30+ Surprisingly Cheap and Easy DIY Pergola Ideas with Full Tutorial

It’s always a great idea to build a patio in your backyard. This paved area which is particularly built in a backyard is meant to provide extra enjoyment in your house.

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Yeap, having a patio will make your outdoor living space looks and feels more exhilarating to enjoy. You can do lots of things joyfully on this spot like reading some books, having a chitchat, or just enjoy the summer breeze.

For sure, a patio also enhances the overall look of every house, creating a new focal point for the exterior layout. Therefore, having a beautiful patio is a must to get an attractive look for your outdoor space.

Adding a cover to a patio is always a good choice to make it look more attractive. It will give the patio a huge change to influence its design.

Furthermore, a patio cover also makes your time feel more enjoyable since it provides some great benefits. You will not have to worry about the direct sunlight, unwanted ‘dropping’ or some drizzle when you spend some good times on your patio.

There are lots of cover options that you can choose to shade a patio. From shade to pergola are available to choose to suit your needs.

Of course, a pergola is still the most favorite cover chosen by many homeowners to style up their patio. It is so understandable since this kind of cover doesn’t only cover the patio very well, but also bring its style to a whole new level.

However, the cost to build a pergola can be so pricey, especially when you want to have the one with a complicated design. You’ll need to prepare lots of bucks since you have to pay many things like the contractor, material, etc.

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But don’t worry, there are some creative homeowners who are also the hardcore DIYers that have built the stunning pergolas on their own. They are so affordable to build and admirable enough to improve your patio.

Here, we have picked the most inspiring DIY pergola ideas which can be an ultimate reference when you want to remodel your outdoor living space. Let’s just keep scrolling to check them out!

DIY Pergola Ideas

DIY Pergola with Louver by HGTV

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A beautiful DIY pergola ideas with louver roof panel which will shade your patio gorgeously. Here, the roof is actually adjustable so you can adjust the amount of sunlight for your patio.

It can be a good reference for you who have a small pergola or deck since the size of the pergola is not too big. (Check out the tutorial here)

Small DIY Pergola by DIY Network

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If you have a quite large patio and find it quite tricky to cover it all with a huge pergola, this one shows you how to make it simple. You just need to build a small pergola to shade the seating area of the patio.

Since we mostly spend the time on our patio set, it’s such a good idea to just place a pergola on top of it. It’s easier to execute and, of course, saves lots of money. (Check out the tutorial here)

Weathered Pergola with Rocky Base by Anna White

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Having an earthy-themed pergola is always a good choice to make it blend well with the outdoor space surroundings. It’s designed in unfinished style with the rocky base which beautifully flows with this backyard’s look.

The pergola is huge enough to shade a 7-Piece patio dining set supported by the trees around. (Check out the tutorial here)

Easy DIY Pergola by A Beautiful Mess

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If you are looking for the easy, simple, and cheap DIY pergola ideas, this one should be included in your top list. It’s built with the wood border at its bottom part to secure your furniture much better.

The size of the pergola is quite small, enough to use for the 3-piece patio set. Notice the herbs, chandelier, and string light beautifully added to the patio to make it look more attractive. (Check out the tutorial here)

DIY Decorative Pergola by Lowes

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This one is a stunning DIY pergola ideas that will add a stylish touch to your outdoor living space. The design is completed by some unique accents which makes it look so attractive.

The roof panel is also made distinctively while still provide enough shades for the patio.A�(Check out the tutorial here)

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Lighten Grey Pergola by Anna White

diy pergola ideas 6-min

Finishing the pergola in grey is surely a great idea if you want to create such a simple minimalist touch to your backyard. Here, the small pergola is finished in a deep grey which looks so admirable.

Then, the string lights are placed on its roof panel, so you can enjoy the night time in your backyard joyfully.A�(Check out the tutorial here)

White Pergola by Instructable

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The dazzling DIY pergola ideas in all-white look which is so inspiring to try. It’s designed in a simple style yet still so attractive enough to enhance this backyard’s beauty.

