Dining Room Wood Ideas: 26+ Earthy Inspirations to Warm Your Room

There are various elements and materials that are not everyone’s style because it may create the room looks stuffy instead of pretty. A dining room is one of the spots in a house that also holds an important role for the homeowners because, for some people, it’s a place that is not only for eating but also interacting with each other.

One of the best elements that you might want to try is wood. It’s one of the elements that can add more warmth and earthy vibe to any room. It also matches any home decor from classic rustic to the modern Scandinavian style, so you don’t have to worry about mix-matching it with other decor items.

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Below we have compiled some gorgeous dining room ideas with wooden furniture for your inspiration. Just keep scrolling to check out our best picks of a dining room with wood decor ideas!

Best Dining Room Wood Ideas

Dining Room Wood Ideas: Casual Open Plan

Dining Room Wood Ideas: Casual Open Plan


This modern and chic dining room with an open plan is a great idea for people who want to have a casual and cozy dining room instead of a formal one. While most of the furniture is covered in black, adding other shades can brighten it up and one of them is wood. With a wooden dining table and floor, it becomes slightly better.

Dining Room Wood Ideas: Minimalist Cool Spot

Dining Room Wood Ideas: Minimalist Cool Spot


Another idea that is suitable for people who love a dining room with a cool, modern, and stylish overall look. This idea gives a Scandinavian decor style with neutral tones that cover almost the whole room. Moreover, wooden elements from the chairs and the painted floor are a perfect combination with a wood color rug.

Dining Room Wood Ideas: Stylish Eclectic Decor

Dining Room Wood Ideas: Stylish Eclectic Decor


As mentioned above that adding wood can be one of the solutions to tone down bold decor. This dining room with navy paint looks quite bold and the wood elements in this room definitely make it looks softer with natural lightings’ help as well.

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Dining Room Wood Ideas 4



Dining Room Wood Ideas 5



Dining Room Wood Ideas 6



Dining Room Wood Ideas 7



Dining Room Wood Ideas 8



Dining Room Wood Ideas 9



Dining Room Wood Ideas 10


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We are not done yet so don’t miss other warm dining room wood ideas down below!

Dining Room Wood Ideas 11



Dining Room Wood Ideas 12



Dining Room Wood Ideas 13



Dining Room Wood Ideas 14



Dining Room Wood Ideas 15



Dining Room Wood Ideas 16



Dining Room Wood Ideas 17



Dining Room Wood Ideas 18


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Dining Room Wood Ideas 19



Dining Room Wood Ideas 20



Dining Room Wood Ideas 21



Dining Room Wood Ideas 22



Dining Room Wood Ideas 23



Dining Room Wood Ideas 24



Dining Room Wood Ideas 25



Dining Room Wood Ideas 26


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As one of the warm shades, wood doesn’t only blend well with any home decor but also with other materials like metal, stainless, glass, marble, concrete, and any colors. Of course, it’s up to you to style them up based on your personal taste. You can use it the main material or just as an accent, anything works just fine!

Now, you are ready to redecorate your dining room and add more wood into it!

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