Glass Table Sets For Living Room | Evalline Dark Walnut Table Set Review

Having the wonderful house with great living room inside is almost every homeowner’s goal while building the house. We always dream to have the living room with the stylish look. Then, what we have to do is to create the concept and make it real. We can put the suitable color, decor, furniture, and accessories for our living room.

We should apply the best furniture to create our dream living room. Furniture is really needed in the living room, it is because furniture can provide beauty and function at the same time. It can always be the perfect complement for the living room we always dream of.

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Talking about the furniture as the complement, one of the best stuff to place for the living room is the table set. Table set can be useful and can make the living room looks so stylish. The legendary table design that always becomes adored by many homeowners is the one which comes with the glass tabletop.

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Now, if you are going to add the glass table set to your living room, we will give you a review of one of the recommended products. This table set is manufactured by Furniture of America which is the Evalline Dark Walnut Table Set. It is a beautiful table with a very nice quality that can be your consideration.

Evalline Dark Walnut Table Set Review

Evalline Dark Walnut Table Set
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This Evalline Dark Walnut Table Set is a nice combination of traditional and modern design. You can see that adorable oval glass top which is mixed with the crisscross oval wooden leg. That dark oval base finishes the look of the table beautifully.

This such a mesmerizing unique table set that will become one major focal point in your living room.  You will fall in love with its great design which would make your living room look way more stylish.

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The Evalline Dark Walnut Table Set is constructed of the thick good quality glass for the table top and the solid wood for the base/leg. The construction is absolutely sturdy which represented in its quite heavy weight, it’s surely not disappointing at all.


You can clean the glass table set easily by just wiping the dirty traces with the cloth. If you find the stubborn smudge, use water or sanitizer to wet the surface then wipe it. It’s just like common wood and glass furniture maintenance.

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The solid wood construction as its base material makes the Evalline Dark Walnut Table Set one of the very durable product. The veneer which covers the base will prevent the termite that can break the wood. This is such a piece of mind living room decor which will look dazzling for years.


The price of this Evalline Dark Walnut Table Set is quite affordable, it is $710.54. This is a very great deal in which you can bring home such a unique furniture with satisfying construction.


Set IncludesCoffee Table, End Table, & Sofa Table
DimensionsCoffee Table : 18.5″ H x 48″ W x 30″ D

End Table : 22.25″ H x 26″ D

Sofa Table : 30″ H x 48″ W x 18″ D

MaterialsWood, Veneer & Glass
ColorsDark Walnut & Transparent Glass

Don’t think too much to pick this product when you are on a hunt for an affordable yet distinctive table set with sturdy construction. We hardly find the flaw of the product due to its great quality and price.

We just found that the console table is quite too small, but it’s only if you’d like to put a quite big decoration on the table. It’s not a big deal, at all.

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