Easy and Cheap DIY Halloween Project: DIY Madame Leota Crystal Ball Tutorial

Adding something that relates to the popular horror icon is surely a great idea to try this Halloween. There are obviouslyA�thousands of famous spooky characters that you can find, one of the must be your favorite.

You must have heard the name of Madame Leota which is one of the most iconic witch characters of the Disney classic. She becomes famous due to her part on The Haunted Mansion stars. Her role is the major antagonist character in The Haunted mansion of Disney Park which is dubbed by Eleanor Audley.

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Madame Leota’s crystal ball is her signature thing that you can find at the Disneyland. It looks beautifully creepy and can be a great inspiration for your Halloween decor.

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Cindy Ritchie from beauxrevesamore.blogspot.co.id created a very inspiring project to create a Madame Leota’s crystal ball. It is a very simple and easy project that will not cost you lots of bucks to make.

Her villain character makes Madam Leota is always a scary figure to complement your Halloween decor. Therefore, this project is definitely worth to try for this year’s Halloween.

You will need to prepare a used fishbowl, tulle, and of course, a printed Madame Leota’s face photograph, make sure you find the most creepy one.

Just keep scrolling to check out the complete tutorial of this DIYA�Madame Leota Crystal Ball project!

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DIY Madame Leota Crystal Ball Tutorial

Things that youa��ll need to prepare:A�

  1. Used glass cloche or fish bowl
  2. Printed Madame Leota photograph that you can get from Google
  3. Black tulle
  4. Round wooden or plastic base to hold the ‘crystal ball’
  5. Scissor

Steps that youa��ll need to do:A�

  1. Cut the Madame Leota photograph, you should only have the head and hair part.
  2. Cut the black tulle as you desired that will fit to put inside the fish bowl to create a spooky impression.
  3. Make some layers of the black tulle, put the Madame Leota on top of it and add them to the fish bowl. Set up the photograph and tulle as you desired.

There you have your own DIY Madame Leota ready to complement your Halloween decor. It will be great to place this decor next to the bloody candle, creepy glowing eyes lantern, or drippy candle.

This project is totally easy to get done in no time with a very low budget. You can also add a battery-operated tealight to make the look of this DIY Madame Leota crystal ball look way more attractive.

It will be aA�super fun project to do this fall with your family and friends. The cost is so cheap, you don’t need to dig deep to your pocket for this one! If you can have a used fish bowl, you almost don’t need to spend any money!

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Have fun to do your DIY Madame Leota Crystal Ball project and happy Halloween day!

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