Custom Fence Gates with Premium and Best Quality Products

Gates, as we know, it is a thing as a barrier between the outside and house area. Without the fence gates, there will not be stumbling block for preventing the sources of danger from outside such as wild animal, stranger or even the thief. So, the existence of the gates is very needed for people in getting the comfortable and peaceful life when they are doing their activities in daily life. Building the fence gates, you do not need to spend the high costs. The thing that you have to do is selecting the custom fence gates material based on the budget you have. Nowadays, many home properties offer the premium gates material with the low prices, for example, the custom fence gates.

With choosing the custom fence gates, you can absolutely get the high-quality material with the extraordinary design. For answer your doubt, we are going to share you about the custom fence gates that you can be built for completing your home property. Let’s check the explanation out!

Custom  Fence Gates

1. Contemporary Metal Gate Walk


custom fence gates

Credit: Custom Made

Coming with gorgeous and fabulous design makes the custom fence and gates trusted by the customers. Not only the great design but the materials constructed inside are made from the premium materials. Metal, the material is well-known for the strength and the durability so that making the customers to use this product repeatedly. The custom fence gates open the price for about $1400 that you can negotiate if you desire in buying this one.

For the specification, the custom gates are available in several sizes that you can choose based on your spaced site for installing the gates. This gate is a fabricated design product that cut from 12 gauge steel. The frame is formed the square with 1.5″ x 1.5″ steel sizes and the rough opening about 36″ and the height 5 feet.

In the package, it is included the posts in attaching the side walls and best quality of standard hinges. The customers will really love this product because it is completed with baked on zinc primer, sandblasting, and standard power coating that is available in several standard colors.

Constructed with 1 and 2 standard 2 1/8″ holes allow the gates for getting standard bolt lock and standard lever. This one fence has dark black powder coating with semi-gloss for custom black hammer. For custom textured black, the fence is dark black coating with delicate sand finish. If you are interested in buying this gate, you can choose the colors as you want with the price that we mentioned above.

2. Driveway Gates

custom fence gates

Credit: Custom Fence

Completing your home with the beautiful driveway gates is really an excellent idea for you. If you are a someone who always values a thing aesthetically, we think that you will choose this gate for installing in home entrance. Of course, you can protect your home well because the custom fence gates are completed with ornamental iron material. So, it is difficult way for strangers to come into your house.

Designed with the simple but luxurious, allows this gates in getting the customers preference. Actually, you can choose the gate both of single and double sizes that have size range about 9′ – 20’+. This fence also can give the comfortable for the homeowner. For getting this gate, you have to spend money about $2500.


3. Custom Entry Gates

custom fence gates

Credit: Custom Made

By looking the pictures, you can think automatically that the entry gates is really luxurious with stunning design. Constructed with materials choice including aluminum, bronze, nickel, brass, stainless steel, copper and carbon steel make the fence growing up chosen by many customers. This custom fence and gates also offer the exotic appearance with acrylic, fiberglass and glass constructions.

For getting more adorable view, it is also provided the different finishing with some ways including polished, brushed metal, metallic paint and cold plated metal. Those ways are similar to the traditional fence and gates finishing. So, you can choose the bet one as you love to get beautiful gates finish.

If you have more budget, certainly, added LED strips or LED lighting in the gates to radiate the colorful lights especially in the night. Just for about $5000 price, you can have this luxurious custom fence and gates for entry.

4. Aluminum Custom Gates


custom fence gates

Credit: Custom Made

This fence style comes with the durable and longer material that is constructed as the gates for entrance. Made from the aluminum, allow this fence to get long lasting performance. In contrast, the gates is also fabricated from the wood for the slats. The aluminum is used as the posts for inserting the wood slats.

Formed about 2×4″ with rectangular shape mounted to the steel posts. Appearing the clean and simple lines make this gates becoming the people favorite fence and gates, even less the wood slats is getting the natural looks. For buying this one, you have to prepare the money about $2500.

5. Wrought Iron and Stained Gate

custom fence gates

Credit: Custom Made

Coming with double entry with the strong material make the fence showing the mesmerizing appearance. This gate is constructed by the stained glass and wrought iron that makes the gates getting strong. The gate is commonly used for courtyard or government building that can attract the people eye-catching so that the people can be interested in buying this one. The price as shown for getting this product is about $3495 with hardware option included.

No wonder, if this gate is made by the works of arts, of course, the gate is getting the uniqueness and artistic design. Completed features include custom finishing, unique design, hand forged iron and constructed to your extract requirements. There are some provided models that you can opt, they are single swing gates, double swing gates, powder coating finishes, custom stained glass accents and rust patina finishing.

6. Cattails and Reeds Gates


custom fence gates

Credit: Custom Made

Designed with cattails and reeds theme make this gate getting the extraordinary appearance. This fence is really good for you who are interested in the nature plants. Placed in front of the house area, allows it to get much eye-catching from the people. Constructed of the copper, bronze, and hand forged iron create the fence more artistic and interesting view. The price offered to get this one is about $20.000 price. If you have more budget, the fence performance is not doubted.

Gates, normally, give a barrier between the house and the outside area. As the time goes by, the function of the gate also increases, secure the house and exterior zone from the strangers or the thieves that can entry into your house directly. As well as for this custom fence gates, it actually can give the protection for home at once appearing the stunning and enormous design.


7. Architectural Metal Gates

custom fence gates

Credit: Custom Made

As you can see that the gate comes with the premium metal with architectural design. Constructed with small size space, allow the fence showing the uniqueness and cute appearance. Completed with railings, hand forged and the hardware enables the user to ease in installing this one.

If you love in giving surprise for people, you can certainly present it with this small architectural gates. Why? when you have a house with the large yard, but you want to hide it from the people. Well, you can install this fence so that the people suppose that your house and yard are very small space but the fact is not like that. It is interesting, isn’t it?

After you read this article, we hopefully can help you in deciding the fence gates as you want based on your available budget. Furthermore, you can read others article that explains about the same topic on our page here.

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