Container Swimming Pool: 25+ Exhilarating Ideas for Fun Summertime

It’s kinda safe to say that having a swimming pool is a dream of every homeowner. Up until today, it still becomes the most popular water feature which is chosen by many homeowners to improve their home.

By installing a swimming pool, you can have a very exhilarating addition that will provide a fun entertaining spot in your backyard. Then, as you may have known, you can do various kinds of aquatic exercise to support your healthy lifestyle once you have a swimming pool in your home.

Moreover, a swimming pool will always become the main focal point around your exterior area. It’s surely a part of your home decor which grabs most of the attention.

However, some homeowners may think twice to install a swimming pool since it can cost you a lot. You might need some extra budget if you want to install a swimming pool, especially if you want to have a swimming pool especially the one with sophisticated design and features.

As an alternative, you can build your own swimming pool by using some surprising stuff and the shipping container swimming pool is so popular these days. As the name implies, the pool is made of a shipping container which is modified in such a way so you can swim around inside.

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For your inspiration, below we have picked lots of mind-blowing container swimming pool ideas which can you use as the ultimate reference.

Best Container Swimming Pool Ideas

Container Swimming Pool: Patio and Pool

container swimming pool 1

Here, the container pool is built close to the patio area. The height of the patio is similar to the height of the pool which enables you to enjoy it conveniently. The pool even has a glass window which makes it way more exhilarating to enjoy.

Container Swimming Pool: Simply Stylish Pool

container swimming pool 2

This container pool looks simply attractive with its white finish and wood top frame. The size of the pool is enough to handle a fun pool party with all the coming guests. It will give a stylish vintage touch to the decor of your exterior area.

Container Swimming Pools: Rustic Wood Pool

container swimming pool 3

A gorgeous container pool which is covered by wood planks all over its construction. It creates a catchy rustic overall look which will blend beautifully with the natural outdoor surrounding.

Container Swimming Pools: Elegant Earthy Pool

container swimming pool 4

The black steel frame which secures this container pool gives a boldly elegant touch to its design. It’s built under the patio with natural concrete and wood base which adds another style to the pool area. Moreover, the flowers and rocks then decorate this backyard in a very adorable way.

Container Swimming Pools: Fun Balcony Pool

container swimming pool 5

For you who want to install your pool close to the balcony, this idea is a good reference to copy. Sturdy steel legs support the container pool which reaches the height of the balcony so you can use it from the second floor. The size of the pool is large enough which even comes with cozy features.

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Container Swimming Pools: Under Deck Pool

container swimming pool 6

This spacious deck feature a hidden pool which is made os shipping container. The design of the pool is quite simple with the glass window which is so enough to make it look and feel so inviting. For sure, this pool and deck combo will become a superb entertaining spot in your outdoor living space.

Container Swimming Pools: Pool with Big Window

container swimming pool 7

Adding a glass window to a shipping container pool is always a good idea which makes it feel more fun to enjoy and look more stunning. This large container pool comes with a big window which definitely makes your swimming experience feel so exhilarating by allowing you to see the outdoor surrounding from inside.

Container Swimming Pools: Superb Long Pool

container swimming pool 8

This fascinating container pool is perfect for you who have a spacious outdoor living space. The pool has a long dimension which allows you to do some aquatic exercises comfortably. It’s even supported by steel legs to fit the slopy terrain which even makes it look way more amazing.

Container Swimming Pools: Small Square Pool

container swimming pool 9

If you prefer a smaller container pool, this idea should be on your top list. It’s a square container pool with small dimensions which is perfect for a narrow backyard. Though it’s not really big, it still comes with cozy features like steps, window glass, and tile base.

Container Swimming Pools: Above Ground Long Pool

container swimming pool 10


A long container pool which is simply installed in above ground style to provide a fun spot when you hold an outdoor party. The pool looks so attractive with its black and white overall look which will grab most of the attention.

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Just keep scrolling to find more container pool ideas that will totally inspire you!

container swimming pool 11


container swimming pool 12


container swimming pool 13


container swimming pool 14


container swimming pool 15

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container swimming pool 16


container swimming pool 17


container swimming pool 18




container swimming pool 20


container swimming pool 21


container swimming pool 22


container swimming pool 23


container swimming pool 24


container swimming pool 25

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Well, that is the list of container pool ideas that you can use as the ultimate reference when you want to add a water feature to your outdoor living space. They are designed mesmerizingly which also provides maximum aquatic experience for you to enjoy with your family and friends.

Installing a container pool is a good alternative if you want to have a pool without spending a lot. Although it’s not as sophisticated as the common swimming pool, it still works well to make your home feel so entertaining. Moreover, you can also have a striking focal point which enhances the attractiveness of our exterior area.

Just pick the best container swimming pool that you really love and start building your own now!

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