Easy and Cheap DIY Halloween Project: DIY Bloody Candle Tutorial

DIY thing is always full of surprises, there are thousands of DIYers that creatively used things that we never thought before can be created to some adorable stuff. Then this October, you must start to browse some tempting tutorials to try for this year’s Halloween party.

The candle is definitely one thing that you can’t miss to include to your Halloween decor. When you have some spooky candles among those pumpkin jars or mummy luminary, your decor will look attractively spooky to catch your guests’ attention.

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Talking about the spooky candle, of course, you can’t just let some regular candles to complement your Halloween decor. You’ll need to give a small touch of creativity to make it look more eye-catchy.

It will always be a fun thing to work with the candle in your DIY Halloween decor project. You can collaborate it with the scratches around you with the small efforts.

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Here, we share you an interesting and super fun project that totally worth to try for this Halloween! The superbly creepy DIY bloody candle that is originally created by Camilla Fabri from cfabbridesigns.com, it is a simple project with very easy steps and will not cost you lots of budgets.

The materials of the project are the white and red candle, and carpet tacks and you can have your bloody candles in literally no time! So let’s check out the complete tutorial of this DIY bloody candle below!

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DIY Bloody Candle Tutorial

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Things that youa��ll need to prepare:

  1. 2 or 3 white pillar candles
  2. 1 red candle
  3. 1 pack of black carpet tacks

Steps that youa��ll need to do:

  1. Attach some carpet tacks as you wish to the white pillar candle. Let a half of the tack stay protrudingA�to make a nail-look impression.
  2. Light the red candle and let the wax melt, drip the wax onto the top and the side of the white candle. Be careful in executing this step since it involves fiery thing. Make it look as bloody as possible!
  3. For a more creepy look, you can put the candle on the antique steel candle holder.

You can see how badly tortured the candle is, and it will enhance the creepy atmosphere around your Halloween decor perfectly. It will be aA�terrifying decor to put on the side tor dining table.A�You can also put the candle side by side with this spooky DIY glowing eyes lantern!

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The most exhilarating part of this DIY bloody candle project is that you don’t the huge effort to make one, you can only need about 10 minutes to get the candles all set. Moreover, the cost that you’ll need to pay is so cheap, not more than $15, but you can have some nice stuff to beautify your Halloween decor.

Easy and Cheap DIY Halloween Project: DIY Bloody Candle Tutorial

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Finally, have fun to do your DIY bloody candle project and happy Halloween day!

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