Easy and Cheap DIY Halloween Project: DIY Spooky Figurines Tutorial

What fun about Halloween is that you can express your inner horror sense freely. It’s not all about making everything with Jack O’ Lantern theme, but you can also explore lots of things to create the spookiest decor ever.

Obviously, it involves your maximum creativity to create a unique decor that will catch everyone’s attention. The thing is how you make it easily and cheaply, so here, we have a tempting project that will inspire you for sure.

DIY Spooky Figurines 1-min

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Just go to a drift store or flea market, then you can start to execute this DIY spooky figurines project that is originally created by Sadie Seasongoods. The steps are very easy to get done, and you can have a superbly spooky decor without wasting lots of bucks.

The whole idea of this fun project is that turning some cute figurines into the scary ones by painting them. It will be a really scary Halloween crew to complement other Halloween decor.

This inspiring project is originally created by sadieseasongoods.com and will be much fun to do outdoor since you will need the spray painting process for the whole figurines. Keep in mind to use some safety gear if it’s necessary.

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Just go keep scrolling to check out the complete tutorial of this DIYA�spooky figurines project!

DIY Spooky Figurines Project

Things that you’ll need to prepare:A�

  1. Some figurines that made out of rubber, porcelain, ceramic, clay, plastic, or other materials that you can find. If you get some figurines with broken pieces, that will be much better to create a more spooky impression.
  2. Black spray paint (matte: $3.87) (gloss: $3.47)
  3. Chalky red craft paint, make sure to find the bold one ($8.02)
  4. Small paint brush or bamboo skewer

Tools that you’ll need to prepare:

  1. Safety gear like goggles and hand gloves
  2. Spray Grip

Steps that you’ll need to do:

  1. Get outside and start to spray paint the whole body of the figurines with the black spray paint, you can go with the matte or gloss paint as you desired. You may need to coat them twice to get the best result.
  2. After the figurines are dry, you can start painting their eyes with the red paint by using the small brush. A small tip from Sadie Seasongoods, you can also use theA�round end of the bamboo skewer in painting the eyes step.
  3. There you have your spooky figurines ready to increase the scary atmosphere of your Halloween decor!

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The steps are very easy to execute and obviously fun to do with some friends and family. You can find some more unique figurines that will make your Halloween decoration look way more attractive!

You can put your spooky figurines next to the mummy luminary or creepy vintage lantern! The budget of this project is reasonably affordable for a unique Halloween decor.

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Have fun to do your DIY spooky figurines project and happy Halloween day!

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