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Fences are obviously an ‘icon’ of a backyard and every responsible homeowner must install or build it to his outdoor space. The primary function of the backyard’s fence is to create the boundary between neighbors, providing the security and privacy for the homeowner.

With various designs and styles available, the fence could enhance the look of a backyard. Whether it is wood, vinyl, metal, or chain link, you can always choose the most attractive to one to match with your outdoor space’s surrounding. Of course, they come at different prices, you have to pick one which suits your budget too.

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credit: Freedom Outdoor Living

Vinyl fencing is one of the most popular choices when it comes to backyard’s protection. Compared to other types of fences, people tend to choose PVC fencing because it offers many benefits than the other ones. The advantages that you will get from investing a vinyl fence are:

  • Affordability   A vinyl fence is a good option when you are looking for an inexpensive backyard’s fence. Compared to its ‘twin’ – which is the wood fence – PVC is more budget friendly.
  • Durability – It is claimed that PVC is 5 times more durable than wood. So you can still get the gorgeous look of natural wood without feeling worried its strength to face extreme weather conditions.
  • Design – The wood-like appearance of PVC fencing matches perfectly with the backyard’s surrounding, and makes your outdoor space looks more inviting.
  • Easy Maintenance – There is almost any need to maintain the vinyl fence. You may need to clean it sometimes with water and soap to keep it sparkling.
  • Easy Installation – You will not any professionals to install a vinyl fence, just do it by yourself, and your backyard is beautifully protected.

With a wide variety of vinyl fence product, you can choose to right one which suits your needs. One of the recommended product that you can buy is the one from Freedom Outdoor Living. The company is known for producing great quality fence, rail, and yard accents.


Freedom Fence Review


freedom fence review
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credit: Freedom Outdoor Living


This Freedom fence is the one from Emblem Collection which looks simple yet so gorgeous to match with the outdoor space’s surrounding.  The fence truly provides the great privacy for you. You can choose 4 color options which are white, sand, or the combination of sand/white and white/sand.


Made from vinyl, many costumers have been satisfied with its durability to face severe weather condition for years. It is also easy to maintain, saving our time and money.


The installation is easy, the steps include:

  • Start the area where you want to install the fence.
  • Locate the first fence post or gate posts.
  • Dig the holes for the first two posts with 8” diameter for 4” post and 10” diameter for 5” posts.
  • Secure the holes with concrete and gravels.
  • Insert the bottom rail, and start installing the panel.
  • Insert the top rail to the top of the boards.
  • Take this completed section and insert it into the routed holes of the second post.
  • Level and secure the post, and continue the steps.


The vinyl fence panel is sold at Lowes at $71.98, which is such a great deal to get a good quality privacy fence for your backyard.


Dimension72″ x 93.88″
Weight48.78 lbs
MaterialPolyvinyl Chloride


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