A Glimpse of Luxury with Fancy and Exotic Bedroom Set

Do you want to remodel your bedroom to look way more luxurious? An exotic bedroom set is a great choice which will drastically change the overall look of your bedroom. The price that is relatively higher than a regular bedroom set worth with the quality and luxurious touch that it offers.

Beautiful or sophisticated carving on the high-quality solid wood and artistic finish is a must for an exotic bedroom set. Here, some exotic bedroom set we recommend for you to give a luxurious and stylish look in your bedroom. You may also like: Cheap Bedroom Furniture Sets Under $500

Exotic Bedroom Set

The definition of word “exotic” is “unusual and exciting because of coming from far away, especially a tropical country (CambridgeDictionary.org)” or interesting or exciting because of being unusual or not familiar (MacmillanDictionary.org).”

Based on that meaning, we can divide Exotic Bedroom Set into three kinds: Classic Exotic, Modern Exotic, and Futuristic Exotic.

Classic Exotic

A classic exotic bedroom set is mainly characterized with a sophisticated and beautiful carving on the rare wood. Asian handmade furniture such as Javanese wood carving can be categorized in this kind of exotic bedroom set.

This kind of exotic will bring a luxurious and fabulous impression to your bedroom. With majestic carving and beautiful wood textures, it will give you an opulent and fancy touch. The price is always very expensive, but it worth for you who want a fancy and elegant bedroom.

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Cortina Panel Customizable Bedroom Set ($6,857.99 )

Exotic Bedroom Set

Credit: Wayfair

Feel the comfortable and relaxing sleep in your exotic bedroom with this Cortina Sleigh Bedroom Set Collection. The set includes a beautifully crafted Cortina Sleigh Bed, 1 Drawer Nightstand, and 3 Drawer Combo Dresser.

With  Honey Walnut on the birch wood solid, this exotic bedroom set will fit in any bedroom setting you to want. Bring it on casual bedroom style or you may want to get it on more formal style such classic or Roman, this bedroom will fit perfectly anyway.

In addition, the combination of Cherry and Mapa Burl Veneers add a unique and sophisticated texture on this premium bedroom set. Meanwhile, unique carving and details with a classical curve in headboard and drawers making this product looked fancy.

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Bainbridge Platform Customizable Bedroom Set ($1987.98)

Exotic Bedroom Set

Credit: Wayfair

This is a good example of an exotic bedroom set in classic style. The rich medium walnut finish in natural wood accentuates the exotic texture. Meanwhile, unique carving in feet and exotic metal handles in drawers give a traditional yet majestic feel into this opulent collection.

Overall, the $1987.98 for this 3 piece bedroom furniture is not too expensive for an exotic, classic, and luxurious bedroom set.

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Ormside Panel Customizable Bedroom Set ($4,025.95)

Exotic Bedroom Set

Credit: Wayfair

Primarily inspired by the European antique furniture, the Ormside panel bedroom set is the insignia of the classic exotic bedroom set. With complicated yet beautiful curve pattern carving in the headboard and footboard, it will create such a luxurious glimpse as you set it in your bedroom.

In addition, cathedral cherry solids and exotic avodire veneers give unique wood fiber pattern that amplifies the exoticness of this luxurious collection.

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Four Poster Bed – Hand Carved Poster Bed – CBSJ315A

Exotic Bedroom Set

Credit: ArtFactory

This majestic and historical bedroom set will surely give an ultimate touch of luxury. Why? Because this royal bedroom set design is made by the same hand and by the same design of legendary handicraftsman H.J. Nick in 1913.

Embodied in American solid wood with stain and patina finishes, this product is the masterpiece of the bedroom set in Scottsdale Art Factory.

This state of art bed is made with the high quality solid with full length and naturally air dried timber. That makes it long lasting for hundred years. It features solid hand forged wrought iron for hardware. It indicates that the product is a very serious and expensive kind of furniture.

The craftsman itself bravely gives a forever guarantee, as it has over a century of fine craftsmanship experience. The price? For a wealthy one, the price is not too important for this majestic and high-quality product.

