Exotic Bedroom Set | Cortina Panel Customizable Bedroom Set Review

In this article, we won’t even talk about an “affordable”, “cheap”, or “inexpensive”. Because for an exotic bedroom set, it is no longer about price, but it is about art, luxury, and exoticism. Thus, Cortina Panel Customizable Bedroom Set perfectly represents those three things.

Here’s a review that you have to read before you decide to buy this exotic bedroom set.

Cortina Panel Customizable Bedroom Set Review

Designed by world’s acknowledged designer Michael Amini, this Cortina Panel Customizable Bedroom Set is a must-buy bedroom set. If you want an exotic bedroom set, it will add a truly exotic, luxurious, and glamorous feeling to your bedroom in an instant.

With its premium quality materials such as premium birch solids, cheery, and exotic Mapa Burl veneers it will be an everlasting legacy you can inherit through generations.

Meanwhile, the beautiful carving that embellishes this premium bedroom set affirms its beauty and exotics. Thus, for you who want a beautiful and exotic bedroom set that will last forever, money is never enough to buy this state-of-the-art collection.

You can redeem it for less than $7000 for 3-piece bedroom set: the bed set, dresser, and a nightstand. Furthermore, read this article that describes best about the Cortina Panel Customizable Bedroom Set to fall in love deeper and deeper. You may also like: 15 Cheap Bedroom Furniture Sets Under $500


There might be at least one reason why this Cortina Panel Customization Bedroom set is categorized as an exotic bedroom set. And yes, the answer is its beautiful design and its premium materials. With a quasi-sleigh bed design, it exudes a magnificent feeling in your bedroom.

The headboard is adopting a panel bed design with its majestic crown carving. Meanwhile, you can find out that it has a sleigh design in the footboard that continues through the bed, creating a magnificent look to the bed set.

In addition, the dresser has exotic carving with clever arrangements of cherry and Mapa burl veneers. Indeed, the majestic metal drawer pull with pewter finish become a luxurious and classical touch.

Although it only had three drawers and two cabinet doors, it has two hidden pullout drawers that are perfect for jewelry storage. A smart storage option for this luxurious bedroom set.

The nightstand itself has a real drawer and a hidden drawer that you can use to store your secrets stuff. Two cabinet doors that you can use to put larger stuff is provided. Meanwhile, if you push in gently its edge top above the drawer, you can find an extension. You can put a cup of coffee or some little stuff temporarily there.


Looks like a sleigh bed set at the first glance, it is actually a panel bed with gorgeous carved headboard. Indeed, it exudes a glam and luxurious feeling in the most exotic way.

Beautiful carving on the honey walnut finish mixed perfectly creating a classical sensation that is not only opulent but also outrageous. In addition, the veneer that is the perfect mixture of the elegant cherry wood and the peculiar Mapa burl bring an exceptional texture.

The cheery wood as the veneers for the lining and molding details becomes great veneers to accentuate its exotics. Especially when its cherry woods veneers part darkened by age, creating a great shade accent to this exotic bedroom set.

Meanwhile, you can see its unique texture on the headboard, footboard, and the drawers front as the mapa burl veneers is applied. Mixed with cherry veneers, it creates a unique and magnificent texture that represent the exotics of North American wood.


Bed74.75” H x 82” W x 98.75” D
Headboard74.75” H x 70” W x 15.75” D
Footboard36.25” H x 70” W x 10.75” D
Nightstand34” H x 36” W x 20” D
Dresser41.5” H x 77.25” W x 20.5” D


Bed DesignPanel
Wood Construction TypeSolid wood
Wood Construction Type DetailsBirch solids with Cherry veneers and Mapa Burl veneers
Wood SpeciesBirch
Wood FinishHoney Walnut


As a premium bedroom set, Cortina Panel Customizable Bedroom set uses some premium materials that will be everlasting in durability and exotic in texture. Its birch solids offer a sturdy and strong material for a construction that will support the furniture and its entire load for a long time. Meanwhile, cherry and mapa burl veneers offer an exotic texture and dependable coating for its solids.

