30+ Smartest and Spookiest DIY Halloween Decor with Complete Tutorial

Halloween is coming! It’s time for you to think about the pieces of spooky decors to install around your house.  Sure, it becomes your responsibility to add some Halloween nuance to your own property.

Then, it is always a fun thing to create your own DIY Halloween decor without having to purchase those fabricated decors in the market. The step-by-step process is definitely the most exhilarating part of all of this.

Besides, you can also save lots of money if you decide to make some Halloween decors by yourself. Moreover, you don’t need any special artist’s skill and lots of elbow grease to execute a DIY Halloween decor project.

Here, we have some tempting inspiration of DIY Halloween decor ideas that will surely inspire you to create one! Also, you can check the complete tutorial of each idea for a much clearer guide!

Have fun then!

DIY Halloween Decor

White Ghost Candy Bowl

Let’s start with a decor that must be installed on your porch, yes it’s a candy bowl! This spooky white ghost candy bowl is surely a perfect addition for trick-or-treaters!

You will only need a barrel stand, candy bowl, and black sticky stiff felt sheets. You can call this one an effortless DIY Halloween decor that won’t cost a lot too. (Check out the complete tutorial of this DIY Halloween decor)

Halloween Pumpkin Wreath

The wreath is like a must hung decor to decorate your wall during these Halloween days. Here, some burlaps in orange, green, and brown are used with obviously the wire wreath frame.

For the accents, you will need the chicken wire, black felt, raffia ribbon, and grapevine wire. This one is also easy to create, by some tying and knotting steps. (Check out the complete tutorial of this DIY Halloween decor)

Witches Broom

Give a little bit of witchcraft touch to your porch by placing this creative DIY broom. You will need some twine, tall dry grass, and twigs to make these witches brooms.

diy halloween decor 3-min

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It’s a natural DIY Halloween decor, so you may not need to spend a single penny. Just look around, find a dead tree and dry grass then your witches brooms are already set. (Check out the complete tutorial of this DIY Halloween decor)

Drippy Candles

This one is made of some PVC pipes in various sizes, white glue sticks, glue gun, and white spray paint, wax paper, and sponge. For the light part, you’ll need a battery-powered tealight.

The look is definitely creepy and will spook up your living room in no time! (Check out the complete tutorial of this DIY Halloween decor)

Pumpkin Jars

diy halloween decor 5-min

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Go grab some cute jars, paint them orange, and give some felts to draw the Halloween pumpkin faces. You can use this piece-of-cake DIY Halloween decor to put some chocolates or another decor. (Check out the complete tutorial of this DIY Halloween decor)

Mummy Luminary 

These mummy luminaries look absolutely irresistible! You can easily create this decor by using some used jars, cheesecloth, white glass paint, black paper, mod podge, and the foam brush.

To lighten up the mummy, the put the battery-operated tealight inside the jar and your spooky luminary is all set! (Check out the complete tutorial of this DIY Halloween decor)

Hanging Witch Hats

The adorable lantern made of the witch hats with light sticks that you have to try to decorate your porch or patio. It’s very simple to make, you’ll just need a pin to hang the light and hat. (Check out the complete tutorial of this DIY Halloween decor)

Black and White Pumpkin Topiary

If you have some used plastic Jack-O lanterns from last year’s Halloween decor, try to turn them into this catchy topiary. You’ll just need to paint them with black and white spray paint for a more creepy look.

Then, stack them by using post, you can use a circumference wood dowel that is painted in black. Put it in the pot that has been filled with soil and flowers. (Check out the complete tutorial of this DIY Halloween decor)

Spooky Black Figurines

Paint those cute figurines from your childhood in black with red eyes, and you can have these super creepy figurines for your Halloween decoration. You can also go to the flea market to find some figurines that you think will become scary enough when you paint them in black.

It will be much better if you can find some figurines with broken pieces for a much scarier look. (Check out the complete tutorial of this DIY Halloween decor)

Creepy Eyeballs

Those eyes are made only from the push round closet light that is accented with the eye drawing. You just have to draw the eyes as creepy as possible using the permanent marker.

It’s surely an effortless DIY Halloween decor project that is very cheap to make. (Check out the complete tutorial of this DIY Halloween decor)

Hanging Ghosts

Creative and unique but totally easy to make! These floating ghosts will become a spooky decor in your porch that will freak your guests off.

Go grab some styrofoam balls, draw some black eyes one, and cover the ball with cheesecloth. Hang the ghosts by using eye screws.

Ghosts Candle Holder

Here, the wine glasses are used to create some unique candle holders that definitely worth to try for your Halloween decor. Just simply coat the glass with the glitter spray, then you can draw your favorite Halloween figure!

Remember to draw the face upside down! (Check out the complete tutorial of this DIY Halloween decor)

Spooky Glowing Eyes Lantern

The old photographs from the Victorian era always look totally creepy, and here those kinds of photos are used to decorate a glass or candle holder. With the holes in the eyes, the picture becomes much more terrifying.

You’ll need to paint the glass and wrap it with a used towel to give a vintage texture. Then google and print some Victorian photographs and make the holes in the figures’ eyes. Insert a battery-operated inside the glass, and boo! you can have this spooky lantern. (Check out the complete tutorial of this DIY Halloween decor)

Bloody Tortured Candle

The creepy candle with the drops of blood around that look heavily tortured. You will need some white candles, a red candle for the blood drops, and carpet tacks for the nail-like look.