They didn’t enlist the price on its website. But, we guarantee you that the price will drop your jaw to match with this majestic and exotic bedroom set.

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Modern Exotic Bedroom

Modern exotic in the interior styling design is characterized by clean lines and minimalist design. Sometimes, it has an innovation that will simplify and ease your work.

A modern exotic bedroom set has specialties such as clean lines, minimalist design, matte finish, and unique features. It will make your bedroom tend to be the contemporary-styled one. Below are some Modern Exotic Bedroom sets that can be your inspiration.

Manhattan Panel Customizable 5-pieces Bedroom Set ($2,719.95)

Exotic Bedroom Set

Credit: Wayfair

Adopting the sophisticated and contemporary style, this collection simply will add luxury and elegance to your bedroom. Clean angled lines and high-gloss black surface all over will transform your bedroom space into a sophisticated and exotic one. Smoked mirrored panels details on the headboard, drawers, night stand, and chest will give a futuristic and spacious impression.

In addition, you will stand in amaze as the LED light is turned on. You will find that unique raised black design on the headboard will be exposed and gives a stylish and exotic look. Making you feel like sleeping in a sci-fi movie set.

The bedroom set comes in 5 packages, but you can buy it separately. It includes a Bed and sophisticated headboard, 2 drawers nightstand, 6 drawers chest, and 6  drawers dressers.

Overall, you will spend a lot of money for this bedroom set, but with the sophisticated look and high-quality materials, it is worth it.

Rosanna Platform Customizable 5 Pieces Bedroom Set ($2475.95)

Exotic Bedroom Set

Credit: Wayfair

This black upholstered leatherette tufted bedroom set will add a glimpse of luxury for any bedroom layouts. Tufted with faux crystal button in bench, footboard, and headboard, it adds an elegant touch to your bedroom.

Meanwhile, the furniture is all tufted with leather, creating a glimmering shine of leather texture. Metal with chrome glaze in furniture feet gives a luxurious and opulent impression in this exotic bedroom set.

With the price of $2475.95, you will get a full and complete bedroom set including Rosana Tufted and Leather Upholstered Bed, 2 Drawer Nightstand, 6 Drawer Dresser, 5 Drawer Chest, Oval Dresser Mirror. A worth-to-buy product for anyone who wants a superb luxury touch in their bedroom.

Jamari Platform Bedroom Set ($2.839.99)

Exotic Bedroom Set

Credit: Wayfair

Are you looking for an exotic bedroom set that will fulfill your bedroom needs and come in a compact package? The Jamari Platform Bedroom set may be the answer. With the attached nightstand flanking the minimalist bed, it will store your bedding needs and save more space in your bedroom.

In addition, it came with a night light and lighted platform that will give a more modern style to your bedroom. Meanwhile, minimalist design with the two-tone color combination, glossy black and matte white, will give a modern exotic impression in any bedroom.

Overall, the price of $2.839.99 is quite expensive. But forget about the price if you really want this collection, because it is totally worth it.

Johnby Panel Customizable Bedroom 3-piece ($1178.95)

Exotic Bedroom Set

Credit: Wayfair

With light opulent finish imitating the color of Grand Chesnut grain, this collection will add a serene and stylish impression to your bedroom. For an elegant focal point, a largely scaled bail with rosette become the design of the headboard.

Meanwhile, you will see curving friezes with carved scroll motifs that decorate drawers and nightstand. Champagne color tipping in the drawers and nightstand ornament become a perfect match for the beige color finish in the headboard.

In addition, flowery ornament in the chest, nightstand, bed bottom gives an ornate design in this fancy collection. The price of $1178.95 that includes Johnby Panel Bed, 2 Drawer Nightstand, and 6 Drawer Dresser, is worth for this beautiful design bedroom set.

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Futuristic Exotic

The futuristic exotic is way more complicated and more out-of-the-box than the classic or modern one. The innovative and futuristic design will make a particular bedroom set can be categorized as exotic. Why? Because it has a strange and unusual shape and function that will make the product become exciting.

Sometimes the function and shape of that product are practical and useful to lift up the quality of our sleep. Here, some strange looking exotic bedroom set that is very innovative and futuristic.