Then, the mixture of that three premium wood materials become dependable and beautiful furniture you can boast on. Furthermore, here is a more in-depth review about Cortina Panel Customizable Bedroom Set materials to prove its durability.

Birch solids

Birch is a hardwood harvested in most of the Northern Hemisphere. It is a quite relative to the oak, but it is much harder. It is stable, affordable, and readily available, especially for bedroom set furniture.

On Janka (wood hardness) scale, Birch is entitled as the second hardest wood after hard-rock maple. Birch hardwood is often used for structural support that needs an absolute strength.

In this case, Birch is a great material for furniture that will be everlasting. In Cortina Panel Customizable Bedroom set, Birch as the solids become a dependable material that you can rely on.

Cherry Veneers

Cherry is a straight and fine grain hardwood with blonde to reddish brown color. In any case, it will be darkening into deep red through the ages. With its fine grain, it will create a great and unique texture for veneers. Its heartwood is very durable and resistant to decay.

Although it is not as hard as birch, it quite hard for veneers, creating a strong protector and beautiful texture for its solids. For Cortina Panel Customizable Bedroom set it becomes exotic veneers with its clever arrangements on the

Mapa Burl Veneers

Black poplar as a lumber is very cheap and not so durable wood as it is easily got infected by fungi. But, when it comes to its burl, it’ll be exotic and expensive veneers for a furniture.

Its unique and decorative textures exude the true exotics of veneers can give. As the black poplar is not quite durable and valuable for veneers, its burl is very hard and has the decorative pattern, valuable veneers for an exotic furniture.

Thus, with the mixture of those three kinds of hard, strong and decorative, it creates a great furniture that is great in durability and adorable in beauty.


The Cortina Panel Customizable Bedroom Set includes a bed set, a nightstand, and a dresser. The bed has a majestic carved headboard that becomes a firm statement of luxury. Meanwhile, the footboard has a sleigh board design that looks like a clam shell, exudes an elegant yet exotic feeling. Mapa burl veneers become a unique texture that accentuates its exotics.

The nightstand has a drawer to keep your small bedroom essential stay in reach. Below the drawer you can find a small cabinet that has a larger space, it’s enough to put your minibar indeed.

Meanwhile, you can find a hidden shelf that you can use to put a cup of coffee or anything else. Actually, it is an extends for your nightstand tops. Just feel it on the edge of the tops and push in, it will pop out in an instant.

Last, you can find another hidden drawer below the cabinet near the turned legs, you can put your little stuff there unnoticed.

The dresser has three large drawers and two doors cabinet that will store most of your bedding needs essential. With its beautifully carved metallic drawer pull, it exudes the classical feeling in your bedroom.

Don’t be hesitate to push in a round knob in beautiful carving between the cabinet doors and top drawer. You will find a hidden pull-out storage that is more than enough to put on your jewelry. A feature that you can’t regularly find in another generic dresser furniture.


As we said above, for a masterpiece of art, there is no price that is worth it to buy it. Indeed, this Cortina Panel Customizable Bedroom Set is included to this kind of art. The price $6,857  for a three piece of the bedroom is quite expensive. But, if you think again about a masterpiece that can be your pride and legacy to the next generation, it is simply quite cheap.

Premium quality materials combined with beautiful carving and clever veneering, creating a masterpiece from the world’s class designer. Thus, Cortina Panel Customizable Bedroom Set is a high-value bedroom set that is a must for you who wants a premium bed set in the most exotic way.


For an exotic bedroom set, the Cortina Panel Customizable Bedroom Set is a great example for you. Once you add it to your bedroom, it will make another people become jealous and drop their jaw in awe. It is quite a work of art that you can afford with less than $7000.

Quite pricey, but it is magnificently worth it. Premium quality materials, majestic design, and great features are three reasons out of many reasons you can get to buy this great collection immediately.

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