5+ Fence Topper Ideas with Attractive Design

Fence topper is coming with a variety of model and materials that certainly add the perfectly fence appearance. Actually, it is designed to give the dress up for the fence. With applying the fence toppers, surely, your fence is getting the adorable and stunning design. There are so many materials provided for fence toppers including the wood, aluminum, trellis, lattice, spindle and others materials. Furthermore, you can choose the fence toppers color as you love. As you know that the fence topper appears the elegance and the beauty for any fence.

Well, if you are planning to build the fence topper for your fence, you have to choose the best one of the fence toppers depending on the design and the materials. To give recommended fence topper for you, of course, we show you the fence toppers ideas that probably you love. Here are some attractive the fence topper ideas for you.

Fence Topper Ideas

1. Trellis Fence Topper

The first fence topper, it comes with the trellis fence topper. You can apply this model for your fence and create the deep forest green. Actually, it is more suitable for you who have the house around the green garden. For applying this fence, you can set it up for 54″ high, 1×6 red cedar with a 18″ high x 1″ framed. Furthermore, the fence is set up using 5×5 posts with pyramid caps. For more interesting, you can place the bench or patio set near the fence.

2. Spindle Fence Topper

fence topper

credit: phillipsfencing

The second fence topper is mentioned as the spindle topper. Why? As you look at the pictures, the topper is designed as the spindle to give semi-privacy fence for the house owner. You can install it with 1×6 red cedar, 2×2 capped 16″ spindle topper. Actually, you can choose the color as you love, the green color is very recommended. It purposes to match the fence with the green leaves around your house.

3. Lattice Fence Topper

This one fence topper is set between the 6×6 posts with a 2″ x 18″, 1×6 red cedar framed tongue. But for you, you can choose the dimension based on the provided space or your desire. For building this type of spindle fence topper, certainly, not only the cedar wood but also you can use it for vinyl and aluminum material. Indeed, the cedar becomes the first choice generally. It is caused the wood more interesting in natural looks.

4. Scallop Fence Topper

fence topper

credit: tri-borofencing

The fence topper comes with pyramid post caps that are designed to get adorable looks. This design is suitable for any fence, especially wood. Moreover, you can design the topper for concave form for getting perfect appearance. For creating this fence topper, you can set it up for 54″ high with an 18″ high, 1×6 red cedar shadowbox fence and also 2×2 scallop topper. Certainly, the size is just as references, you can make the fence topper more interesting than one.

5. Railing Fence Topper

fence topper

credit: jacksons

This fence model is indeed designed to adjust for any flat top fence panels including railing topper, concave, convex and level top panels. Actually, for getting great looks, you will install the fence topper on the top of fence. The fence topper is made from metal and polyester powder coated black with a variety of colors. For building this one, you have to know the specifications of this fence topper. The sizes are about 1830mm wide for railing topper panels, 450mm high for level top panels, 450mm for concave panels, and also 450mm foe convex panels. It is about 50 x 25mm for the bottom and the side rails. For the top rail is appropriately 50x6mm with 12mm vertical bars.

6. Vinyl Fence Topper

fence topper

credit: vinyl-concepts

Vinyl is well-known as durable and long-lasting materials for any kind of home decor. As well as for fence topper, vinyl certainly is very good to be designed as the topper. For fitting this fence topper, certainly, the concrete fence is very required. It purposes to ease in installing the vinyl fence topper.   

7. Modern Lattice Fence Topper

The last model, it comes with modern lattice pattern where you can design the pattern as you love. The pattern is actually more than usual. The pattern is more attractive and good looking for a kind of topper. Commonly, this fence topper is made from wood to get more natural looks. You are not bored to look the fence topper while you are enjoying the hot tea in the backyard.

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