Touchless Kitchen Trash Can | Curver Step Open Trash Can Review

If you are looking for the right trash can for your modern kitchen, try using a touchless kitchen trash can. There are so many types of this kitchen trash can, and the most in demand, of course, that comes with the modern style.

It is very helpful and useful especially for the kitchen where you do many activities around. Of course, this kind of trash can will definitely better help your work in the kitchen.

This time we will give a review about one of touchless kitchen trash can product that also becomes the best seller in the market. This is the Curver Step Open Trash Can, which comes in an attractive design and with some good features. Maybe it is good and suitable for your modern kitchen. Let’s see!

Curver Step Open Trash Can Review

Curver Step Open Trash Can
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The design of this beautiful Curver Step Open Trash Can is quite adorable with its chrome and black combination. This touchless kitchen trash can has a shiny finish that will make you fall in love with this product. Of course, it is good to place in the modern kitchen layout.

The dimension of this Curver Step Open Trash Can is 28 x 15 x 11 inches, and the capacity of this touchless trash bin is 50.000 liter. The overall weight is 5.7 pounds. The mount type of this trash can is free standing.

The great silver color of this trash can is the lucky thing that makes your kitchen feel like a brand new one

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The materials that used on this beautiful and gorgeous Curver Step Open Trash Can is Polypropylene. You have to know that a Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer that usually used for labeling, packaging, and textiles. Such material makes this table sturdy enough, but mainly for its body.

The pedal actually is not really that good, it feels a bit cheap, and perhaps can be broken easily in short times.


In the maintenance process, it is easy to care and clean this up. You can sweep it up on the surface or you can use a damp mop to clean the little stain on it. Just a regular cleaning process.

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As told before, the body of this trash can is not disappointing, but the pedal is another thing. It’s made of a not really good plastic that can be easily broken. You have to be a bit careful in using the pedal, especially when you use it frequently.


You should spend $49.99 for this Curver Rectangle Step Open Trash Can. This is quite a pricey price tag if we consider its pedal. If only you rarely use it, you can still buy this product.

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 Dimension 28 x 15 x 11 inches
 Weight 5.7 pounds
 Style  Modern
 Materials Polypropylene, plastic
 Color  Shiny silver and black
 Capacity 50.000 Liter
 Mount type Free Standing

So, this trash can is not a really bad product to buy. Its modern design would be a perfect complement for your modern kitchen. Just carefully use the pedal if you want to keep it for a long time use.

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