Cheap Table Lamps For Living Room | Darda Silver Table Lamp Review

The living room is one of the nice spots for doing activity in the night. We can do some activities like reading a book or something else, and some people also like to sleep in the living room. Making the living room more useful for the night activity is a kinda great idea, so we can use the living room at night.

Darda Silver Table Lamp
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One of a decor which can make the living room more living in the night is the living room table lamp. It is because the living room needs something that can illuminate just one of its corner. Living room table lamp is very useful, and it is the best choice to create the warm atmosphere and make the living room more elegant.

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If you have a plan to add the table lamp in your living room, we can suggest you a product. It is the Darda Silver Table Lamp by Signature Design by Ashley. But you must be confused about the product detail, right?

Then, here we will give you the review of the product so you can decide whether the product can be the special compliment in your living room.

Darda Silver Table Lamp Review

Darda Silver Table Lamp
  • 2.4K

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This Darda Silver Table Lamp has the contemporary design, it can pair up your modern living room style very well. It has natural free form shape, which looks so beautiful.

The acrylic body material increases the elegant touch of this table lamp, nothing better than the warm silver finish of the Darda Silver Table Lamp color. It is surely an amazing table lamp product with perfect design.

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This Darda Silver Table Lamp is an easy to clean product. Just remove the lamp shade and clean it properly, then clean the bulb and the base with a damp cloth, then clean it with a dry one.


The main material for this table lamp body is the acrylic. Acrylic is a kind of material which manufactured using derivatives acrylic acid. It is incredibly durable, you can feel from the first time you touch its construction.

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This Darda Silver Table Lamp’s price is $85.49. It is totally a rational price for an elegant product which can make your living room feel warmer in the night with its illumination. The design is beautifully modern and will surely enhance the decor of your living room.


Number of Lights1 Light
Dimensions16.5 W x 16.5 D x 31.5 H  inches
Bulb Wattage150 W
Lighting StyleContemporary

The Darda Silver Table Lamp is definitely a recommended product when you’re looking for a modern style table lamp for the living room. It is very elegant and decorative, it also can give you the enough light for your activity in the living room at night well.

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The price is a great thing too from this fabulous product. You need to apply this one to your living room.

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