Dr Wellness Hot Tub Review: Performance & Energy Features

Many consumers choose Dr Wellness hot tub because of the performance and the supported features. Dr wellness is one of the best hot tubs that comes to the simple and easy insulation. Actually, you can check the features and review below before you decide to purchase this hot tub.


X-3  Dr Wellness Hot Tub Review


dr wellness hot tub review
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Credits: Dr Wellness Therapy

The X-3 is a model that is included into one of the Lifestyle Series Models. In fact, the X-3 hot tub becomes a top of line for 6-person spa. This model is actually completed by high-tech features and components. Many people love this hot tub because of the design, appearance and even the price. Now, we are going to review the X-3 Hot Tub based on the several categories that might be a considerations before you decide to buy it.


X-3 Dr. wellness hot tub comes with the elegant color of the cabinet, that is made by the synthetic cabinet, those are mahogany and Coastal Gray. It is big size room spa that is up to 6-person adults. Each seat is configurated to get the comfortable relaxing sitting. Of course, the bathers  want to get the enjoyable and comfort positions in doing spa or therapy.

Energy Efficient Features

Dr. Wellness hot tub has the most energy efficient that offers the good performance. The hot tub is available with the heat technology in each models. The EnergySaver Equipment certainly reduces the cost of engineering to maintain the spas.  Furthermore, that feature includes the heavy-duty foam and installation to keep heat spas in reducing the rubble from the damaging the spa. Many consumers will enjoy the efficient spa that can be less costs.  In addition, Dr. Wellness hot tub provide the health benefits and relaxing spa. (Read also: Oasis Hot Tub Reviews)


The X-3 Dr. Wellness hot tub is completed by the strong jet that inject the water. The hot tub uses about 51 jets including 2-7 jets massage. X-3 consist of several jets that is a placed based on the parts of body. The jets are provided for massaging the neck, shoulders, calf and foot.  Actually, the water is pumped from the plumbing about single 6 Hp. pump. The electrical used is about 220 Volt 50 Amp.

The Price

The X-3 Dr. Wellness hot tub price can be called  as the cheap hot tub. Of course, the kind of hot tub that is up to 6-person the and the complete features is really affordable price. With the easy setup and the simple usage enable the X-3 Dr. Wellness is a great hot tub for the save our money. The price that offers is about $2997,00 that you can check it at the store or market place.

The Warranty

Dr. Wellness hot tub has a long warranty. It has several different kinds of warranties including the surface warranty for 5 years, plumbing warranty for 5 years and the structural warranty also for 10 years. Furthermore, the labor warranty for 6 years and equipment also warranty for 5 years. Many customers love this hot tub for the great warranty.


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