How to Make Concrete Pad For Hot Tub | The Materials and The Steps

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Over time in technological developments, various trademarks are trying to innovate their products in developing the business. As well as for the household, many developers innovate to get the preferred products. The Hot tub is one of household product which has developed over time. Nowadays, a hot tub is only as the moving tub but you can place it permanently. It can be placed in several containers such as in the ground, slab or concrete pad. Habitually, people want to get something simple to place the hot tub. The concrete pad for hot tub becomes a great choice for many people because of the strength of concrete pad.

Concrete Pad for Hot Tub

concrete pad for hot tub
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Furthermore, the concrete pad is a permanent building that is built on the ground. You can place the hot tub oh the concrete pad to hold the hot tub. The concrete pad is easy to make but for some people, it might difficult. Do not worry, you can ask people to do it or you can allow our explanation below including the things you need, the steps and the form creating. Before you decide to make the concrete pad, the first thing you have to do is preparing the spot. You certainly can choose the garden, backyard or others good spot.

The Material

The things you will need, they are;

  1. Two-by-four lumber
  2. Excavating equipment or shovel
  3. Tape measure
  4. 1.5-inch screws
  5. 3-inch screws
  6. Wood stakes
  7. Cordless drill
  8. Circular saw
  9. Fill sand
  10. Laser level
  11. Ready-mix concrete
  12. Bull float
  13. 16-inch concrete trowel
  14. Mini-sledge hammer
  15. Concrete edger
  16. Tape measure

The Steps to Form the Concrete Pad

Step 1

Dig the ground about 4 inches. Generally, the most hot tubs are small size and less than 10 feet. The shovel must be enough and sufficient to dig the ground. Actually, you can use the small excavator/ skid-steer if the ground is greatly hard. Need to know, you do not disturb the ground deeper than 4-inches, it will influence the stability of the flake on the solid ground beneath.

Step 2

Sizing and cutting two-by-four timber to shape the frame. It goals to ease wet concrete poured. Cutting each two-by-four timbers about 1.5-inches, it should be longer than the size of the pad. Certainly, the frame dimensions have to match the desirable pad size. For example, cutting four timbers about 109.5-inches long if you are pouring 9-foot by 9-foot. Furthermore, arrange boards each end of the one board. Of course, inside frame must be right dimensions.

Step 3

Then, attach the timber at the corner by the cordless drill appropriated with a screwdriver bit. You have to insert 2 three-inch screws at every corner.

Step 4

Form the square shape the frame with sizing it from a corner by corner. Of course, the measurements must be exact.

Step 5

The frame top maintains the slope to allow the water to drain away. For the standard slope, you can choose about 1/4-inch per lineal foot. Actually, the slope must be away from a garden, house, and others spot.

Step 6

After that, attach the wood pile outside of the wood frame. It keeps the frame for the moving. Drive the pillar every 2 feet and more.

Step 7

Then, attach the boards to the frame about 1.5-inches. Then, check the level and the shape to give the stable positions.

Step 8

Finally, the frame is ready to fill and pour the wet concrete. Prepare the materials to make the wet concrete such as the cement, sands, water, and gravel. Make sure the combined material is a strong and solid stir.

Fill and Pour the Concrete

1. After you frame the pad on the ground, it is a time for you to pour the wet concrete inside the pad.

2. The first step, spreading the sand in the frame of pads that is placed on the ground. Then, pour the wet concrete into the frame. You can make it by yourself in mixing the cement and the sand and dilute with the water. Meanwhile, if you want something simple, you can order the concrete by the store. Actually, the company will help you that how much you need based on the large of frame pad.

3. Next, pour the slab and press the wet concrete using the shovel.
4. Flatten the wet concrete using the board to make the surface of the concrete smooth and soft.
5. Then, wait for the wet concrete until dry about 24 hours.
6. After the concrete is dry,  remove the screws and the board.
7. Finally, the concrete pad can really use to hold the hot tub.

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