This project can be done in less than 5 minutes with very little cost! (Check out the complete tutorial of this DIY Halloween decor)

Spooky Poison Bottles and Jars

The additional decors for your Halloween table that are very simple to make. You’ll need to paint some bottles and jars in black and put some witches’ theme stickers on.

The materials that you have to prepare are some glass or ceramic jars and bottles, glass stain, and chalkboard paint. Find the scariest stickers that you can find to make it look incredible.

Spell Books 

These books are the best thing to put next to those poison jars and bottles. You can use your old hard-covered books to have this one.

The spooky figures of the book cover are made of the adhesive foam, give the spider web texture by using mod podge, paint in black and enhance the texture by glitter paint. It’s so fun to make! (Check out the complete tutorial of this DIY Halloween decor)

Madame Leota Crystal Ball

One of the iconic witch figures of Disney, Madame Leota is a nice idea to complement your DIY Halloween decor. Her crystal ball is definitely historic and you can make one by yourself at home.

Right now, you’re going to need a round fish bowl for the crystal ball. Go googling the scariest face of Miss Leota, then print it on a photo paper. Put the picture inside the fishbowl, then add some black tulle to make it look much spookier. (Check out the complete tutorial of this DIY Halloween decor)

Eye Balls Wreath

Another unique Halloween wreath which is also very easy to make, it looks very creepy with hundreds of eyeballs stacked together. The eyeballs are made of the ping-pong balls and googly eyes that are stacked onto the straw wreath by hot glue.

It’s definitely a simple project to try and also won;t cost you lots of money.

Terrifying Old Portraits

You can call these scary photos as the ‘paranormal portraits’ that will surely frighten all the coming guests that come to your dining room in that Halloween dinner.

Go find some old pictures on Google, then print them in BW. To give a much scarier look, you’ll need to dip a sponge in black paint and brush it on the pictures. Obviously, the red Christmas led lights are the must-applied thing on this DIY Halloween decor ideas.

Halloween Tombstones

This one is gonna be the best complement next to those bloody candles, and scary photographs. Made of the floral styrofoam sheets, this tombstone is totally worth to include to your Halloween decor.

You can write your own sayings or drawings that you like on the tombstone. It’s so fun to make!

Terrifying Hand Candle

If the bloody or drippy candles are not enough for you, you can go with this superbly terrifying hand candle. How to make it? You’ll need to melt a white candle and mould it in the latex gloves.

Then, drop some melted red wax to give the bloody impression that makes the candle look even much scarier.

Tower of Skulls

The spooky candle holder made of some plastic skull heads that are finished in black. You’ll need some plastic saucers as the basin and the candle holder.

Stack the skull using the glue guns, you can use more than three skulls to make a bigger one!

Ghostly Drapery

A very interesting decor that will catch lots of glances once you hang it on your porch. By using several yards of cheesecloth, you can easily make this one by your own.

The cheesecloth is dipped into the hot tea in order to give some spooky aging tones.

Halloween Hanging Frames

If you want to have some much cuter Halloween decor, you can try to make this one. The hanging wood frames with the black Halloween-themed accent that look spookily cute.

To create the floating effect, the black vinyl is stuck on the glass, it can be a nice wall decoration during the Halloween week!

Floating Ghost

Again, the cute and spooky DIY Halloween decor that is cheap and easy to make. Here, the cheesecloth that is dipped into the liquid starch to make it stand firm and create a floating look.

You can use the styrofoam ball, or balloon as the head, put in on the stand support that you can make from tall glasses, wrap the dipped cheesecloth let it dry for a day and you can have your ghost set!

Haloween Vase Beads

This one is actually adorable, and you can simply make them by using the tall glass vases, black adhesive vinyl, clear, orange, and yellow water beads.

It can be a sparkling and colorful addition to your Halloween decor!

Ghost Windsock

By using some used cans then paint them in white, and add some white ribbons, you can have this spooky DIY Halloween decor hung around your porch.

You can use various sizes of cans to make some cute ghosts scattered in the Halloween night.

Wicked Witch

The creative idea of making some wicked witch thing for your DIY Halloween decor. You will need a pair of used heels, striped stockings, and fill the stockings with the polyester fiber.

Then, make the skirt by using a black fabric, you can design it by yourself. Put the witch legs in front of your door, and give some blood accents will be a good idea.

Creepy Mat

Welcome your guests with this creepy mat in the Halloween night! Prepare a jute doormat with rubber skid. Cut the mat into such shape, and pain the creepy teeth and fang on the mat.

You can draw anything you like and don’t forget to make it as spooky as possible!

Monster Plant

For you who looks like a huge decor for your garden in welcoming the Halloween, this one is definitely a go. The man-eating monster plant that will definitely become a focal point in your DIY Halloween decor.

Things that you’ll need to create this monster plant are the tree branch, artificial pumpkin made of styrofoam, flower pot, fke leaves, spray foam insulation and some other things. You’ll need to do the carving, painting, and sticking steps and those are totally worth it. (Click here for a complete tutorial).

In-Frame Ghost Faces

The creative DIY Halloween decor that looks definitely spooky. It is the ghost face that trapped inside the frame. You can hang it in your living room porch and just amazed all the coming guests.

Go grab some frames (the rustic ones work bests), foam heads or doll heads, cheesecloth and acrylic paint. This decor is not really hard to make, you can make a full set that consists of a male, female, and baby!

So those are some spooky DIY Halloween decor that is very cheap and easy to make. You can try to make some of them and have a creatively-decorated porch, living room, or dining room during this Halloween.

Have fun then!

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