushing system that consumes about 1.28 gallons per flush with water savings up to 16,500 gallons per year. With the system, it can remove all the waste easily and quickly without leaving any marks.

Furthermore, the Light-touch canister flush involves propulsive force. The force of gravity and precision-engineered toilet tools actually make a strong siphon during water flushing. The flush valve’s 3:2 ratio feature optimizes the performance of toilet.

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Material Construction

The construction of this KOHLER toilet uses the high-quality material made from vitreous China. The product is equipped with EPA Water Sense certified and ADA compliant to ensure that the product serves a perfect construction. The WaterSense with EPA flushing features, it gives you a guide in consuming the water at least 20% less than 1.6-gallon water in the toilet tank.

The WaterSense with EPA flushing features, it allows more effective water consuming, at least 20% less than a 1.6-gallon toilet.


Coming with compact elongated bowl design, that totally offers the ultimate comfort for an adult to sit down. It is finished with premium color that enhances the bathroom to look more gorgeous.

The KOHLER Santa Rosa extremely adds a contemporary appearance to your bathroom as well. Its compact design also appears in delivering an exceptional performance in a small footprint.

It lets you upgrade the bathroom to become more a comfortable space to do your needs. With its presence, it will transform your small bathroom into a well-designed one. The style of this Santa Rosa compact toilet indeed incorporates the bowl and the tank into one attractive design.

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The installation steps to set the KOHLER Santa Rosa is such an easy job. The installation is completely similar to other standard compact toilets as well. Furthermore, the assembly needs a standard 12″ rough in.

The tools that you will need include bolts, fixing bolts, nuts, and a new wax seal. In addition, you can follow the guide for installation on KOHLER manual book product included.

For detail, you can search the reference with minimal DIY installation the KOHLER compact toilet.


If you are eager to have this KOHLER Santa Rosa toilet, that is a right choice for you. The price offered by the product can be mentioned as an affordable price for you to get the kind of compact toilets for your small bathroom. After you know the performance and the material in constructing this toilet, you have to include this product into your top consideration.

The product is sold at $471.65 which available on Kohler official website.


  • EPA Water Sense certified and ADA complaint is included in KOHLER Santa Rosa compact toilet.
  • Lid and Seat are provided in this single piece toilet
  • AquaPiston flush system and Chrome flush trip lever
  • The product offers 1-year limited warranty


  • The lid with the toilet is quite thin
  • Sometimes, lots of customers complain that KOHLER is prone to get leaking

As a result, the KOHLER Santa Rosa One-Piece Toilet is perfect to complete your small bathroom. The compact toilets for small bathrooms review above hopefully help you in choosing a great compact toilet. Its performance and design are really suitable to enhance your bathroom atmosphere more inviting.

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Now, it is your turn to choose the product as you love. Make sure the product is matching with your bathroom space.

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