Fencing Greenville SC Reviews That You Must Know

Looking for the fencing company with the best quality product is a little bit difficult for us. Sometimes, the company offers the brochure showing the premium products but the facts speak differently. So, if you are searching the good company, the first step, you have to research about the company before. When you find the company with the complete overview, products, and the review, it can be called as the best company.

As well as for the fencing Greenville SC that you can know about the company below, hopefully, it will answer your questions.


About the Company

The Fencing Greenville South Company has influenced the fence trading for over 25 years of experience. In that time period, it does not doubt the company existence in building the highest quality of fencing products. Located in Greenville, it eases for you to call them in Greenville Fence Sales, Inc, 5215 Old Augusta Road Greenville, SC 29605 with phone number (864) 277-6180 / (864) 277-6181 and fax number (864) 277-3546. They specialize in all about fencing including ornamental aluminum fence, chain link fence, electric gates and operators and vinyl (PVC) fence. With giving the service in Greenville and upstate area, they are covering commercial, the residential, and industrial customers. Need to know that the fencing Greenville SC does not ask the customers to give payment before the project is complete.


The Products Offered

As we have explained about the company products above, now, we are going to discuss the fencing products one by one.

1.Chain Link

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Becoming the most used fence by the people, the company also expand the chain link fence with two options including vinyl-coated chain link and galvanized chain link. This fence is really good for certain application such as home fencing, pool, farm, garden and livestock fence. Furthermore, you can choose the chain link fence with different sizes for your special request. For the residential sizes uses 36″ to 72″ in height, while for the commercial is about 48″ to 20 feet in height. For knowing about the benefit of chain link fence installing, here, we explain about it below.

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

By using the galvanized chain link fence, absolutely, you can get teh advantages including durability, low-cost alternative, children and pet protection, temporary solution and 10-years warranty.

Vinyl-Coated Chain Link Fence

For this kind of fencing, it provides several benefits. They are, providing available colors in brown, green and black, more attractive appearance, eye-catching and 15 years warranty.


2. Vinyl Fence

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Known as the superb durable material, it makes the company products chosen by many people around. Getting the beautiful design with long-lasting performance, certainly, it is desired by many people. By installing this fence, you just enjoy getting the benefits from the vinyl fence that offers the maintenance and staining free for the next few years. Vinyl fencing Greenville SC comes with a variety of models, sizes, and designs.

The benefits that you can get when you are installing the vinyl fence, they are;

  1. Durability and long-lasting material
  2. Maintenance free without the painting, splitting or staining
  3. Vinyl will not appear the rot, crack, fade and fungus
  4. Luxurious and attractive appearance
  5. Lifetime Warranty
  6. A various option in styles and colors

Well, if you are interested in installing the vinyl fence, the Greenville fence product is really recommended for you.

3. Ornamental Fence

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Credit: Greenville Fence

Designed with attractive in protection the wrought iron without the maintenance is contained on the ornamental aluminum fence. It is available in a variety of models, sizes, and colors to deliver more value and prestige for your home property. In fact, there is no other fence that can enhance the beautifulness of your pool, backyard, and home. By installing this fence, you automatically will not be busy to give maintenance for getting a color finish. Completed with the less expensive fence, allows you to get unique fencing for your home.

4. Electric Gates

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Credit: Greenville Fence

Not only the fence with a variety of material and style, the Greenville company also offers the electric gate that has an ability for all purposes. When you are installing this one, you can control the operator system to protect your home or industry from outside threat. The electric gate is completed by remote access, card readers, PC programmability, telephone entry and keyless entry.


The Fencing Greenville SC Review


As the costumers’ review, the price offered by the company is mentioned as the affordable products that can save your money. With the great products, it does not obstruct the company to give the expensive costs for the customers. Furthermore, they feel happy to get the Greenville services because it delivers really good services. You can check the price at popular marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, etc. Well, if you want the low cost in getting the fencing products, this company is really recommended for you.



Getting a company with the great services, sometimes, becomes a hard job for the customers. Therefore, they are looking for the references for obtaining their research. As well as for the fencing Greenville SC, it is well-known as with the dependable, honest and fast in giving the services both of small and large projects. The company takes pride when they are giving the services for the customers. They have a mission that the customers’ trust is the main goal for them. So, if you are planning to use this company, you do not hesitate to call them in giving your projects.



Many customers give the positive review for fencing Greenville SC. It is proven for the company performance in giving the services. They work with the flexibility that can do the project for any scope. With providing the best fencing products, automatically, they are already trusted by the customers to buy. Besides offering the premium fencing products, the company also give the instructions for installing the fence along with the tools that you may need. So as the customers accept the more value in buying these fencing products. The company has committed to providing “Do-It-Yourself” for assembly the fence.


Product Quality

As we explain about the low price offered by the company, you do not think that the Greenville company provides the poor products quality. Precisely, it is profitable for you who look for the best quality of fencing with the low cost. Coming with the selected material, it makes the company constructing the premium fencing. Furthermore, you can choose the fence material that you love as the Greenville offered to install around your home including the aluminum, vinyl, and chain link. So, you can have the high-quality fence with the low price you spend.

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