Prefab Bathroom Vanity | DECOLAV Sophia Bathroom Vanity Review

Prefab bathroom vanity becomes loved and loved for over the years. Mainly by its design, function and great performance, so many homeowners choose the prefab vanity over homemade one. Prefab bathroom vanity is considered much more effective to purchase and to use.

There are so many vanities with various design and price that you can find at Walmart. Then, one of the best products that attracts us is the DECOLAV Sophia Prefab Bathroom Vanity. This vanity comes with a stunning design yet offered at a very reasonable price.

DECOLAV Sophia 60" Prefab Bathroom Vanity 1
  • 2.7K

credit: Decolav

The DECOLAV Sophia Prefab Bathroom Vanity is one of the most famous and best-selling prefab vanities in some marketplaces like Walmart. Presented by DECOLAV, the brand becomes popular by producing the useful and excellent bathroom products. With its best quality design and material, the vanity has involved the home appliances market for a few years.

Therefore, to prevent in choosing the wrong product, it is better for you to read the review before you buy a product. That is a very useful way for you to know the other opinion for its design, performance even the price. Of course, you can’t end up purchasing a poor bathroom appliance, right?

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DECOLAV Sophia Bathroom Vanity

DECOLAV Sophia Bathroom Vanity
  • 2.7K

credit: Walmart


DECOLAV comes in the attractive clean white top finish and the woven door. With 34″ H x 60″ W x 24″ D dimension and 210 lbs weight, the size of this product is totally appropriate for any bathroom size. Its all-over gray/white finish makes this vanity look so dazzling to enhance the beauty of your bathroom.

This DECOLAV’s product is also equipped with stone top material that offers you the elegant rocky appearance to have the best memorable vanity. Its wavy door is also the major point that makes this vanity looks so mesmerizing. Furthermore, installing the mirror on top of this free-standing vanity is surely a good idea.

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As a prefab vanity, you won’t have to worry about its performance. The vanity can absolutely work for years due to its sturdy construction as well. A plenty of storage behind that soft closing hinge doors will ease you to but lots of toiletries neatly.


It’s an easy to install freestanding prefab vanity that requires fewer efforts. It’s surely recommended to not let the legs directly touch the flooring since it can lead to some damages, so you can use some pads to handle this case.


The sturdy construction of this vanity will prove that the product has perfectly answered your need about the durability. Furthermore, its construction also withstands to all weathers and any termite damage. The vanity will deliver a great performance without much-complicated maintenance. Read also: Bathroom Vanities Under $200


The price offered at Walmart to purchase this product is $2,515.40, which is quite a reasonable price for you. The DECOLAV Sophia Bathroom Vanity is such a satisfying product that can work quite well. Additionally, with that price, you totally have this elegant and superb DECOLAV vanity.


 Top Material Stone
 Finish White/Gray
 Mounting Free-standing
 Dimensions 34″ H x 60″ W x 24″ D

Coming from one of the leading bathroom appliances manufacturers, the DECOLAV Sophia Vanity is not a disappointing bathroom feature. Certainly, the company offers the high-quality product with an excellent performance. As a result, this DECOLAV Sophia Bathroom Vanity is really recommended for you to buy in completing your bathroom stuff.

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