15 Most Fascinating Wooden Fence Style Ideas of 2017

A responsible homeowner must have their backyard protected by at least a fence. It becomes such an obligations for you to enclose your outdoor space. The benefits like preventing the intruder, creating a boundary between neighbors, providing privacy and enhancing the home’s style are some fence’s specialty.

With so many types of fencing, whether from the material and design point, the first thing that you have to think about is choosing the right fence which suits your needs. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, also you may have to find which one fits your budget.

Before talking about the style of the fence that you are looking for, you have to think about some considerations. Some fencing designs may look so irresistible for you, but perhaps they are not the right one to purchase.

Below are some tips that you can think about before deciding which fence style is the right one for you:

  • Purpose – The first think that you should ask yourself is what is the purpose of the fence that you want. There are some purposes of installing a fence in your outdoor living space like security, privacy, decoration, and safety, by knowing your specific purpose, it will determine which fence style is right for you.
  • Regulation – It is important for you to have a talk with a Home Owner Association (HOA) before purchasing a fence. You have to know the proper regulation of fencing in your area. They will tell you the proper style, size, and location of fencing that you can install in your area.
  • Material – Common fence material like wood, iron, vinyl, chain link and aluminum will give a different style to your backyard. You can choose which one matches with your property’s design.

It has been commonly known that wood fence is the most popular option of fencing. The natural beauty of wood which matches beautifully with the backyard’s surrounding makes it so irresistible to choose. Wood fencing is also easy to install, affordable, customizable, and environmentally friendly.

If you are deciding to opt wood fencing to install in your backyard, here we have some most popular and beautiful wooden fence styles of 2017 for your inspiration.


Wooden Fence Styles


Modern Lattice Fence

Lattice fence is a good option to enhance the backyard’s style which has been chosen by many homeowners. The main purpose of this design is for decoration. This modern lattice fence combines two wood colors. The lattice panels are separated by black wood posts which make it really attractive.


Horizontal Wood Stripes

fence style

credit: Gardenista

This is a simple wood fencing design yet gives your backyard a really attractive look. The horizontal slats create an optical illusion which makes your outdoor space look much wider and obviously more inviting.


Modern Wood Boards Fence

fence style

credit: Love Home Designs

Another simple fence which will enhance your backyard is this elegant wood planks. The wood planks are fixed horizontally in a nice dark color. This fence style provides great privacy for you.


Sophisticated Wood Fence

fence style

credit: Reno Guide

This fence style makes wood fencing looks really sophisticated. You will get both modern and classic style at the same time. The fence provides nice privacy and airflow to your outdoor space.


Bamboo and Wood Fence

fence style

credit: Made by Mood

What could be more natural than this fence style? The combination of bamboo and wood of this fence looks really mesmerizing and obviously matches beautifully with your backyard.


Plexiglass and Wood Fence

fence style

credit: HGTV Home

There are so many ways to turn the traditional look of wood fence become more modern. This fence combines the plexiglass panel and cedar wood, makes it look natural and modern at once.


Elegant Wood and Wall Fence

fence style

credit: Reno Guide

This fence style is combining wood and concrete wall. The horizontal wood slats are placed in the middle of the black concrete wall. It is a great design to make a concrete wall becomes more attractive.


Wood and Metal Sheet Fence

fence style

credit: Hometalk

Looking for an incredible DIY wood fence? This one is a good choice. Combining wood boards and metal sheet, the fence looks really nice to match with backyard’s environment. You can easily make this fence without any helps from a professional contractor.


Two Colors Horizontal Fence

fence style

credit: Gardenista

Another horizontal wood fence style and this one use two colors in one design. The dark and light brown wood slats are mixed randomly and create a mesmerizing appearance. It’s really enhancing your backyard appearance.


Privacy Wood Boards

If you are looking for wood fence style which provides excellent privacy, this one is a good option. There are no gaps between the wood board which really separate you from the outside surrounding.


Wood and Stone Fence

The fence uses the racks of stones to separate each wood panel. This brilliant combination creates a gorgeous natural look which flows perfectly with any backyard style. You can include this one into your DIY backyard enhancement project!


Oriental Wood Fence

fence style

credit: Reno Guide

This wood fence adapts oriental style in a fascinating way. The louvre slats look really charming and unique. It is a good choice if you have an Asian-style property.


Wavy Wood Fence

fence style

credit: Seekayem

The wood fence in the wavy style which really looks modern and earthly. It is a good option if you are looking for a wood fence which provides great privacy and security in a contemporary style.


Wood Posts Fence

This simple contemporary wood fence looks really fascinating, the simple posts are placed in certain formation to enhance your outdoor space. It works best as the second or third layer of outdoor protection.


Metal and Wood Fence

Combining wood and metal in one fence design is surely a great idea. This fence style doesn’t only look gorgeous but also provides two benefits of metal and wood at the same time. Choosing this fence will make your outdoor looks so distinctive.

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