Enignum Canopy Bed by Joseph Walsh

Designed by world’s renowned designer, Joseph Walsh, this bed has an elegant and breakthrough apppearance. With complicated curves that are inspired by nature, this bed looks both glamorous and exotic.

Hyperbolic carving that shapes a canopy above creates a romantic and sultry impression. Walsh said that the concept behind this piece of art is creating a space, a cocooned feeling of protection and enclosure.

This furniture is made with Olive Ash and organza in the natural finish that exposes artistic wood fiber. Complicated curvy thin layers of wood become the focal point of this state of art bed, creating a mysterious and exotic impression for any bedroom.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy this exotic bedroom set, as it is made just for exhibition only.

Cosmovoide Luxury Bed

Exotic Bedroom Set

Credit: Trendir

As Jamari Platform bed already gave an alternative for a compact bedroom set that will fulfill your bedding needs, this futuristic bed take it into the higher level. Futuristic dreamy design meets with innovative function, it will lull you into a sweet dream of luxury.

Taking inspiration from an egg, the French craftsmen created it with a rounded shape, fully upholstered, it will give you a comfortable and plush sleep. In addition, the overall entertainment set inside the bed will accompany you to the dream island.

Exotic Bedroom Set

Credit: Trendir

The set includes built-in overhead LED lights, telephone, home theater, and integrated TV on the foot board. Last but not least, feel the comfort of the hammock bed with two mattresses suspended in a frame, that flex with your body shape.

Magnetic Floating Bed

Feel the experience of sleep in the air with this futuristic floating bed. Powered by opposing permanent magnet that enables it to float forever. It can hold 900 kilograms weight floating in the air while a smaller scale can hold 80 kilograms. There’s no need to use any bed feet anymore.

Designed by Janjaap Ruijssenaars, renowned architect for world premiers, this floating bed give a perfect example of physics science application on the sleep comfort. Unfortunately, it is not for sale, but you can contact the makers to create this floating bed for your own bedroom.

Letto Zip

Exotic Bedroom Set

Credit: Cool Things

Are you too lazy to tidy up your bed after wake up, or you just get up to late and have to go soon? The Letto Zip Bed can be the great solution. Zip all your mess right after you wake up and leave it. Nobody won’t notice the mess in your bedroom, and when you’re home, you can clean up that mess later.

The Florida, renowned Italian furniture designer, has created and designed this compact bed to simplify your bed cleaning. In addition, when you need more warmth, hop on your bed, and zip it up while you’re inside. A comfortable and warmth snugged-up sensation will accompany you in the cold winter night.

Contemporary Therapy Bed Design that Cures Insomnia

If you are people with insomnia, this bed fits perfectly for you. Designed by French Designer Mathieu Lehanneur with a long work of research by Dr. Alain Nicolas and team, this bedroom set will cure your insomnia.

This bedroom set is the insignia of the combination between beautiful design and the application of sleep science. Specifically, the design includes canopy bed with a reopenable thick beige curtain around with futuristic white and cool bluish finish. Furthermore, it provides a swift rest and re-synchronization for your body and mind.

How it Works:

As an illustration, this exotic bedroom set works in 5 chapters to give a comfortable rest, which are:

  • Firstly, the curtain will automatically enclose, and the interior show begins. The beige color of the curtain will bring a calm and serene atmosphere around the bed.
  • Secondly, it will decrease the temperature of the overall room to 19°C, the scientifically-proven right temperature for a deep sleep.
  • Thirdly, it will set the lighting that will be decreasing from 100 Lux to 0 in fifteen minutes. Giving a comfortable circumstance to accompany your dream.
  • Then, when the light is dimming, the user will hear a low-volume white noise that isolate the sleeper form external sounds. The purr is proven to put the patient into better sleep quality and sweet dream.
  • Finally, when the sleep time is over, the bed will automatically rise up its temperature by 2° and light intensity from 0 to 1000 lux in fifteen minutes to represent the morning shine. That will provide a calm and energy-recharged wake up after a certain time of high quality sleep.

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