7 Best and Beautiful DIY Wood Pallet Sofa Tutorial Video

Talking about home improvement, it can’t be separated from adding some new kinds of furniture around. Some new chairs, tables, sofas indeed will create such a new atmosphere to your house. They hold such a huge role in influencing the overall look of the each room in your property.

diy wood pallet sofa ideas
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credit: Woohome

Whether it’s about remodeling the interior or exterior layout of your house, hunting some new furniture is always a fun thing to do. However, by the existence of thousands of furniture in the market, it perhaps confuses you to choose the right on. You will think about the design, price, durability, and much more.

There are some creative homeowners which prefer to build the furniture on their on. Using some used stuff that perhaps seem unuseful yet can be turned into some useful items by a little bit of magic. As you probably have known that the DIY furniture is such a popular

DIY wood pallet sofa, one of the latest furniture styles that you will find easily on the internet. There are thousands of pallet sofa designs which look totally mesmerizing. They totally deserve to include on your DIY furniture project list.

Here, we have chosen some best DIY wood pallet sofa ideas that will definitely inspire you to create one. Let’s chek them out!

DIY Wood Pallet Sofa Tutorial

Black and White Sectional Sofa

Slava Litvin created a gorgeous black and white sofa that you can easily try at home. It’s such an all DIY furniture where the cushions and pallets are made at home.

DIY wood pallet sofa tutorial
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credit: Slava Litvin

You will need to buy some sponges, fabrics, and of course used shipping wood pallets for the material. The process to make this one is absolutely simple, there is no sewing step to make the cushion, just use a glue gun, scissors and rulers, then it’s all set.

To make this one, you should purchase at least 6 pallets. For the pallets, you have to sand and of course, paint them to make them look great.

Natural Pallet Sofa with Backrest

The beautiful pallet sofa created by DACHT Design which can your DIY furniture project of this summer. The sofa comes with the backrest which makes it a bit harder to build than the previous one, but it’s totally worth the effort.

DIY wood pallet sofa tutorial 2
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credit: DACHT Design

As the bonus, the video also includes the steps how to make the pallet table that matches well with the sofa.

A lot of sanding is done in this tutorial video to make the look as the sofa as smooth as possible. You can see that the red pillow is a perfect complement to the natural finish of the pallet.

Rustic Pallet Sofa

The lovely rustic sofa with arms and back, originally created by Thomas Dambo. On sofa can fit for two adults to sit comfortably. It’s not that hard to build this one with the help of screwdrivers, jigsaw, and a hammer.

DIY wood pallet sofa tutorial 3
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credit: Thomas Dambo

You will need 4 pallets to make one sofa.

A single sofa consists of 4 parts which are the seat, back, and two arms. Because this is a rustic sofa, you will not have to do the sanding process. The look of the sofa totally flows beautifully with the backyard’s surrounding.

Armless Pallet Sofa with Back

DIY wood pallet sofa tutorial 4
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credit: Ollaris

This simpleDIY wood pallet sofa tutorial comes from Ollari’s. The shown instructions are very easy to follow, and you will not need to do the tricky steps. The sofa has a backrest for your comfort, and its armless design makes it more convenient to use with friends.

You will need only three well condition used shipping pallets, and you can always give certain finish as you wish to match with your patio’s style.

Pallet Bench and Coffee Table

Pick up 8 used shipping pallets to build this incredible patio sofa and coffee table presented by Cottage Life DIY. The sofa looks really nice that can comfortably occupy up to 3 adults.

DIY wood pallet sofa tutorial 5
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credit: Cottage Life DIY

The coffee table design is so simple yet adorable enough to decorate your outdoor space.

It’s not really hard to make this one, it’s kinda stack and stick DIY wood pallet sofa tutorial. Perhaps you can make it on your own without any helps from others.

Dark Brown Pallet Sofa

This Manualidades y tendencias’ DIY wood pallet sofa tutorial is for you who don’t want to be bothered by the sawing process. To make this gorgeous dark pallet sofa, you will only need two used pallets which are fixed by using the screws.

DIY wood pallet sofa tutorial 6
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credit: Manualidades y tendencias

It’s totally a piece of cake and budget friendly DIY wood pallet sofa ideas.

You can see the combination of the dark wood pallet which is combined with the BW striped thick cushions which create a super eye-catchy look. It’s a nice color choice for your inspiration.

Traditional Style Pallet Sofa

DIY wood pallet sofa tutorial 7
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credit: Michael Schmitt

A beautiful traditional style sofa made of 5 used shipping pallets, created by Michael Schmitt. The sofa comes with a backrest, arms, and four legs. Though the design is so mesmerizing, it doesn’t really hard to make this one.

The design is classic and will become one of the attractive focal points in your patio or deck.

Those are some creative DIY wood pallet sofa tutorial video. You can choose the one that really meets your requirement and the style of your outdoor living space. Consider putting some wood coating to make the pallet sofa durable since it has to face the direct weather condition in your backyard.

The DIY wood pallet sofa is such the best solution for you who are looking for a nice patio furniture yet have a limited budget. If you are smart enough, you can the pallets free, and the price of the sofa is not really expensive too. Indeed, you will need to do some jobs, but they totally worth it.

Don’t forget to always some safety gear like gloves and eye protector when you execute the DIY wood pallet sofa tutorial project. Some tools can be so dangerous like the jigsaw or the electric one. It’s always recommended to have at least a partner that have got used to in dealing with the furniture stuff.


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