25+ Most Stylish Eclectic Bedroom Decorating Ideas To Steal

The eclectic decor is one of a kind decorating way which will make a room look so fabulous in a more distinctive way. It brings tons of elements in various style to create a mesmerizing decoration with an exhilarating vibe.

Yeap, the eclectic decorating style allows you to mix and match color, furniture, decor items, and accessories in one room to create a surprising overall look. It’s characterized by almost ‘no rule’, so you will always have a unique room’s decoration which will amaze everyone. With such style, the eclectic style is considered as the timeless decorating style.

Bringing the eclectic vibe to your bedroom is absolutely a great idea since it will create a very admirable look and captivating atmosphere at the same time. You can have a distinctively attractive bedroom which its beauty will never fade away from time to time.

On the other side, you have to be quite careful in styling up a room with an eclectic style because of the possibility that you will get an uninviting bedroom is quite high since it doesn’t have a certain rule. It may not be easy to pull off an eclectic bedroom, but with some gorgeous inspiration, you don’t have to worry anymore.

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Here, we have picked tons of clever eclectic bedroom decorating ideas which you can add to your ultimate inspiration list. They are so worth to be the reference when you have a plan to remodel or decorate your very own bedroom with eclectic style.

So, let’s just keep scrolling to check out our best picks of eclectic bedroom decorating ideas!

Best Eclectic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

eclectic bedroom 1



eclectic bedroom 2



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eclectic bedroom 5


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eclectic bedroom 20


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eclectic bedroom 22



eclectic bedroom 23



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eclectic bedroom 26


Well, those are the most inspiring eclectic bedroom decorating ideas which are absolutely tempting to copy. Just pick the best idea that really suits your needs and taste, then bring the style to your bedroom. Also, examine the existing layout of your bedroom so you will have an eclectic decor which looks and feel so inviting at the same time.

Choosing the eclectic style to style up your bedroom is always a good consideration to keep in mind. It turns your bedroom to a very captivating chamber with exhilarating style. You can bring all your favorite styles to one decoration without having to eliminate one of them.

Before you go, here we have some easy and simple tips which will help you to create an eclectic bedroom below.

How to Pull Off an Eclectic Bedroom

Arranging the Furniture

Let’s start with how to properly put the bedding, dressers, chest, chair, and table. For sure, you can go blending a Victorian dresser with modern bedding or place a glass table in the center of bold-colored chairs, but always pay attention to the scale and balance.

Those factors are so important to create your uniquely-arranged furniture to still look adorable. Without the proper scale, you may end up having a random furniture arrangement which doesn’t reflect eclectic style at all.

Balance with Color

An eclectic bedroom can be quite overwhelming sometimes. The mixture of styles, patterns, and colors will create a very decorative overall look instantly. The one which can help such case is the neutral colors like light grey, white, or beige.

They will balance and neutralize the room with their soothingly bright character. It’s always a recommended idea to paint the walls of an eclectic decoration with the neutral color to avoid a stuffy or uninviting result.

Make it Bright and Airy

Another way to make an eclectic decor look admirable and feel comfortable is the light. You have to brighten up the room as proper as possible by adding some additional light sources. A glass window is very helpful to let the sunlight in during the days and a chandelier or some sconces will brighten it up in the night time.

Repurposed Stuff

Since eclectic decor allows you to explore various styles, you can give a particular statement to your bedroom by adding some DIY things. Turn some old ugly stuff into surprising decor items that will enhance the attractiveness of the room.

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