Easy and Cheap DIY Halloween Project: DIY BW Pumpkin Topiary Tutorial

Every decor needs at least one focal point to make it look attractive, so does for the Halloween decor. You’ll need something that can catch everyone that passes by your house.

DIY BW Pumpkin Topiary with – obviously – the Jack O’ Lantern face will surely become one of the fun projects to do this last October. It is originally created by tatertotsandjello.com, and will be such a catchy decor that make the decor of your porch look beautifully spooky.

DIY BW Pumpkin Topiary 2-min
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It is very easy and simple to make but the result is totally an ultimate decor to beautify your outdoor speech. You’ll need to prepare some plastic lighted pumpkins, black and white spray paints, wooden dowel, pot, and flowers to get this thing done.

The topiary is painted in BW that definitely fit the latest trend of Halloween decor this week. It will become a nice decor in the daylight and brighten up your porch during the night time.

The steps are very fun to make especially outdoor with some help from your family or friends. The budget for this project is also reasonably cheap, and you will be surprised by the result!

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So let’s check out the complete tutorial of this DIY BW Halloween topiary project!

DIY BW Pumpkin Topiary Tutorial

DIY BW Pumpkin Topiary 1-min
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Things that you’ll need to prepare:

  1. 5 lighted plastic pumpkins
  2. 1″ wooden dowel
  3. 1 plastic pot
  4. Primer
  5. Faux or real flowers with leaves
  6. Black and white spray paints
  7. Extension cord
  8. Tape

Tools that you’ll need to prepare:

  1. 1″ drill
  2. Safety gear (gloves and goggles)

Steps that you’ll need to do:

  1. Cover the pumpkins with primer to create a smooth look.
  2. Spray paint the pumpkin as you desired with the black and white paints.
  3. Spray paint the wood dowel too with either black and white.
  4. Drill the top and the bottom of the pumpkins that will be put under the first pumpkin. Always wear your safety gear when you do this paint
  5. Now add some soil and flower to the pot and place the wood dowel in the middle of the pot. make sure the dowel is secured properly.
  6. Thread down the light behind the pumpkins then plug them into the cord. You may need to tape the cord to make it look much neater.
  7. There you have your DIY BW Pumpkin topiary ready to complement your Halloween decor beautifully!

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See? It is so easy to make and you can have a focal point for your Halloween decor on your porch or patio! The black and white design of the topiary creates a contrasting look when the orange light is turned off.

The luminary will be a nice complement next to the witches’ broom or ghost candle bowl for sure! If you’re going to put the luminary next to your front door, don’t forget to hang a pumpkin wreath on the door to create an adorable spooky atmosphere around your outdoor space.

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Easy and Cheap DIY Halloween Project: DIY BW Pumpkin Topiary Tutorial

  • 24

Have fun to do your DIY BW Pumpkin topiary project and happy Halloween day!

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