Lovely Garden Treasures Patio Umbrella You Should Buy Now

Patio umbrella is one of the most important accessories which can beautify and make your outdoor living space more inviting. It works to protect you from harmful sunlight when you are enjoying the summer air on your patio. You can choose various designs, colors, features of outdoor umbrellas which suit your needs. It is also a more affordable option of a patio cover.

Before you buy patio umbrella, it is important for you to know the types of patio umbrellas. There are 3 types of umbrellas which are appropriate to place in outdoor  space like patio, deck, or pools, as follows:

  1. Table Umbrella

    This one is the most popular and affordable patio umbrella. As you know some outdoor furniture comes wit a table which has an umbrella hole. The size of the hole is mostly 1.75 inches.

  2. Cantilever Umbrella

    If you want such a luxurious patio umbrella, go with the cantilever. Not only the design looks so glamorous, but the function and the durability of this outdoor umbrella are very excellent.  The shape of this umbrella is very attractive with many lovely colors to choose. This free standing umbrella can be adjustable to follow where the sun goes and protect you from its heat. The materials both from the fabric and frame are very sturdy to face any severe weather condition.

  3. Tilting Umbrella

    It is quite similar with cantilever where you can adjust the angle as you wish, but it looks more conventional and less sophisticated. Tilting umbrella is also much cheaper than cantilever.

You will find some brands which offer patio umbrellas in different styles and prices. Garden Treasures is one of the most outdoor umbrella’s manufacturer that you can choose. This is the world’s biggest shade manufacturer which produces durable and beautiful patio umbrella. There are three types of patio umbrella offered by Treasure Garden, you can choose the right type which you like.

Garden Treasures Patio Umbrella

Market Umbrellas

There are four sizes of outdoor umbrella that you can choose to match with your patio’s size and style:

  1. 7.5′ Market UmbrellasThis one is perfect for small patio size and to cover your 3 piece patio bistro set. All the umbrellas are offered at $179, and available in various catchy solid colors and patterns.

  1. 9′ Market UmbrellasIf you have a 5 piece dining set or medium sofa seating group, then the 9′ umbrella is a good choice. There two prices offered which are $149 and $229.

  2. 11′ Market UmbrellasIt is a much bigger option to cover large patio with up to 7 piece dining set or deep seating groups. You will have to spend $399 to purchase this type of umbrella.

  3. 8′ x 10′ Market UmbrellasIt is a rectangular auto tilt which will turn your outdoor living space into a stunning family gathering space. It is offered at $399.


Cantilever Umbrellas

Adjust the angle of the umbrella with just a little effort, cranking it and position it as you wish. There are 3 sizes available and offered at different styles and prices; the 11′ Octagon Cantilever Umbrella is $899, the 13′ Octagon Cantilever Umbrella is $1,399, and the 10′ x 13′ Rectangle Cantilever Umbrella is $1,399.

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credit: Today’s Patio


Shanghai Umbrellas

This type of umbrella from Treasure Garden will add so much value to your patio. The design is so gorgeous and remind you of the beauty of Chine. The shape is round with 10′ size, large enough to cover your conversation set. You can get this Shanghai Umbrellas at $529, and available in green and red.

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credit: Today’s Patio


How to Choose the Right Size of Patio Umbrella

If you feel confused to choose the right size patio umbrella which matches perfectly with your outdoor space, you can measure it by examining the size of your dining table. The simple trick is that the umbrella should extend 2 feet on each side of the table under the umbrella. For example, if you have a round table with 4 feet diameter, you will need an 8′ umbrella to cover it. You can see the chart below for quick measurement:

Table’s DiameterUmbrella Size
30 to 36 inches6 to 8 feet
38 to 48 inches9 to 11 feet
54 to 60 incheslarger than 11 feet

By knowing the proper umbrella size to cover your patio, you will get the right protection for you and your outdoor furniture. When you choose the umbrella which is too small, it will not cover appropriately, and too large umbrella give such a bad look to your patio’s design.

The durability of the outdoor umbrella is also an essential consideration. Most common frame material which is used is the aluminum, it is understandable because aluminum is more durable than wood. The price of the aluminum is also much cheaper than wood and fiberglass frame.

Thinking about some consideration is important when you are about to buy a patio’s accessory and furniture. Besides providing you comfort, they also have to be durable to use over the years in all weather’s condition.

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