20+ Easiest and Smartest DIY Rustic Pallet Frame For Your Living Room

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Used shipping pallet is a super cheap material that can be turned into almost everything. It has been used by lots of DIYers to create any adorable things which have many benefits.

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame
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By some creative efforts, the wood pallet is so friendly to cope with your DIY projects. It’s so understandable that this material becomes so popular today and, of course, loved by many DIYers.

Especially when we are talking about DIY home improvement, the wood pallet is the ultimate thing that should be included on your top list. You can create many surprising things from it cheaply and easily.

From furniture to wall art, there are thousands of inspiring ideas which use wood pallet as the main material. They look so adorable to enhance the beauty and function of your property inside and outside.

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Here, we have some mesmerizing ideas to create some rustic hanging frames which obviously made of used shipping wood pallet. Keep scrolling to check our choice of best DIY rustic pallet frame.

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame Ideas

Greyish Pallet Wall Art with Frames

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame 15-min

The elegant DIY rustic pallet frame which is so simple to make. It’s the combination of the wall art and set of frames that will beautifully decorate your living room’s wall.

Rather than hanging the frames directly onto the wall, here, the frames are attached to the wall art. Both of them are obviously made of the wood pallets.

The finish of the wall art in natural deep gray and off-white for the frame create a very admirable rustic look. Don’t forget to give such a vintage filter to the photographs that you will use.

Vintage DIY Rustic Pallet Frame

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame 19

This one is a unique DIY rustic pallet frame in a vintage style. You can hang lots of photos adorably in this frame.

You will need some twines, wooden clips and, of course, shipping wood pallets. The combination of those materials beautifully creates a rustic-styled frame that will give a unique touch to your living room decor.

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame Art

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame 18-min

This is not a real frame, but the design is totally adorable. The photograph is stuck onto the wood sheet in the different finishes which then attached to the square wood pallet base.

The frame is designed in such a minimalist style with the natural touch of the unfinished pallet. The photographs are printed in BW filter to create a beautiful rustic look.

You can try to make this one at home easily and cheaply.

Tin and Wood Rustic Photo Frame

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame 5-min

A rustic pallet frame with a catchy distinctive look which is totally worth to decorate your living room’s wall. The combination of materials in this frame design creates a unique rustic style.

The frame is made of wood lumber, tin, and burlap. You can see how the tin and wood are combined, creating an industrial yet natural look which is so irresistible.

This frame is actually available on Etsy, but it’s so inspiring to create the similar one by yourself, isn’t it?

Wood Pallet Photo Hanger

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame 10-min

A photo hanger is always a nice option when regular photo frame doesn’t suit your taste. Here, the disassembled wood pallet is turned into a gorgeous photo hanger.

The finish of the wood looks naturally elegant with its deep brown shade. Then, the BW photographs are hung, creating a gorgeous industrial look.

You will need to prepare the wood pallet, fishline, small hook, and small plastic clip to create this rustic pallet frame at home.

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DIY Rustic Pallet Frame in Country Style

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame 9-min

The design of this DIY rustic pallet frame will totally suit the living room decor in country style. It’s actually a wooden wall art with the photo frame to create a more attractive look.

You need to arrange the wood in the random formation and make a rectangular accent which will be used as the photo frame. Then, some horseshoes also decorate this wall art, adding a nice country touch.

Hang your favorite pictures with your beloved horse in this frame and you can have a catchy rustic pallet frame to decorate your living room.

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame with Corrugated Tin

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame 2-min

Another DIY rustic pallet frame with the combination of tin and wood for your industrial living room decor. This one comes with the corrugated metal tin which makes it look more masculine.

The plywood which is covered by burlap is used as the base of the photo which is secured by copper tube straps, enhancing its industrial design. It to00otally works for you who love the rustic industrial decor.

Easy DIY Rustic Pallet Frame

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame 18-min

An adorable DIY rustic pallet frame design in pastel finishes that you can easily try to make one at home. You will need to cut the pallet into some small sizes and give the random finishes as you wish.

Then, arrange the woods in a random formation and attach a plastic clip on. You are ready to hang your favorite vintage photographs on this frame now!

Hanging Wall Art with Pinned Photos

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame 12-min

This one is a totally adorable wooden wall art that you can make out of the shipping pallet. It’s hung by the rustic twine, creating a lovely vintage overall look.

The photograph is secured by the clothespins, adding another style to this wall art. You can see the huge saying in white which makes it even catchier.

If you just want to purchase this admirable DIY rustic pallet frame, just go to Etsy and purchase it for about $20.

Square DIY Rustic Pallet Frame

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame 17-min

What catchy about this DIY rustic pallet frame is its naturally-stained look which looks beautifully rustic. Its square shape with the sharp line will just fit any minimalist decor just right away.

