Get to Know: Concrete Block Molds Application by Betonblock

There are tons of ways that you can do to shape a preferred shape of concrete block for your needs. However, some people might have difficulty finding a perfect mold that suits their needs and preference. Among many companies that provide molding service, a company called Betonblock could be one of your options. They can help you to make your job becomes easier because you can shape everything easily.

Betonblock, who specializes in molds for concrete, gives you various shapes, sizes, and functions of concrete molds you might need to complete coastal, walls, buildings, road construction, and pavements. All Betonblock products are made of high-quality steels and can be delivered worldwide. For some reason, the shape of the mold itself looks similar to LEGO, but a bigger version.

Get to Know: Concrete Block Molds Application by Betonblock


Betonblock offers a variety of products like Barriers, Tetrapods, and Lifting & Accessories, but their concrete block molds are probably the broadest usage that can be used for a lot of needs. Just like other molds, the steps that you can do to use Betonblock’s products are:

1. Concrete Mix

Molds don’t usually have a specific concrete brand or type that can be used so you can simply use any concrete mix by following the instructions.

2. Flat and Sturdy Surface Are Important

A good concrete mold won’t give a good result if the surface is not good so you definitely have to provide a sturdy and even surface. For the best result, we would recommend a steel plate or even a pouring table.

3. Mold Oil for Maintenance

Since you will use the molds again, you have to make sure that they get proper maintenance. For this purpose, it would be better to apply mold oil inside before molding. This method will make mold removal becomes easier and of course, increase its durability.

4. Pour the Mix

The next step is pouring the mix into the mold. In this phase, you have to be very careful not to leave any gap between the mold and mix so it goes smoothly.

5. Compacting

The purpose of compacting itself is to make sure that the mix doesn’t have gaps. You can use an immersion vibrator in the freshly poured concrete mix.

6. Mold Removing

The last step is to remove the mold from the concrete by taking out its pins and wedges.


Application of Betonblock’s Concrete Molds

Get to Know: Concrete Block Molds Application by Betonblock


Based on the concrete mold’s designs by Betonblock, there are a few applications that you might need. Those are:

1. Concrete Block

Concrete blocks are features that have the widest range of applications. Depending on the sizes and strength, concrete blocks are the best feature that many people can use for various purposes.

2. Concrete Slab

Concrete slabs also have a wide range of applications and one of them is mostly used for creating solid and durable pavements and roads.

3. Barriers

Barriers are other concrete structures with good durability and sturdiness. They can be used for various things for example to be a traffic regulation in any area.

4. Tetrapod

If wood is too common to use as a breakwater, tetrapods can be a good option to consider. Just like the other structures, various sizes and shapes are available.

So, those are some information that you might need to get a quick sight of some concrete block molds by Betonblock.

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