Inexpensive Bedroom Chandelier | Denver Ceiling Light Chandelier Review

The lighting fixture is very important to the bedroom for, at least, three reasons. First, simply it gives you a lighting to do your activity in your bedroom in the night right before you fall asleep. Second, it gives your bedroom a certain impression that you desire to exude. Third, it looks cool to your bedroom.

Maybe you can get rid the third reason, we’re just making it up. However, a proper lighting surely will give you an amazing impression for your bedroom overall look. In this case, you need an inexpensive bedroom chandelier, that is not only expensive but also adorable to give a surprising final touch.

Thus, the Denver Ceiling Light Chandelier in Black Chrome finish is a great choice for your bedroom lighting solution. Here, we give you a more comprehensive review about this adorable product.

Denver Ceiling Light Chandelier Review

Denver Ceiling Lights Chandelier
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Remodeling your bedroom sometimes can be very complicated because a bedroom is supposed to be the most comfortable place in your home where you take a rest. You have to place every element (decorations, furniture, bedding set, etc) in your bedroom to suit to the overall impression you want to exude.

After everything is in place, you need to put the final touch that binds all of the elements in your bedroom together. In this case, we mean the lighting.

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Denver Ceiling Light Chandelier with its black chrome finish will be a great final touch for your bedroom. The dim, soft, and soothing light that comes out from the chandelier will add a romantic and calm impression.

It is very suitable for a bedroom that needs a serene atmosphere that will deliver you into a nice dream, a deep sleep.


Dimensions Height 18 inches
Width 10 inches
Depth 10 inches
Weight 11 lbs.
Features Color Silver
Base Color Silver
Base Finish Chrome
Base Material Metal
Mounting type Ceiling- Suspension mounting
Bulb type
E14 / Small Edison Screw (SES)
Energy Efficiency Class
Primary Power Source
Wired – standard voltage 120 V
Bulb Maximum Wattage
60 W


Light up your minimalist and contemporary style bedroom with this contemporary chrome black finish chandelier. The Denver Ceiling Light Chandelier features an array of light that is scattering delicately the lights with arranged black-tinted jewel droplets.

Those droplets emanate a soft, dim light sparkle that gives a serene and calm touch to your bedroom. Besides, it gives enough lighting to your bedroom and soothes your sleep to a nice dream.

Denver Ceiling Lights Chandelier
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The Denver ceiling light chandelier is adopting contemporary design. With the black chrome finish rounded base, it gives a sturdy and eye-catching support for the chandelier. It has a thin, rounded bulb holder polished in a black chrome finish that exude an elegant impression.

Denver Ceiling Lights Chandelier
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Meanwhile, black tinted jewel droplets are scattering the lights from bulb holder. It gives a beautiful and soft sparkling. The droplets are arranged in such a way that it forms a rounded ball formation. The jewel droplets have two sizes, the tinier droplets are decorating the upper side of the bulb, giving a vibrant sparkling when the lights on.

Denver Ceiling Lights Chandelier
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Meanwhile, the bigger crystal droplet in teardrops shape is adjusted to floating below the bulb. It gives radiant sparkling all over your bedroom. Creating an elegant touch to your bedroom look once the light is on.

Rather than a clear jewel droplets that give a more shiny reflection, the black tinted droplets give a dimmer light. It is suitable for the bedroom that needs a serene lighting.


Great design is nothing without a durable and high-quality material. It’s just going to be a prone and susceptible product that will easily be broken. The Denver Ceiling Light Chandelier is not the kind of that product.

With metal as the base material and synthetic crystal for the droplets, it offers a long durability and great shine in the chrome finish.


The size of the chandelier itself is quite enough for small into medium size bedroom. The base diameter 25.5 cm with the height of 45,5 cm is just enough to become a great show stealer in your bedroom.

If you have a larger bedroom, maybe you can install two chandeliers for your room to give a double impact.

Lighting Fixtures

Denver Ceiling Lights Chandelier
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The Denver Ceiling Light Chandelier regularly uses E14 / Small Edison Screw (SES) bulb for its lighting fixture. E14 refers to the size of the lamp holder that fits the standard bulb in the USA. E14 means it has a 14 millimeters diameter measured across the peaks of the thread on the base.

There are many E14 bulb products in the market, that means it will be easy to find the bulb change if broken. But, you have to keep in mind that this product has a limit of 60 W wattage bulb in maximum. For a more energy saving, you can use a LED light that has smaller wattage but brighter lumination.


The price of $39 is very cheap to redeem this beautiful chandelier for your bedroom. High-quality material, fine finishing, and hilarious design of this chandelier make it worthwhile for that price.


The Denver Ceiling Light Chandelier is a worth-to-buy chandelier for you who want to give an opulent touch to a minimalist style bedroom. Different with its silver chrome version, the black chrome finish one suits more to be applied in the bedroom.

The serene, dim, and calm sparkle light will bring a romantic and luxurious impression to your bedroom look. Meanwhile, its dim shine from black chrome finish exudes a masculine yet luxurious impression. Its metal base with high-quality synthetic crystal droplets offers a durability you can depend on.

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For lighting fixtures, always remember to use a more energy saving bulb although it is quite powerful to hold up to 60 W bulb. You don’t need a high wattage bulb that leads to high energy consumption for a small or medium bedroom.  So, just use a low wattage bulb, preferably LED lights bulb, to save more energy and save your money.

Thus, with all of its excellences, the Denver Ceiling Light Chandelier with Black chrome finish is one of the most suitable bedroom chandeliers you have to add for your bedroom.

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