The picture is printed in small size to keep the pallet as the central attention. The base of the photo is made of the wood sheet in black finish and burlap.

Cute DIY Rustic Pallet Frame

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame 6-min

A small yet adorable DIY rustic pallet will never fail to add another style to your living room. The pallet is always enough to be the focal point in any decors of the room.

Here, the small pallet is hung in the reversed position by the twine. Then, a paperclip is attached that can be used to hang your favorite photograph.

Gray is always a nice color choice when you want to have a creatively minimalist decor.

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Multiple DIY Rustic Pallet Frame

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame 16-min

This one is a huge wall art with multiple photo frame all made of the shipping wood pallet. Its unfinished style is so adorable and will give a natural touch to your living room decor.

You will need to cut the pallet slats in small lines to make the frame which then attached to the base. The base is placed in vertical position, so it will take up quite lots of space of your living room wall.

The rustic look of this DIY rustic pallet frame is admirable, totally worth to include our decor plan.

Modern Table Pallet Frame

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame 13-min

If the hanging DIY rustic pallet frame doesn’t work for you, then this one can be your choice. This is the table photo frame made out of pallet in modern design which is so easy to make.

You’ll need to make a tray wand back support to create this adorable pallet frame. There are two designs that you can try to copy, the one with the surrounded frame to make a bolder look, and the frameless one that looks much simpler.

This frame is designed in the stand-alone style which will give a rustic and modern touch at the same time for your living room decor.

A�Simple DIY Rustic Pallet Frame

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame 14-min

Another DIY rustic pallet frame which you can make so easy in your home. It may be an effortless pallet project but the result is so adorbs.

You just need to give dark gray stain to the pallet and stick your photographs on it. Notice that silvery edge detail that makes the overall look of the frame become way more attractive.

Vintage DIY Rustic Pallet Frame

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame 5-min

A beautiful DIY rustic pallet frame in the random natural finish which is totally worth to try. The picture frame is made of the plywood which is covered by the burlap.

The combination of wood and burlap will surely create a nice rustic look. You can see the nails are not only used to secure the picture frame but also give another style to its entire look.

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame with Metal Accent

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame 1-min

Giving a simple accent to the DIY rustic pallet frame is always a good idea to make it look more attractive. Here, the metallic accent is attached to this pallet on each edge of the photograph.

The metal secures the picture in a gorgeous way but quite simple to make. This DIY rustic pallet frame design can be a nice choice to give an industrial touch to your living room decor.

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame with Burlap Bow

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame 7-min

If you are looking for a DIY rustic pallet frame which looks a bit girly, this one is a beautiful idea. The cute frame in a white-washed finish with the burlap bow as its accent.

Obviously, with such finish and material choice, this frame design still looks rustic but in a much prettier way. It will be a gorgeous frame to display your baby girl’s photograph.

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A�DIY Ladder Photo Frame

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame 8-min

Creating a single wall art which can hold some pictures is always a great idea. This one is a worth-to-try photo frame in ladder style with some cute accent that makes it look more attractive.

The frame is left unfinished to keep its rustic look, then some rustic accents that can be used to hang additional stuff are also attached. It’s surely a nice choice to bring a shabby chic nuance to your living room decor.

Easy DIYA�RusticA�Pallet Frame

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame 4-min

An easy DIY rustic pallet frame doesn’t always a mean a less attractive one, this idea proves it with its simple yet gorgeous look. It comes with a mesmerizing elegant look that will give another style to your living room nuance.

The frame is finished with multiple shades, the blue one definitely makes tits overall look become much catchier. Then, you can write your favorite quotes or just the identity of the picture on the additional wooden accent.

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame with 3D Picture

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame 11-min

Combining the modern and rustic style is surely a great way to make a gorgeous wall art for a living room decor. This frame design is a perfect answer for you who are looking for such style.

The DIY rustic pallet frame with plywood accent and the 3D photographs that looks so admirable. The wood’s natural stain is combined perfectly with the BW accent and the vintage-filtered photograph, creating a clever artful look.

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DIY Rustic Pallet Frame pinterest

So those are some tempting DIY rustic pallet frame that you can try to make one at home. You can choose the one that suits the overall look of your living room decor to create a harmonious nuance.

Adding a pallet accent to any rooms’ decor is never a bad idea to give another style to the decor. Besides, the wood pallet is easily available and sold very cheap, or you can even get them for free when you are in luck.

The thing that you have to keep in mind is to stay safe in executing the project since it involves some cutting steps using the sharp tools like a saw. Wearing some safety gears like gloves and goggles are surely recommended.

Well, eventually, keep improving your living room!

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