Easy Ways to Transition Your Home Décor From Summer to Fall


Easy Ways to Transition Your Home Décor From Summer to Fall

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As temperatures slowly drop and days become shorter, fall is around the corner, so it’s time to embrace the seasonal changes, and spruce up your home décor accordingly! Adding cozy autumnal touches will help you transition your home décor from summer to fall effortlessly.

You can make your home comfy and festive this fall with a few simple seasonal accents.

Here are some creative and easy ways to breathe seasonal life into your home!

1.     Add Natural Elements

One of the ways to add decorative fall touches to your home is to bring the outdoors inside! Pumpkins, gourds, leaves, branches, and bundle sticks can all be displayed by the fireplace or in jars and vases.

Place white pumpkins in unexpected places for a comfy-cozy feeling! A good thing about gourds is that they can fit just about anywhere, so you can fill in empty shelf space or fill a basket with these decorative veggies and turn your kitchen into a seasonal retreat.

Hand-carved rustic skulls with stunning designs from Skull Bliss are a perfect addition to fall-inspired home décor. This original detail will lift your wall space while creating a rustic feel to your home, perfectly aligned with autumnal touches.

2.     Swap Fabrics

You can easily transition your home décor by changing cotton fabrics like throw blankets, pillowcases, rugs, and/or curtains. Pick the materials that kindle that cozy, warm, and welcoming feeling that is so comforting during the colder months of the year.

A warm rug like a multicolor, Oriental runner can add a vibrant punch to your kitchen or any other room. And adding some tartan blankets and pillows to your dining room can cozy up this space.

Imagine a white couch and chairs in the living room. Adding a warm orange throw blanket and switching out pillowcases can create warmth without changing the furniture.

3.     Bring Fall Indoor With Pretty Décor & Displays

Sometimes simple elements can transform your space and add some fall action. Styling leaves and branches in a simple vase can add fall flair to the dining room table.

Pine cones can look lovely in Mason jars, while wheat sheaves are perfect to create unique autumnal arrangements. You can place wheat in an old ironstone pitcher for a vintage, rustic feel.

Decoupaging white gourds with pressed leaves can warm up your porch or your living room. You can even paint pumpkins and form zigzag patterns or chevron stripes using acrylic paint and painter’s tape!

These natural elements are inexpensive, yet bring the fall into your home.

4.     Spruce up Your Bedroom

How about having your super-cozy sleeping nook? You can quickly transform your bedroom by throwing in cozier fabrics and warmer textures. Colors and patterns in the bedding can help you evoke that autumnal feel.

A splash of plaid can make all the difference!

A plaid flannel blanket with red and golden hues will instantly add warmth to your bedroom. Faux fur is also a charming addition to your sleeping space.

5.     Adorn Your Home With a Stylish Fall Wreath

For a little extra seasonal charm, you can adorn doors, windows, or bare walls with stylish fall wreaths. Autumnal flowers, wheat, and colorful fall foliage are perfect to beautify your home when seasons change.

Pine cones, magnolia leaves, wheat, and eucalyptus can create a warm and welcoming autumnal oasis perfect for indoors. With their rich browns, pomegranate and lotus are also a great combo!

You can even make a wreath of wood slices and twigs and create a beautiful fall entrance.

6.     Soft Lights Will Help You Create Fall Ambience

Dark candles like deep velvet ones combined with sleek gold candle holders can bring major fall vibes. As the days are getting shorter, adding soft light to your rooms will create a perfect fall ambiance.

You can place small candles in Mason jars or put fairy lights in a glass lantern to create a soft glow and a magical fall scene!

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