Kitchen Island Stools With Back | Folio Topaz Bar Stool Review

If we ‘re talking about providing an extra seating space to our kitchen island, a bar stool is the first thing in our head. It is such a must have kitchen feature to provide a nice seating space around the room for your joyful activities. This kitchen island’s best friend will surely make the room feels and looks way more inviting.

So purchasing some bar stools to place in your kitchen – whether it’s the indoor or outdoor one – is never a bad idea. Especially, with hundreds of bar stools product available in the market, you will easily find the one which meets your requirement.

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However, with such availability, you may get confused to choose the right one. It is surely easy to find a bar stool which is attractive to buy, but how about the quality and durability? Is that really worth to buy?

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Here, we have a review about good quality bar stool for kitchen island manufactured by Folio. This is such a worth to buy the product that you can include to your kitchen feature shopping list.

Folio Topaz Bar Stool

Folio Topaz Bar Stool
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Folio Topaz Bar Stool is a goldish brown kitchen stool which looks so glamorous to add a luxurious touch to your kitchen. The design of this folio topaz chair is simply classic with its curvy legs and round seat. The back is quite small yet still provides a comfy seating when you sit on.

For your maximum comfort, this features the 360 degrees full bearing swivel and customizable floor glides. The seating is covered by microfiber fabric to ensure its quality. The overall dimension of this Topaz Transitional stool is 37.5″ H x 17″ H 19″ D with 15 lbs weight.


The steel construction of this Folio Topaz Bar Stool is really sturdy that will not disappoint you at all. This is surely a durable and reliable kitchen feature that will last for years. The leather seat is also very nice and feels so plush. The good and neat construction of this folio topaz will make you enjoy when you use it for your kitchen.

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This is a great kitchen island stools with back. You won’t have to ask any helps to assemble this chair. The stool is totally easy to put together. Make sure that you tight the chair well to get the solid construction.


The metal construction of this chair withstand all weather conditions. You can put this product wherever you want, indoor or outdoor. It can be a good choice for summer and winter, you can even use this chair anytime continually.


The price of this Folio Topaz Bar Stool is affordable enough, you will get a good quality of the product while paying at such a low cost. It is kind of a great choice for you to be additional items for your kitchen.


Overall Dimension37.5″ H x 17″ H 19″ D
Weight 15 lbs
Seat Height 30 inches
MaterialsSteel, Metal, Leather
Type Bar Tools
Color Brown

Overall, this Folio Topaz chair is kind of a good reason and a right answer for your question if you are looking for the nice chair with an affordable price. The durability of this Folio Topaz is also reliable.

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It comes with a touch of modern and luxurious design that will make you fall in love with this beautiful chairs. You do not have to worried about the separated set of this set because it is totally easy to put together. Build your own comfort zone with this folio topaz chair product.

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