Gorgeous DIY Wooden Hot Tub Enclosure Kit for Your Backyard

What’s more relaxing than having a hot tub in your own backyard so you can relief your stiff muscle and heavy head anytime you want? Surely hot tub is such a great investment for every homeowner which is very beneficial for our health. Hot tub makes an icon for a healthy home.

Soaking your body in the hot tub while enjoying the night sky with it dazzling stars is absolutely exhilarating. That is why placing the hot tub in your outdoor living is never a bad idea. You can use your patio, deck, or backyard to place your acrylic or inflatable spa.

wooden hot tub enclosure diy

credit: Lifescape

So the next thing is how we can safely use the hot tub in all weather condition? Because it is obviously more enjoyable to have a hot tub time when the temperature is going down, isn’t it? The answer to that question is you have to install a hot tub enclosure.

By having a hot tub enclosure, we can enjoy the hydrotherapy sensation of the hot tub while enjoying the beauty of nature, no matter how the weather condition is. You can enjoy the natural spa in you own property while watching the clear blue summer sky or the falling snow in the winter. Hot tub enclosure is truly a great home’s addition.

There are various hot tub enclosure designs mad of various materials. They look so gorgeous while providing the comfort for the owners. If you are looking for a beautiful hot tub enclosure, here we have an adorable wooden hot tub enclosure which is recommended for you to own.

Wooden Hot Tub Enclosure

wooden hot tub enclosure 1

credit: Sturdi Built

This hot tub enclosure is offered in a kit, which is manufactured by Sturdi-built Greenhouse Manufacturing Company. They have been building a reliable redwood greenhouse for more than 5 decades. Sure, this hot tub enclosure is actually a greenhouse, but it makes a lovely spa enclosure too.

First thing first, how much you should spend to purchase the kit? The 8′ x 12′ free standing Nantucket Greenhouse is offered at $11938. It comes with sturdy glass, roof vents, jalousie windows, ridge scallop and finials.

You can assemble this hot tub kit by yourself or hire a contractor for better installation. The enclosure can fit for a 3-person acrylic hot tub with quite spacious space remains. The space inside can be used for the seating area to cool down your body after soaking in the hot water.

In this hot tub enclosure idea from Stanford’s Social Dance has a lovely redwood board to put some beautiful flower, sound system, lamps or anything. You can see the small lamps under the roof adds such an elegant touch inside the enclosure. The plantation enhances the natural look of the redwood material of the solarium.

wooden hot tub enclosure 2

credit: Social Dance at Stanford

The concrete slab is used for the foundation of this hot tub enclosure. You can also use the hardwood flooring to match withe enclosure’s style. You will need a professional to install the electrical requirement. For filling and draining the water of the hot tub, you can simply use a garden hose.

The hot tub enclosure is transparent to provide the clear view of the surroundings. But it makes it lack of privacy in which you have to enhances the privacy by brushes or something. This hot tub is much better to install where the sight of the neighbors is very limited.

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