DIY Hot Tub Heater: The Material & The Steps for Homemade Set

In fact, the hot tub does not have to mean without the hot water. It becomes famous because the hot water that functions to give the relaxing and therapy for our body. Behind the hot water that you enjoy, there are an important part works. What is it?

Actually, the hot heater is an essential part in the hot tub which runs to give the hot water for a tub. While the cost of a heater is expensive enough if you are getting it broken and need to change by new one. Sometimes, people do not want to change it because they need the high costs. Many household developers try to experiment the heater with the low cost by using the tools that exist around us.

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DIY Hot Tub Heater: How to Make It at Home

We provide the video about DIY hot tub heater at home from Heritage Craft




Nowadays, many people change over the hot tub heater into the manual homemade which harness the provided tools at home. If you are planning to make it at home, here are the material and the instructions that you have to do at home.


The thing you need:

  1. 5mm Copper Tubbing 3 meter long
  2. 2 Quarter-inch valves
  3. Gas stove nuzzle
  4. Gas burner
  5. Empty 5 liter Oil container
  6. Mesh
  7. Water inlet

The Steps In Making Hot Tub Heater

  1. Firstly, mark the bottom of the oil container using the screwdriver about 3.2″ W x 7.5″ L. Note W: vertical and L: Horizontal
  2. Then, saw the marked container using the hacksaw. Make sure you saw it depend on the size. Make the hole from the opposite direction about 1.5″ diameter. Place the gas burner in the container. Set it well in order to the gas burner parts fit into the hole.
  3. Then, bind the outer gas burner parts using the wire. After that, arrange the copper tubing as size as the gas burner.
  4. Next, the copper tubing fits into a gas burner. Now, make the two small holes at the bottom and the upper oil container. The purpose is to insert the copper tubing to oil container. Stick the copper tubing using the hot tin. Then, pair the gas stove nozzle into the copper tubing at the bottom
  5. Place 11.8″ x 11.8″ mesh on the top to cover the oil container. Then, press the mesh until stuck and paste into the container using the wire
  6. Prepare the gas jets, then stick into the gas stove nuzzle and fit copper tubing. Next, take the water inlet and insert to the valve. Then put in the gas jets into the gas burner and connect with the gas tube.
  7. If you want to try this hot tub heater, turn the valve to flow the water out. Then, turn on the lighters and give it to the gas burner in order to the fire on.
  8. Finally, you can place the homemade hot tub heater at the edge of the hot tub. Furthermore, you can pump the water from the hot tub and back to the hot tub.


Note: The hot tub heater above depend on your hot tub including the hot tub size, the volume water, and supported features. Good Luck!





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