Kitchen Table With Leaf Insert | Country Cottage Dining Table Review

Are you looking for a proper table for your kitchen? Maybe you want to replace your worn-out and dull kitchen table. There are so many kitchen tables with interesting designs and decorations lately.

It starts with a different material, extraordinary styles, and cool themes, also more functions for a better experience. You will never get bored with the many variations of this kitchen table.

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Homeowners start to love kitchen table with leaf insert. This is probably because this type of table is very nice and has more benefits than a regular table.

Kitchen table with leaf insert gives many facilities and practices in using it. For a small room, like a small kitchen, this could be a very appropriate solution to save the space.

If the table is used in a large room, this kitchen table with a leaf insert can be a good accent to improve and update your kitchen layout. That is why this kitchen table type is everyone’s favorite.

Decorating the kitchen is always fun to do for many people. Moreover, for those who like and also have a hobby that is usually done in the kitchen like cooking. You can use a large object like a kitchen table with leaf insert to maximize your kitchen function.

Here we have a complete review of a product from the kitchen table with leaf insert, this is Country Cottage Dining Table by Simple Living. Let’s see!.

Country Cottage Dining Table Review

Country Cottage Dining Table
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The design is the primary thing that can be an indicator in determining the right appearance and theme of your kitchen. However, our eyes can not lie, we definitely want a very beautiful and elegant table for your lovely kitchen.

In the following review, we will discuss the design of one of this recommended kitchen table that has a beautiful shape. This is Country Cottage Dining Table by Simple Living. This table with leaf insert has a solid and great look, this is so suitable for any corner in your kitchen area.

Here are the characteristics of the design of this Country Cottage Dining Table:

  • This kitchen table is super stylish with the beautiful leaves on its two sides
  • The measures of this Country cottage dining table (with/without the leaves opened) is 30/30″ W x 29″ H x 30″ L
  • This kitchen table can transform from 30-inch square become 43.75 inches when the half of oval drop leaf is opened
  • It comes with great square orientation
  • The classic and country style of this Country Cottage Dining Table is unique and different than the others
  • The specialty shape of this kitchen table is perfect for any types of the kitchen theme
  • The two tones style of this kitchen table can be reason why most people fall in love to the design

Definitely, a great design also can give an upgrade for your tired kitchen theme style. Moreover, if you have a small kitchen, you do not have to wait for so long, this kitchen table is a right addition for your kitchen zone.

The natural wood fiber surface that has been brushed on this kitchen table can give a refreshing atmosphere in your kitchen theme. The white color from the base and legs of this Country Cottage Dining Table is really catching your sight. A great choice to be a deal.

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Construction is an important thing that can affect the beauty of a product as a whole. We should know whether the construction of our kitchen table belongs to a good type or not. The materials are the main ingredients of a great and sturdy construction.

The materials that used on this Country Cottage Dining Table are rubberwood and wood. Rubber wood has a super little shrinkage that makes it one of the more stable materials for a construction that absolutely suitable for furniture.

Just like the hardwood material, this rubber wood also comes with varying degrees of the high quality. This is really sturdy and strong for a heavy use in the long period of time.


Come on, are you still hesitate of the features of this Country cottage dining table? here are the features of this kitchen table with leaf insert:

  • Half round drop-leaf
  • Soft drop-leaf on the edge surface
  • Specialty shape
  • Creamy and pure white color tones
  • Occupy up to two seats
  • Great rubberwood quality
  • Beautiful wood finish
  • The classic and country style
  • Stylish and fashionable
  • Strong construction
  • Effectively save the space

However, complete and good features can be a consideration for us in choosing the best product for our kitchen. This Country Cottage Dining Table is one that is worth buying.

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The next is the durability of this Country Cottage Dining Table. With the rubber wood and wood materials used to shape this kitchen table, certainly no doubt if this table has a sturdy and strong durability.

Moreover, this kitchen table can be used also in your small apartment or office kitchen, and this is also very effective in saving space.


In the maintenance process, it is about you do not have to do a lot of efforts to caring and cleaning up this Country Cottage Dining Table. You can only use a mild soap and a dry cloth to clean the surface of this Country Cottage Dining Table.

It is easy to clean and lightweight. This really helps you to save your energy when you working in the kitchen.


The price of this Country Cottage Dining Table is affordable enough. You just have to spend $142.38 to have it in your kitchen. Again, it is worth to buy and become your bench’s best friend.

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 Measures30″ up to 43.75″
 FeaturesHalf round drop-leaf, specialty shape, strong construction
 Materials Wood and rubber wood
 Style Country

With this Country Cottage Dining Table, you will get your kitchen level up. This kitchen table with leaf insert is worth to buy and priceless if you see that awesome features. It can be a good addition for your big or small kitchen area.

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