DIY: How to Install Electric Security Fence

Keeping the house away from thieves and other danger causes is everyone’s wish. Obviously, this is a hard job for homeowners to prevent robberies and threats from strangers who might suddenly enter the house.  Especially if the homeowner does not have a security guard at home all the time, it is really one thing that invites strangers to enter into the house for various reasons. They come in for some goals to spy the house condition including the house content, treasures and valuables.

For that reason, certainly, you need some way to avoid something happen. Before it’s too late, try thinking for the best thing for you and your family to live peacefully in the house without worrying something will happen. Try to see what thing to fix around your house. Nowadays, many property developers are making residents and houses with superb security, of course, it purposes to satisfy customers in getting their service. They develop in installing the electric security fence that disable the people to touch it even enter to your house.

Why do not  you install the electric security fence around your house?

Before you decide to install the electric security  fence, certainly, it is better for you to know the tools and the steps in installing the electric fence. Actually, we explain about how to install electric security fence for your house including the tools and the step below.


Electric Security Fence Installation

electric security fence
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Tools you need:

  1. Electrodrill
  2. Ring Spanner
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Hammer
  5. Pliers
  6. Guide line
  7. Electrician knife
  8. Soldering iron
  9. Ladder
  10. Electroprobe
  11. Elbow
  12. Pipe Strap
  13. Allen Key
  14. Electrical tape
  15. Expansion bolt
  16. Power cable
  17. PVC Tube
  18. Grounding rod
  19. Signal line
  20. Plastic tie
  21. Grounding wire
  22. Hole drilling


Step 1 – Preparation

For this step, you have to prepare the tools to assemble the fence. The tools include aluminum post, post cap, terminal post insulator, insulator screw, universal pedestal and pedestal screw.


Step 2 – Installation the Terminal Post Insulator

Beginning with terminal post insulator assemble, connect them each other until they are united. Then, insert the holes into terminal post. Continue until all insulators applied.


Step 3 – Insulator Screws Assemble

Apply the screw for terminal post insulator strengthen into the terminal post. Make sure the terminal post is straight to avoid crooked. Then, apply the terminal post cap.


Step 4 – Universal Pedestal Assemble

The next step is installing the universal pedestal. Install it at the end of terminal post. Take the post screws to apply the universal pedestal. Make sure that you apply it well not crooked.


Step 5 – Choosing the fence spot to install the terminal post.

For terminal post, you can install it in line: 50-100m/pcs, corner: <120 angle/pcs and partition: each/pcs while for middle post position, you have to install in line: 4-5m/pcs and corner:>120 angle/pcs. Choose the spot to install the electric security fence as you want.


Step 6 – Install the terminal post into fence.

Now, we are starting to install the terminal post into you fence. After you choose provided spot, now, you try to install the terminal post into your fence. Drill the post fence using the electro drill if your fence post is made from the concrete. After that, apply the terminal post into the fence post, then insert the screw into the provided hole of the terminal posts. Certainly, you have to apply the screw well, it is to strengthen the terminal post installation.


Step 7 – Applying the Wire

As you know that wire functions to conduct the pulse voltage on the fence. If someone touches it, automatically he/she will electrocution. Then, apply the wire through holes in the terminal post. It is better for you to use the wire spinning to ease in installing the wire. Need to know that you must use the high voltage insulated cable that can stand 15KV with double insulated, 15 KV resistant and 2,5mm alloy wire specification.


Step 8 – HV Cable Assemble

This step is to assemble the HV cable for wire 1 & 3 and wire 2 & 4. Then, take the wire linker to connect HV cable and alloy wire.


Step 9 – Energizer Installation

For this step, connect the front fence and energizer. For the ground, you can use HV cable to connect 4 alloy wires. Certainly, voltage flow where in alarm from fence wire to around back to the energizer inside. It enables the current flow when people touch the fence wire from the body to the ground, then back to the energizer.


Step 10 – Gate Installation

On the top of the wall at least 1.8m suggest for the height of the wall. Then, attach the existing fence, the highest wire should be 700mm above the existing fence top. The buried depth into the earth should be 600mm at least and the height of the fence should above 1800mm.


Step 11 – Keypad Password

The last step is setting the password in the keypad. You can press * and 0 together to enter password input. Input “8#8#8#8#” to enter set up mode. In the set up mode, number 1 is for low voltage, number 2 is for high voltage, number 0 is for closing and also you have to press * and 0 together to confirm the setting. After the zone setting, press # to pass through other zones setting, then you can change the password. If no need,  press # to go on. After password setting, you can change the zone number, the default zone number is 2. First number is original, last number is new zone number. Press 8 and 0 together to confirm the setting. When in armed mode, press 1 or 0 to arm or disarm quickly.

Finally, you have finished to install the electric fence. Now, we also show you a video from Dragon Cai for more detail in installing the electric fence.


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