With such finish, the pergola becomes the catchy focal point of this patio.A�(Check out the tutorial here)

Simple Earthy Pergola from HGTV

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The refreshing DIY pergola ideas which looks so beautiful with its earthy style. Ita��s built in such a simple design as the standard pergola.

Its natural finish with wood grain touch makes it blend well with the outdoora��s surroundings. Then, a chandelier in industrial design gives another style to the pergolaa��s overall look. (Check out the tutorial here)

DIY Pergola with Lattice Border from Ryobi Nation

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This one is actually a pergola with the built-in swing, but its design is totally inspiring to try. It has the lattice borders on its sides which will enhance the comfort when you enjoy some easy times on your patio.

It also has such a small floating table to provide great convenience in storing some outdoor stuff around. (Check out the tutorial here)

Red Pergola with Ivy from Anna White

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An awesome DIY pergola ideas with a decorative look which will bring the style of your outdoor space to a whole new level. The pergola is finished in redwood look and combined with the white lattice accent and greeneries.

For sure, the design of this pergola is so inspiring to copy when you want to add another focal point in your backyard. (Check out the tutorial here)

DIY Pergola with Fabric Shade from Anna White

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Adding the fabric to a pergola design is surely a great idea to provide a much better shade for your patio. Here, the simple pergola is completed with the rolled up fabric on its roof panel.

It will make you feel more comfortable when you have some chat times on your patio while enjoying the fresh summer breeze. (Check out the tutorial here)

Giant Octagonal Pergola from Remodel Aholic

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If you are looking for a unique DIY pergola ideas, this one can be an ultimate reference for you. Ita��s a huge wooden pergola in an octagonal shape with the built-in swings.

As you may have noticed, the design of this pergola is not built to provide shade but just to enhance the beauty and function of the backyard. (Check out the tutorial here)

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Small Square Pergola by Popular Mechanics

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Another inspiring DIY pergola ideas for you who have a small narrow patio. The pergola shades the small square patio with its 3-piece bistro set.

This patio with its pergola look simply admirable, ita��s totally worth to include on your inspiration list. (Check out the tutorial here)

Two-Level Pergola from Instructable

diy pergola ideas 12-min

The unique DIY pergola ideas in two-level design which will become the ultimate entertaining spot in your backyard. Its sides are made to become extra seating area or an L-shaped buffet table.

You can place a small bistro set underneath the pergola to improve the joy that you will get. (Check out the tutorial here)

Floral Pergola from Ron Hazelton

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A classic free standing pergola which to style up your outdoor living space beautifully. Ita��s completed with some flowers around to make it look and feel more inviting.

The patio itself is designed in a very simple way with only a 3-piece bistro set and a gravel base. (Check out the tutorial here)

White Square Pergola from Sunset

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Again, a beautiful square pergola which is so inspiring to try, and this one is finished in white. The design is so simple yet still gives a beautiful touch to this outdoor living space. (Check out the tutorial here)

Small Triangle Pergola from Better House & Garden

diy pergola ideas 26-min

This one is a small pergola in triangle design which fits well for a small patio. Some ivy is placed on top of the pergola to provide lots of shade over the patio.

Two-Tone Wooden Pergola from Better House & Garden

diy pergola ideas 14-min

Finishing a pergola with one shade may look too boring, and this idea shows you how to make a beautifully festive pergola to shade your patio. The rooftop is finished in natural brown while the support and posts are in white.

With such look, the pergola is so inspiring to include in one of the top choices when you are about to remodel your outdoor living space. (Check out the tutorial here)

Easy Wooden Pergola from Better House & Garden

diy pergola ideas 25-min

This one is a super easy DIY pergola ideas in which you dona��t need to have any carpentry experiences to build one. The design is very cute to give accent to your patio uniquely.

BHG calls it an open-air pavilion which uses some easily-available materials and easy tools to make.

Round Pergola with Ivy from 3D Warehouse

diy pergola ideas 19-min

Yup, a rectangular or square pergola may look to common for you who are looking the one which looks more distinctive. Here, the pergola is built in rounded design which looks so beautiful.

