25+ Creatively Unique DIY Corner Shelves for Living Room To Try

diy corner shelves 7-min

A storage is surely one of the essential things that you should properly provide in every single room of your house. You have to make it as adequate as possible so you can keep all of your stuff neatly arranged.

Moreover, the storage can also influence the overall look of a room bathroom decor since becomes one part of the room itself. Therefore, having a storage which looks catchy or even unique is a must to get such an inviting atmosphere.

For sure, you can always buy a storage withA�temping design in lots of marketplaces, but they can be pricey, especially if you want to purchase a sophisticated. So, making your own storage at your home by using some easily available materials definitely sounds way more interesting (right?).

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Here, we have picked dozens of DIY corner shelves for the living room that you can easily make in no time. Besides providing an extra storage in your living room, they also look so unique to bring the style of the room to a whole new level.

DIY Corner Shelves for Living Room

Double Corner Shelves

diy corner shelves 1-min

The superb DIY corner shelves with an awesome design that will provide lots of space for you to store your stuff. It optimally benefits the corner of the room by taking up two parts at once.

This is totally a good inspiration for you who have a limited space in your living room.

Minimalist Corner Shelves

diy corner shelves 2-min

A gorgeous DIY corner shelves which you can easily make at home due to its simple design. It has some tiers toA�put your decor items conveniently.

The gray finish of this shelf also makes it fit well for a minimalist decor.

Triangular Corner Shelves

diy corner shelves 3-min

The adorable DIY corner shelves in a triangular design which can be a nice hidden storage in your living room. You can build the tier as high as you can to have a more spacious storage.

L-Shaped Corner Shelves

diy corner shelves 4

The simple DIY corner shelves in L-shaped design which works well to decorate every living room’s corner. It looks minimalistly beautiful to display lots of decor items to beautify the room’s decor.

Industrial Corner Shelves

diy corner shelves 5

As has been discussed above, a shelf doesn’t only work as a storage spot but also to add another style to a room’s layout. This one is a stylish DIY corner shelves with an industrial touch which will make your living room look way more attractive.

The combination of rustic pipe frame and wood tray creates such a catchy design that everyone will love.

Open Box Shelves

diy corner shelves 6

The design of this DIY corner shelves is so awesome with its boxy style. It takes two sides of the wall to maximally use the available size in providing a catchy storage in your living room.

Stacked Cubes Shelves

diy corner shelves 7-min
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The unique DIY corner shelves which will surely bring the style of your living room to a whole new level. It’s basically the collection of wooden cubes which are stacked in a certain arrangement.

You can easily make it in no time by using some easily-available materials.

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Lighten Corner Shelves

diy corner shelves 8

Adding a light to your DIY corner shelves will be a great option to make it look way more stunning and (of course) more convenient to use. Here, the gorgeous wood shelves in boxy shape are completed with the light inside.

Deep Corner Shelves

diy corner shelves 9-min

If you want to build more complicated corner shelves, this one can be a great inspiration to try. The shelves are built deep enough which optimally save the space around the room.

Simple Coner Shelves

diy corner shelves 10

This one is an easy DIY corner shelves that you can make at home in no time. It’s just some regular wood planks which are installed on two sides of the wall in the corner section.

What makes it catchy is its rustic finish which will create such a naturally vintage nuance in your living room decor.

Door Corner Shelves

diy corner shelves 11

The great inspiration to repurpose a used door to become a jaw-dropping corner shelf for your living room. You can make the similar DIY corner shelves by cutting a door into two parts and install some wood trays.

It will make the decor of the room look attractively distinctive.

Wood Plank Corner Shelves

diy corner shelves 12-min

Another simple DIY corner shelves with superbly spacious space to put lots of your living room stuff. It is simply made of some wood planks which are arranged properly so it can be a big storage without taking much space.

Ladder Corner Shelves

diy corner shelves 13-min

The beautiful DIY corner shelves in ladder design which will style up your living room. Its rectangular shape makes it save the space a lot while providing a nice storage for your decor items.

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Colorful Corner Shelves

diy corner shelves 14

The catchy corner shelves with a colorful look to cheer up the nuance of your living room. Its stacked boxy shape makes it spacious enough to put your stuff.

Rustic Corner Shelves

diy corner shelves 15

Another great inspiration for you who love to add an industrial touch to your living decor. This one is made of some metal pipes in a rustic finish with the wood trays in a natural look.

The shelf is high enough to be a great additional storage in a living room.

Block Wood Shelves

diy corner shelves 16

The inspiring DIY corner shelves idea with some sections of storage in one design. You can conveniently put some stuff or decor items here.

Chic Corner Shelves

diy corner shelves 17

This DIY corner shelves inspiration is designed in a very stylish way with the stacked style that you will love. The shelf looks so chic to make your living room look more beautiful.

Its rustic finish with wood grain look also makes it so mesmerizing to copy.

Triangular Corner Shelves with Hanger

diy corner shelves 18

Making a corner shelf with adding some additional features is surely a good idea to try. Here, a floating triangular design with the gorgeous design is made with the extra hanger to provide more spot for your stuff.

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Triangular Floating Drawer

diy corner shelves 25-min

The floating triangular shelf with additional drawer which you can try to make at home by using a shipping wood pallet. It can be another option to make your DIY corner shelves have more storage to use.

Big Diamond Corner Shelves

diy corner shelves 19

A superbly awesome DIY corner shelves inspiration with floating diamond style that you have to include in your project reference now. Its huge size surely provides an ultimate space for you to store everything as you wish.

Round Corner Shelves

diy corner shelves 20

The rusticly gorgeous DIY floating shelves design which is made of wood log cuts and a steel pole. It will ad such a natural nuance to your living room decor while definitely provide an easy spot to display your beloved decor items.

Decorative Pallet Corner Shelves

diy corner shelves 21-min

This is an easy and cheap DIY floating shelves idea in which you will only need some pallet box, spray paint, and stencil art as its main materials. It looks beautifully decorative with cozy storages for your living room stuff.

Leveling Corner Shelves

diy corner shelves 22-min

What’s make this DIY corner shelves look so attractive is its arrangement style which is so inspiring to copy. The shelves in a triangular shape are made in different sizes and installed in leveling style.

Classic Corner Shelves

diy corner shelves 23

The simply beautiful inspiration for DIY corner shelves in a classic style that you can try to make at home. Its dark rustic finish will add a naturally elegant touch to your living room decor.

Pipe Corner Shelves

diy corner shelves 24-min-min

Yeap, an industrial-themed stuff will never fail to make your living room as stylish as possible. This one is another DIY corner shelves in such style which (again) uses pipe and wood as its basic materials.

The shelf also looks so unique to give your living room such a distinctive touch.

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DIY Corner Shelves-min

So those are some inspiring ideas for DIY corner shelves that you can install in your living room. You can easily make them by using cheap materials and simple steps. Pick the one which suits your needs and the existing layout of your living room to get a nice harmonious look.

The used shipping wood pallet can be a good option to be a basic material for this project. It costs so cheap, or even you can get it for free and can cope with lots of projects as you wish.

Having a corner shelf is always a good idea since it can provide an extra storage without taking a lot of space. This kind of shelf works very well both for a small or big living room.

Moreover, you can also install a corner shelf in your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom since it can be such a convenientA�storage spot for every room and everyone.

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