Easy and Cheap DIY Halloween Project: DIY Ghost Candy Holder Tutorial

The porch is a part of your home that obviously needs to be decorated to celebrate the Halloween day. It will be the ‘first impression’ to determine how spooky your house inside and outside. You can literally put anything from the candy holder to the ghostly drapery.

Talking about candy holder, this one is definitely a ‘must have’ thing to put in your Halloween decor, and the porch the best place to place it. You can find so many designs of candy holder that looks definitely spooky, and right now we’re going to make one.

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Originally created by Sarah from sadieseasongood.com, this ghost candy holder is surely one of the DIY Halloween decors that you have to try. It’s very simple to make, and will not cost you a lot.

This DIY ghost candy holder’s construction is made of a bowl, barrel stand, white drape, and black felt. The steps are totally easy, you don’t need any particular skill to get this thing done. You just simply need to do some cutting and spraying thing to create this adorable Halloween decor.

Well, let’s see what you’ll need to prepare and execute to make this DIY ghost candy holder!

DIY Ghost Candy Holder Tutorial

DIY Ghost Candy Holder 1-min
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Things that you’ll need to prepare: 

  1. Barrel stand (you can find it in thrift store)
  2. Plastic candy bowl
  3. White bed sheet ($5.99)
  4. White spray paint ($3.98)
  5. Peel and stick black felt ($4.31)
  6. Binder clip
  7. Scissor

Steps that you’ll need to do: 

  1. Vision how the ghost candy holder would look like. Put the drape on top of the barrel stand then push the bowl until it fits well.

  2. Use the binder clips to hold the drape, then cut the excess of the drape.

  3. Cut it into your desired height for your ghost’s look or let the drape barely touch the floor.

  4. Remove the bowl, then paint it with the spray paint. You’ll need to paint the bowl thoroughly to make it look well match with the drape.

  5. After the bowl has dried, then put it back to the top of the barrel and remove the clip.

  6. Now start to make the ghost face by making two eyes and one nose from the black felt. Cut three oval shapes in different sizes for the ghost’s face. You can use your own creativity to create a spookier impression.

  7. Stick the felt to the drape, and now you can start to see its ghost look.

  8. The ghost candle holder is now ready to set!

Place this DIY candy holder bowl on your porch and you will make it look adorably spooky during the Halloween day. The candy holder looks very decorative as the complement of your DIY Halloween decor.

It will be much better if you put it side by side with some other decors like the wicked witch legs, flying ghost, or floating witch hat. By that, your porch will undoubtedly catch lots of attention for this year’s Halloween day!

Easy and Cheap DIY Halloween Project: DIY Ghost Candy Holder Tutorial

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Have fun to do your project and happy Halloween day!

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