The ivy then placed on the roof panel to give a natural accent and provides a better shade. (Check out the tutorial here)

White Pergola with Glass Roof

diy pergola ideas 9-min


The stunning white pergola with a glass panel for its roof which will give your backyard a superbly beautiful touch. With its design, the pergola provides a great shade while still lets the sunlight to come through indirectly.

Then, the white curtains are also added to enhance its beauty and comfort at the same time. You can include it in your DIY pergola ideas list if you are willing to spend a lot for your project.

Privacy Pergola

diy pergola ideas 27-min

The unique DIY pergola ideas with built-in borders to provide privacy when you enjoy some spare times in your outdoor space. Ita��s also completed by the L-shaped sofa to create an extra cozy seating area.

Also, notice those floating shelves which work as the planter to give a more natural accent to its overall look.

Wall-Mounted Pergola by My Outdoor Plans

diy pergola ideas 21-min

Building a pergola which is attached to the wall of the house is such a good idea for you who have a small space in your backyard. This one is another option of a free-standing pergola which is totally tempting to copy. (Check out the tutorial here)

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Half-Circle Small Pergola

diy pergola ideas 17-min

Another unique DIY pergola ideas for you who have a small patio and this one is made in a half-circle design. The support is made in a very simple look to let the roof becomes the main attraction.

Ita��s also finished in a natural shade which flows beautifully with the grass field next to the patio. Underneath the roof, the 3-piece chat set is placed gorgeously.

Border Pergola

diy pergola ideas 33-min

If a pergola is commonly designed to shade some area on the patio, but here, ita��s built on the edge of the patio. The flowers under the pergola give such a beautiful and colorful touch to the patio’s layout.

This kind of patio design works better for you who have a circular patio.

Accent Pergola

diy pergola ideas 34-min

This one is almost similar to the previous DIY pergola ideas in which ita��s built on the edge of the patio. Ita��s made in much simpler design with three separated parts.

The hanging flowers and greeneries beautify the pergola natural and also add colors to its overall look.

Pergola with Fabric

diy pergola ideas 18-min

A beautiful huge pergola which is added by fabric underneath its roof panel. Of course, it shades the patio perfectly while also gives a more stylish touch to its design.

The color combination of the fabric and the wood is surprisingly awesome, make it look distinctively attractive. Then, to provide better safety, a lattice-styled folding door is also added.

Pergola with Aluminum Roof

diy pergola ideas 23-min

A cheap solution for you who want to cover the roof panel of your pergola. Here, the aluminum sheet completes the pergola to provide lots of shade over the patio.

To make it look more beautiful, you can choose the colored aluminum sheet which matches the pergolaa��s look.

Decorative Pergola

diy pergola ideas 8-min

Determining the goal that you want to get when you are about to build a pergola will lead you to the decision of what kind of design that you can choose. This one is a pergola which works to give a more decorative look.

So, the main purpose of this pergola design is to just to decorate the outdoor space rather than provide a maximum shade. It can be a very good choice for you who have a minimalist exteriora��s layout.

Huge Pergola with Arc Top

diy pergola ideas 16-min

A mesmerizing DIY pergola ideas with a curvy top which looks so beautiful. The roof panel is designed in the lattice style which provides good shade but still gives enough light.

Again, the flowers and greeneries are used to colorize the pergola naturally.

Minimalist White Pergola

diy pergola ideas 28-min

A gorgeous pergola which fits the minimalist exterior very well with its clean line design. Ita��s finished in white to emphasize its modern look beautifully.

Then, the all-white outdoor dining set is chosen to complete the patio. With such look, this patio with its pergola surely becomes a stunning focal point for this backyard.

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So those are some temptingA�DIY pergola ideas which are totally worth to include your inspiration list. You have to enlist them in your pergola project plan next time you want to style up and protect your patio.

Building a pergola for your patio is always a great idea since it provides many benefits for you. It makes your patio more comfortable to enjoy, beautifulA�to decorate your house, and also protect your outdoor furniture.

Choose the one thatA�suits the overall design of your patio to get a nice harmonious look. Also, keep in mind to use some safety gears like eye goggles and gloves when you execute your pergola project.

Those ideas can be your ultimate references for your pergola plans. They are quite easy to make and doesn’t cost you lots of buget.

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