Farmhouse Guest Bedroom: The Complete Guide, Tips, and Ideas

A farmhouse bedroom is one of the most popular bedroom decoration today. It will make you feel so comforts and feel relax if you choose to use farmhouse bedroom decoration, especially for a guest bedroom. A farmhouse guest bedroom can make your guest feel a calming and inviting feeling and of course, that will be impressed by the decoration. However, it can be tricky to decorate a farmhouse guest bedroom if you don’t have great inspirations for your reference. So, for that reason, our team has gathered amazing farmhouse bedroom decoration and also useful tips for you our beloved reader. Check it out!

Farmhouse Guest Bedroom Ideas

farmhouse guest bedroom ideas

A simple and casual farmhouse guest bedroom idea which is perfect if you want to create a perfect retreat. What we love the most about it is the simplicity that will make you feel comforts when you spend your time there. Then, the decoration is so distinctive, it will be a perfect place to refill your energy.

Furthermore, make sure to add only simple designed furniture in it. It is important for creating a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. Surely, this farmhouse bedroom ideas can be an amazing bedroom make-over reference.

This is a classy farmhouse bedroom decoration which looks so engaging and inviting. It has solid farmhouse style which looks so calming and elegant. In fact, every detail in this bedroom is, it has a solid farmhouse style. The best thing about this bedroom is the wall decoration which is kind of iconic. Then, the bright color in this bedroom creates an amusing feeling which is perfect for relaxing your mind.

farmhouse gust bedroom ideas

If you have limited space for the guest bedroom, this design will inspire you to create a nice and pretty farmhouse bedroom. The white colored wall creates a unique cool sensation which is perfect to make this room feel so engaging. Then, to neutralize the cool feeling it is important to add contrast to the floor by putting a darker rug. Lastly, for decoration, you can simply put the green element to make this room look fresh. (Read also: Recommended Cheap Bedroom Sets Under $500)

Farmhouse Bedding

To make over a bedroom into an amazing farmhouse bedroom you need to concern about the details for your dreamed bedroom. Just like we see on the design above, the bedding use a strong farmhouse decoration which great if you want an outstanding look for your bedroom. What we like the most about this bedroom bedding is the simplicity and elegance which make we feels so comfortable.

To make it even better it is great to add wall decoration like light decor which will create a strong amusing sensation in this room. Finally, you can also decorate it with your favorite decor and use imagination to ensure everybody is happy.

Farmhouse Bedroom Paint Colors

The Illustration above will answer all your question regarding farmhouse paint colors. All of those colors will make your bedroom have a solid farmhouse themed which is perfect to make make the atmosphere change into a calm and inviting one. You can combine up to three colors to ensure the wall looks simple and elegant.

Edgecomb Grey

The Edgecomb grey is a perfect color to create a calm sensation in the bedroom. It will make your bedroom feels so inviting and relaxing. You can also combine it with another darker grey like Wickham Gray to create contrast on the wall and make it looks prettier. Finally, don’t forget to add wall decoration and which is an important accent for a farmhouse decoration.

Balboa Mist

balboa mist farmhouse wall paint

This gorgeous bedroom has solid contrast on the wall which creates an amusing feeling to make you comforts. This mist balboa color scheme combined nicely with beige and make this bedroom looks so engaging. If you want to create a stunning bedroom these colors combination can be a great solution for you.

Farmhouse Bedroom Makeover

It is not hard to change the decoration of your bedroom if you know the trick. Like the design above which created by Christina, she successfully changes an ordinary bedroom into an amazing retreat which can make you feel relax when you are sleeping. The best thing about it is; the simplicity of the decoration which is so attractive. By changing the wall color and simple decoration, you can makeover your bedroom (almost) instantly. The key is to add consistent decoration to make your bedroom have a solid farmhouse looks.

Farmhouse Bedroom Dresser


We have covered almost everything about farmhouse bedroom decoration, it is time to choose the right furniture for your lovely bedroom. Firstly, make sure you add a simple dresser in your bedroom to avoid inconsistent theme. Then, choose a bright and neutral color and make it blend with another decoration. You can also put decoration above the dresser which is the perfect place for the bedroom decoration stuff.

Another white dresser with different decoration. As you can see, a simple dresser is a must if you want to makeover your bedroom into a farmhouse bedroom. Make sure it has a lot of drawer for your stuff to ensure everything is organized nicely. Then, you should concern about the material. Make sure it made of solid wood, so it will last longer and of course save you a lot of money.


A nice and warm bedroom is important if you want to make your guest feel like at home. And one of the best to do it is by decorates it with a farmhouse style decoration. It is not hard if you know the trick to makeover your bedroom. With the right paint colors and simple furniture, you can transform your bedroom into an inviting and engaging bedroom.

So, make sure you follow all the guide which our team has created. It is simple and easy if you follow it carefully. Furthermore, use your imagination before decorates your bedroom to ensure everything is perfect. Don’t hesitate to ask me a question or two in the comment section below.

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