3 Piece Bathroom Rugs | Dainty Home 3 Piece Rug Review

Are you looking for a useful bathroom accessory that can decorate and provide security at the same time? The rug is surely the best answer for it. Though it is just a small addition to your bathroom decor, their existence is a must in every bathroom area.

dainty home 3 piece rug
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To keep your toilet flooring stay clean and secure your activities in the bathroom are the main task of the rugs. Then, one the most kind of rug that you can place in your bathroom is the 3 piece bathroom rugs. It totally can protect your toilet from much water droplets on the base.

Nowadays, hundreds of 3 piece bathroom rugs products are available at Amazon with a variety of design and price as well. So, it automatically makes you a little bit dizzy to choose the best one.

To give you a good reference, here, we provide a review of Dainty Home 3 Piece Rug which includes its design, construction, durability, maintenance and also price.

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Dainty Home 3 Piece Rug Review

dainty home 3 piece rug
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This 3 piece rug comes with the adorable chess pattern that makes your bathroom look more inviting.You can see its soft texture by looking at its design.

Moreover, this 3 piece rug is totally comfortable with its thick polyester material. As we know, the polyester serves the smooth and soft surface that surely great to apply for your toilet.

Coming with brown color, this rug actually delivers an earthy and calming touch to your lovely bathroom. The product includes 1 bath mat, 1 cover lid and 1 contour mat as the accessory of your toilet.  The dimension of this product is 18″ x 19″ for the cover lid, 7″ L x 29″ W for the bath mat and 17″ x 16″ for contour mat.

The downside of the product is the size of the rugs don’t fit really well with the toilet cover. They can’t cover the standard toilet properly which then makes it look so awkward.


The construction of this 3 piece rug totally produces a perfect product that quite great to set for your toilet base. It is made from 100 % polyester that well-known as the best material for making the blanket, rug, bed sheets and others.  This material absolutely works well with natural fibers to result in the soft cloth.

This 3 piece bathroom rug has a subtle surface that allows you to get a gentle footing, and with selected polyester material, the rug absolutely works well to absorb the water.

However, it has a very thin construction, which makes this product feels so cheap. You will find those hair and fuzz sticks easily on its surface.

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After we’ve known for its material and construction, the next thing to consider is about the durability. Its thin construction tells us that the rug may be able to use for long time but perhaps with quite intense care.


To get your goods stay beautiful that you’ve bought, you obviously need to maintain it regularly. In taking care of this rug, you’ll need the liquid cleaner to wash the rug. For driving away the dirt on the surface, vacuuming is recommended. Make sure not to bleach the rug and use the cold water in wash machine cleaning.  (Read also: Lugano Rug Review)


If you are looking for the 3 piece bathroom rug with the super cheap price at Amazon, this Dainty Home 3 Piece Rug is a great option for you. This product is offered at $17.00, that is really a cheap price as well. This price is exactly not much, considering for its functions and style.

Overall, what we can say is that you’ll get what you have paid for. The Dainty Home 3 Piece Rug is indeed offered at a very low price, but the quality is also as cheap as it can be. The look of the rug is actually admirable, but the construction is not really that much.


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