Octagon Kitchen Table | Ethan Allen Octagonal Table Review

Having the good table for your kitchen will definitely add to the beauty of your kitchen’s atmosphere. Have you got a comfortable kitchen table for your kitchen? Maybe it’s time for you to try new design and table style.

Are you bored with the style and shape of your kitchen table that just like that? Well, there are so many kinds of the kitchen table in the market today that you can find from a variety of shapes, colors, measures, and even design and style.

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If you get bored with the usual table shape, you can try a new table shape like octagon shape. This shape is very interesting and has a high artistic value.

Octagon table is a kind of table that is being everyone’s favorite now. This type of table is believed to provide a new atmosphere and feel of your kitchen room.

There are many sizes and material differences of this octagon kitchen table, and here we have a review of one of best seller octagon kitchen table, this is called Ethan Allen Octagonal Table by PatsyTexasRose.

Let’s take a look at the review of this table below.

Ethan Allen Octagonal Table Review

Ethan Allen Octagonal Table
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A design is a feature, character and also the spearhead of a product. The design of this octagonal kitchen table is perfect for your kitchen that has both traditional and classic theme. You can even use this Ethan Allen octagonal table in outdoor too.

Here is the details review about this Ethan Allen Octagonal Table design:

  • Comes in a great vintage style and soft color
  • It shows scratches and wears on the legs, underneath, top, normal wear, and tear
  • Measures in together condition: 24” Diameter x 18” 3/4 Tall
  • Soft and dark brown and black colors are awesome and add the classic nuance naturally

This product will make you happy and relax, you can put your snacks, foods, and beverage on this table while having a quality time with close friend or family. The design is really not disappointing and satisfying in terms of usage.

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The construction of this Ethan Allen Octagonal Table is sturdy enough. It is equipped with oak wood from the Ethan Allen company, a black laminate wood type and intricate design. This Ethan Allen Octagonal Table also is perfect for a party, such as tea party, at a birthday party and many else.


The durability is a prime aspect to make a long life product, and you do not have to worry because of it. This Ethan Allen Octagonal Table has oak wood material that so special from Ethan Allen Company.

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The maintenance process of this Ethan Allen Octagonal Table is quite easy to do. If you get this table dirty, you can only use the mild soap and a cloth to clean it up or you can use only a dry cloth and sweep the stain easily. This artistic octagonal kitchen table also is lightweight, and it has a portable top that you can remove anytime.


The price of this gorgeous Ethan Allen Octagonal Table is $175.00. It is really balanced and reasonable when you know the rich features on this octagonal kitchen table. It is so worth to buy to complete your kitchen nuance.


Measures24” Diameter x 18” 3/4 Tall
MaterialsOak wood, black laminate wood, solid oaks
ColorDark brown and black (soft color)
StryleVintage and classic
MaintenanceClean up with mild soap and cloth

Overall, this Ethan Allen Octagonal Table is recommended for you to buy when you are looking for a decorative table to enhance the overall look of your kitchen. We think this octagonal table is really suitable and multifunctional that can efficiently help your busy activities in your kitchen.

This Ethan Allen octagonal table, the octagon shape of this table is very suitable and has comfortable views from all directions. You can also use this table not only in the kitchen, you can use it on the edge of your pool, sports room or where you usually gather with friends at home.

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